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Hideaway's Paige Turning Thriller

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Hideaway's Paige Turning Thriller
Hideaway's Thriller Boy
MACH2 Hideaway's Thriving In The Yellow Sun MXS MJS MFB TQX T2B3 RATCH CZ8P
Hideaway's Bitten By The Bug AX AXJ
Hideaway's Shout-Out
Hideaway's I'll Take You There WCX JH
Hideaway's Homeward Bound RE, MX, MXJ, XF, AAD, CGC, TKP, DS, TEAM1
Hideaway's U2 Can Play OAJ NA
Bravhart KC Run For The Border MH QA2 WCX OS
Swan River's Got My Mojo Work'n
BravHart's Call To Freedom **
BravHart Maverick's All A Twitter CD RA SH WCX CCA
Wildfire Bravhart Mighty Mo MH **
Bravhart Urban Cowboy ***
Semper Wiley Reilly Of Bravhart MH ** OD CCA
Topbrass Montana Lonesome Dove *** OS
Topbrass Lightnin Strikes Gold *** OD
HR Topbrass Fieldgold Isabella SH
Topbrass Southern Star MH OD ***
Topbrass Blackriver Mac Attack
Topbrass What's On Tap
Topbrass Floden's Pawziah MH
Topbrass Goldengirl Roxy
Topbrass Mischief Maker MH WCX OD
Topbrass Fast Pitch
Topbrass Miss Independent **
Topbrass Gotta Lovett CD RE MH64 AX AXJ OF *** WCX CCA VCX HTHF
Wraith's Topbrass Dundee MH MNQ ***
Topbrass Razzmatazz II MH WCX ***
FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS
Hunters Moon Lady Trapps LKS
Hunter's Moon Nightcap MH **
Hunter's Moon Sonoma Scout
Hunters Moon Stolichnaya
Hunter's Moon Holly
Ronakers Hunter's Moon Kate II
Wraith's HNTRS MN Mac Dhuibh
Hunters Moon Arctic Phelpsie
Quailoaks Hunter's Moon Kassi CD SH WCX
Hunters Moon Slam Duncan
Gypsy Darwin Anderson
Hunter's Moon Trick 'R Treat JH
Hunter's Moon Rugby SH
Hunter's Moon Kestrel SH
Hunters Moon Kkkkatie Foord MH ***
Hunters Moon Tam O Shanter ** OD
Hunter's Moon Mighty McTavit ***
Hunter's Moon Travel Charlie Am-Can ***
AFC Wraith's Hunter's Moon Kirby MH WCX
AFC Topbrass Pawsability OD FDHF
Topbrass Feather Fetcher
Topbrass Outlaw MH
Topbrass New Millennium ***
Topbrass Nouveau Belle
Topbrass Madison
Topbrass Vintage Luke
FC Ruby Redfish Mo's Mountain Gem WCX OD
Utopian Red Bluff
HRCH Mo's Red Desert Dawn MH WCX
HR Master's A Fine Time Lucille SH WCX
Bigwoods Mighty Mazy Mo SH OD
Wingdancer Mo's Miracle On Ice VCD2 UD MH MX MXJ *** OD
FC AFC Windbreakers Mighty Mo OS FDHF
Windbreakers Ocean Pacific WC
Mallardiths Rowdy JH
FC AFC Windbreakers Smoke'n Zigzag OD FDHF
Tartan Windbreaker
Windbreaker's Gold Huntress
Windbreaker Echo Of Topbrass *** OD
FTCH AFTCH CanOTCH Windbreaker Bulrush Buddy Can FDHF Am CDX OS
Windbreakers Shuttle Express MH
Smoke'n Red's Howlin Mad
Frisbies Enchanted Case-Y ***
Sharham's Flash Of Gold ***
NAFTCH FTCH Brasdor's Razzl Dazzl Am. *** OD Can. FDHF
Dusty's Golden Destiny **
Windbreaker's Smoke'n Top Gun
Windbreakers Desert Dust *** OD
FC AFC Topbrass Windbreaker Zap OS FDHF
FTCH Windbreakers Khaki Kipp Am *** Can. CDX
Frisbies Olympia Gold ** OS
Windbreakers Red Smoke ***
Windbreakers Pandemonium ***
Windbreaker's Scout's Honor ***
Windbreakers Smoken Sunrise WCX ***
Windbreakers Pestuous Gale SH
Windbreakers Sparklen Saber
Tigathoe's Burnout
Hot Shot Sugar Britches
Windbreakers Razzle Dazzle
Razz's Smoke'n Dixie Belle
Smoke'n Red's Southern Comfort
Smoke 'N Red Raider ***
MHR Sunshine Otis Spunkmeyer MH WCX ***
Windbreakers Magic Carpet JH
Windbreaker's Roxy Roller WCX ***
Whitecloud's Golden Grace OD
Hideaway's Thriving On Thrills UDX2 OM3 BN AX AXJ NF OBHF
Hideaway's Straight-A Thrills UDX
Hideaway's Breakfast At Tiffianys
Hideaway's Replayin The Thrills AX, AXJ
Hideaway License To Thrill NAJ NA
OTCH Hideaway's Chilled Thrills UDX4 OM3 RN OA NAJ JH WC OBHF CCA
OTCh Wynwood's Thrill Of It All UDX JH Can. CD U-CD OBHF OS
Wynwood's Aynde Makes Three Can CDX Am UDX
OTCH Wynwood's Hot To Trot UDX OBHF
Wynwood's Tequila Popper AmCD JH CanCDX TD WCI JH
U-CD Wynwoods Master Tom Bombadil AKC, Can CD
OTCH U-CD Wynwood's Triple Crown UDX OBHF
Can OTCH Wynwood Two Zero Zero Can TD WCX JH Am UD
Wynwood's Go For The Goldrush UD
Wynwood's One 'N Only CDX, JH, WC
U-UD Can OTCH Wynwoods Jumpin' Jacks CDX JH WCX OS
OTCH Wynwood Two Double Zera TDX OD
OTCH Wynwood's Countessa Of Windham
OTCH Wynwood's Fair Game Chedeana JH
OTCH Wynwood's Golden Meddo Joel
Wynwood's Brookshire Dubey-Do UDT WC OBHF
OTCH Wynwood's White Russian
Wynwood Sunseeker CDX
Can OTCh U-CD Wynwood's Sheza Special Lady Am/Can UD OD
Can OTCH Wynwood's Clean Sweep Am UD JH WCX
Wynwood Crackerjack
Wynwood's Duke Of Sungold
Am./Can. OTCH Wynwood's-In-The-Nick-Of-Time WC
Misty Marshes Wynwood Winter CD
OTCH Wynwoods Locknor Bailee JH WCX OD OBHF
OTCH Locknor B Fifty-Two Bomber OS OBHF
Locknors Bouncin' Rodeo Star UDT
T G's Breezin Bye Lochnor CD
Locknor Bravo of Graelyn UD
Locknor Bayou Boogie Man CD
Locknor By My Side CDX WC
OTCh Locknor Be A Sparkle Plenty TDX OD OBHF
OTCH Locknors Bank On A Star TDX JH
MACH3 Hideaway FlashPaws Straight-A Student MXS MJG NF ADHF OD
Hideaway's Good Luck Charm CD BN RN NA OAJ FDCH CGCA
Hideaway's Thrills With Frills NA NAJ
MACH Hideaway & Moy's Mikimoto Girl MXS MJS MXF MFB T2B ADHF
Hideaway In Cahoots With High Times UD, AX, AXJ NF OS
OTCH24 MACH High Times What A Hoot UDX15 OM5 MH *** MXB MJB OS OBHF ADHF
Hightimes Letdgoodtimesroll CDX GO MH OA OAJ NF WCX **
High Times Tugs At My Heart SH MX MXJ WC
High Times Sun'l Cm Out 2MRO SH WCX
High Times American Girl MH WCX OD
MACH Hideaway's Twice The Thrills UD RN MXS MJG ADHF OD
Hideaway's Bold N Brilliant CDX AX AXJ OD
OTCH Hideaway's Charlie Hustle UDX OM1 OA AXJ OBHF
Hideaway's Keepin Em Thrilled MX MXJ
Hideaway's A Thrill A Minute UD RA
Hideaway's X-Stream Thrills Am and Can CDX WC
Hideaways Catch A Thrill UD RE MX MXJ ADHF
Hideaway's Twin TurboThriller
Hideaway's Memphis Bound
Hideaway's Time To Thrill UDX
OTCH Hideaway's Blame It on Rio UDX4 OM2 OBHF
OTCH Hideaway's Thrill Ride UDX RA MX MXJ OBHF
Hideaway's Designed To Thrill CDX RA
U-CD Hideaway's Thrill Factor UD VER OA OAJ OF
OTCH Hideaway Riptide Rush UDX10 OGM VER RE OA NAJ OBHF
OTCH Hideaway's Heeere's Johnnie UDX5 VER OBHF
MACH Hideaways Zydeco Thrill MXS MJG MXP MJP MXF T2B

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