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Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Meliphilus

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Meliphilus
Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Pumilio
Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Xanthonotus
Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Maculatus
Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Willcocksi
Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Minor
Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Exilis
Devil's Paintbrush Indicator Variegatus
VDH Obedience Ch. Mic Mac Hunter's Hythavwii
Mic Mac Hunter's Herhmiine
Mic Mac Hunter's Hogqqyii
Mic Mac Hunter's Hiigqqs
Mic Mac Hunter's Huddyii
Mic Mac Hunter's Hinyjaa
Mic Mac Hunter's Hatheyjaa
Mic Mac Hunter's Hettdyii
Redadict Unstoppable
Redadict Unpredictable
Redadict Unbelievable
Redadict Unbeatable
Redadict Unbreakable
LPI LPII SE U(U)CH SE VCH Tollarbos Quiz A'Pollon
Tollarbos Penny A'Pollon
Tollarbos Sack A'Pollon
Tollarbos Tudor A'Pollon
TK1, TK2 Rocmin Daddy's Dream
FIN OB CH Rocmin Designers Dream
Rocmin Daydream
Rocmin Dreaming Dragon
Rocmin Dreaming Decoy
Rocmin Dreaming Dear
Mic Mac Hunter's Donoma
Mic Mac Hunter's Demothii
Mic Mac Hunter's Daagqq
Mic Mac Hunter's Digger
Mic Mac Hunter's Degana Widah
Mic Mac Hunter's Denaiiana
Mic Mac Hunter's Duuna
LPI Hircum's Lysander
Hircum's Leonora
Hircum's Leporello
Hircum's Lohengrin
LPI SE LCH SE U(U)CH Hircum's Lorenzo
LPI Hircum's Lucretia
Dt.Ch. mit Arbprfg., Dt.Vet.Ch Mic Mac Hunter's Bessh
Mic Mac Hunter's Bilox
Mic Mac Hunter's Byjaa
Mic Mac Hunter's Bannok
Mic Mac Hunter's Bigan
Devil's Paintbrush Columba Livia
Devil's Paintbrush Columba Bollii
Devil's Paintbrush Columba Oenas
Devil's Paintbrush Columba Jouyi
Devil's Paintbrush Columba Palumbus
Devil's Paintbrush Columba Picui
Fagelsjons Alamos-Malbec
F?gelsj?ns Alfasi-Merlot
Fagelsjons Alfasi-Merlot
Fagelsjons Alianca-Tagra
Renarder's Keystone Pioneer Aindow
Renarder's Keystone Papaya
SE VCH Rodravens Snodroppe
Rodravens Nysno
Rodravens Rimfrost
Rodravens Snobar
Rodravens Snoripa
LPI Rodravens Trollsno
Rodravens Snorok
Rodravens Snosparv
Rodravens Snoskata
SVCh SU(u)Ch Rodravens Kramsno
Ferrona Girl The Tolling Hunter
Fall River Boy the Tolling Hunter
Five Islands Girl The Tolling Hunter
Folly Lake Girl the Tolling Hunter
Freeport Boy the Tolling Hunter
French Village Girl the Tolling Hunter
VDH DRC CH Hyflyer's Mississauga Jason
Hyflyer's Majestic Megan
Hyflyer's Wild Card Maverick
Hyflyer's Almonte
Hyflyer's Eybik Kaija
Hyflyer's Gunner Man
Hyflyer's Hennessey Tollie
BEJSG'96 CLPJSG'96 DKCH BESG'98 DCH-VDH LP1 Hyflyer's Invincible Max
Antigonish Girl The Tolling Hunter
Ainslie Girl The Tolling Hunter
Araisig Girl The Tolling Hunter
Arichet Girl Of The Tolling Hunter

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