Golden Retriever

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Waldland Cree Hunter

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Waldland Cree Hunter
Waldland Cree Hunter Aiden Flynn
Waldland Cree Hunter Asgeir Elmo
Waldland Cree Hunter Asco Fuchur
Waldland Cree Hunter Aiko Prinz
Waldland Cree Hunter Ally
Waldland Cree Hunter Aimy
Waldland Cree Hunter A Jive
Waldland Cree Hunter Amalia Marly
Waldland Cree Hunter Amber
Amalia Marly Waldland Cree Hunter
BH LP2 Top Flights Flying Flint
TopFlights Judy in Disguise With Glasses
Top Flights The Cats Pajamas OA AXJ
HRCH Top Flight's Honey B
SHR Topflights El Dorado JH
HRCH UH Top Flight Lightning from Olympus MH CD RN BN WCX
Top Flight She's No Angel JH
Top Flight's Rock Me On The Water ***
HRCH Top Flight's Splash N Dash Harley CD MH RE WCX CGC
Top Flight's Deja Vu JH
Top Flight's (Help Me!) Rhonda JH
Top Flight's Cherry Bomb QA2 ***
Norman's Big Chance MH
Top Flight's Cayuga Klingon CD MH12 NJP OAP WCX
AFC Emberain Rugby WCX OS FDHF
FC AFC Emberain Beau Geste OS FDHF
MACH Emberain E Ticket Ride MH MXG MJS WCX *** OD
Emberain Lefty Lucy MH55 MNH3 *** HTHF
AFC Emberain Good Will Hunting FDHF
Emberain Autumn Moon Rising UD SH WCX
Emberain All About Sage NA
Emberain Pippin
Emberain Duck Chaser
Emberain Tule Patch
Emberain GLDN March Madness
Emberain Woody Find Em
Emberain Etouffee MH ***
Wraith's Emberain MacCaid *** MH
Emberain Semper Case of Red ***
Emberain Peanut Butter CD TDX JH NA NAJ
Emberain Blue Ribbon
Emberain's Amiable Ultimatum ***
Emberain Kase of Dynamite SH MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF MF WCX
Emberain Katherine **
Emberain Jetstream Navigator CD SH OA AXJ WCX ***
Emberain Devil in Disguise MNH3 MH59 WCX *** HTHF
Emberain C Jazz Fly MX MXJ OD
Emberain Autumn Sunstreak CDX SH WCX
Emberain's Bro's Boy Of Gold
Emberain Red Hot Mandy
Emberain Desert Wind
Emberain Bluefire Tracker CDX MH WCX **
Emberain In The Bag MH WCX **
Emberain Elite of Topbrass
Lakwoia's Mango Tango Fandango JH WC OD
Lakwoia's Copper Code WC ** OS / Can**
Kiowa's Proper Pete MH
SR Kiowa's Chief Medicine Man
HRCH Surefire Texas Fulltilt Boogie CDX MH WCX OD U-CD
Top Flights Vision Quest JH, WC
HRCH - UH Top Flight's Golden Fisher MH
Sinner Gone Astray
Rv Atr's Gangstaman MH *** OS
Atr Doc Holiday **
Topbrass Caliente JH WC OD
Topbrass Rylie Of Cloverview
Topbrass Pay The Piper ***
Fire Fly Golden Avid Juno
Fire Fly Golden Auburn Caleb
Fire Fly Goldens Ardent Reid
Fire Fly Goldens Absolutely no Limit
Fire Fly Goldens AJ Arrow
Fire Fly Goldens Amazing Lilla
Fire Fly Goldens Amber Rose
Fire Fly Goldens Aces High
Ambertrail's Racing Raven
Ambertrail Wicked Little High Can WCX
Ambertrail's Fila Me
Ambertrail's Repeat After Me Can. WCX ***
Ambertrail's Rosco Is Reddy Can CDX Am CD
Ambertrail's Aheka Aim Hi
Ambertrail's Tie Breaker CD RA MH ***
Ambertrail's Happy Heatleader
Ambertrail Joy's Pool Position
Splashdown Arriba Reba Am *** QFTR, Can. ***
Splashdown Blithe Spirit CDX, RA, SH, WCX
Mioak's Seventh Heaven
Splashdown in Duso Pond MH ***
OTCH U-UD Splashdown Tazlina UDX2 JH MX MXJ WCX
Topbrass Splashdown Bubbleup
Splashdown'slittle Abby
Semper Splashdown Stary Skye ** OD
Whispering Oaks Kaya
whispering Oaks kilt
whispering Oaks Kate
Whispering Oaks Kirsch
Whispering Oaks Kjeld
Whispering Oaks Kinclaith
Whispering oaks kane
FTAW Clockburn Clyde
Clockburn Bliss
Clockburn Boris
Whispering Oaks Dutch Blue
Whispering Oaks Dutch Flyer
Whispering Oaks DeeJay
Whispering Oaks Dasper
Whispering Oaks Daring Nell
Whispering Oaks Duck Dancer
Whispering Oaks Del
Whispering Oaks Dickens
Whispering Oaks Doesjka
Whispering Oaks Dora avec Cleynehage
Whispering Oaks Donna
Whispering Oaks Dancin Diva
Whispering Oaks Deija
Whispering Oaks Dust
Whispering Oaks Dutch Yuma
Whispering Oaks Dugan
Whispering Oaks Delilah
Whispering Oaks Daim Divine

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