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Appi x Shawin

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Appi x Shawin
Akecheta Sha Tokala
Annawan Sha Tokala
Apachike Sha Tokala
Aranck Sha Tokala
JCH CZ, JCH PL, JCH HU, CH HU, Anima Sha Tokala
JCH CZ, JCH SK, CH SK Awinita Sha Tokala
Ayasha Sha Tokala
JCH CZ, CH PL, CH HR Apple Chilli's Ginger Group
Arabica Chilli's Ginger Group
Apricot Chilli's Ginger Group
Almond Chilli's Ginger Group
Acai Chilli's Ginger Group
Alio Chilli's Ginger Group
JCH CZ, CH CMKU, CH SK, CH PL, C.I.E Avalon Roxy Red Treasure
Benny Lord Red Treasure
JCH CZ, CH ČMKU, Grand CH CZ Ailin Grace Red Treasure
Arlon Chunny Red Treasure
Arty Bastien Red Treasure
Amy Charay Red Treasure
JCH CZ, CH ČMKU, Gr.CH CZ, Club CH CZ Briny Kate Red Treasure
Bastien Roy Red Treasure
Barbara Elli Red Treasure
Beatris Arlet Red Treasure
Berenika Liz Red Treasure
Birgit Tracy Red Treasure
Bonny Star Red Treasure
Briana Nessie Red Treasure
Shaggy Toller's White Banjo Boy
CH CZ, Grand CH CZ, Veteran CH CZ Olivie Rudolfovska skala
Oliver Rudolfovska Skala
Xantia Rudolfovska skala
Helike True Canadian Gold
Helios True Canadian Gold
Hyperion True Canadian Gold
Helix True Canadian Gold
Husar True Canadian Gold
Haley True Canadian Gold
Harmony True Canadian Gold
Hyper Nova True Canadian Gold
Honey Moon True Canadian Gold
Hebe True Canadian Gold
C.I.B. C.I.E. PLJCH, CZ CJW, PL CW, PL CH, H CH, Rhineferry's Namid Indian Dancer KR III KT I PT
Rhineferry's Merenque Czardas
Rhineferry's Farandole Kolo
Rhineferry's Fandango Rigadoon
Rhineferry's Malaquena Farucca
Rhineferry's Kazatcka Zidanga
PLCH Red Hot Chilli's Destiny of Flame
PLJCH Red Hot Chilli's Daylight of Zumi
CIE/RO/PL/SK/LT/LTKL/ PLCW/LTCW/SKW Red Hot Chilli's Design of Nochill
Red Hot Chilli's Direction of Lucky
Red Hot Chilli's Desert of Joy
Red Hot Chilli's Dance of Nature
Red Hot Chilli's Dealer of Maslanka
PL J CH, PL CH, Holland Club Winner 2012, European Veteran Winner'18 Red Hot Chilli's DAYDREAM OF VIVA
CH PL Red Hot Chilli's Desire of Victory
Red Hot Chilli's Double of Trouble
C.I.B, C.I.E, JCH PL, CH CZ, Grand CH CZ, CH PL, CH HR, CH SK, CH HU, SHA WINYAN pod Jablonia
JCH PL, Irma pod Jablonia
CH CZ Piktook's Five Island Caddy
SE UCH Piktook's Five Island Yaiza
Piktook's Five Island Nigel
Piktook's Five Island April
Piktook's Five Island Kay
Piktook's Five Island Sunday
Dt.Ch.(DRC) Piktook's Five Island Leeza
Piktook's Five Island Minthy
SE U(U)CH Springer Nova's Leo Tuffsson
Alliance De La Vie Fly Away
Alliance de la Vie Dreamland Expres with Acanuck
Alliance de la Vie Calypso
Alliance de la vie Country Boy
Alliance de la vie Windsong
Alliance de la vie Sunshine
Alliance de la vie Country Love
Alliance de la vie Wild Flowers
Suzie Northbound Star
PL J CH, PL CH Lauvstuas Olympic Orion Ayrdust KT I
Lauvstuas Olga Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Olaya Sirka Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Ollie Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Olympic Maestro Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Oliver Scott Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Olympic Buster Ayrdust
Lauvstuas Oleo Ayrdust
Gracja pod Jablonia
Dandy Pod Jablonia
Drav Vip Pod Jablonia
C.I.E, JCH CZ, CH CZ, CH PL, CH SK, GrandCH CZ, SK, Vet.CH CZ, PL Daya pod Jablonia
Gerda Pod Jabłonią

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