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A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Reponi Cayoran Metsätähti
Reponi Metsässä Pyynnissä
Reponi Metsätonttu
Reponi Metsän Siimeksessä
Reponi Metsämies
Reponi Metsänhaltija
Reponi Metsänhenki
Reponi Metsänpeikko
RTK1 Cayora's Cajoled By Ducks
TK1 BH AD Cayora's Chilling With Ducks
Cayora's Wants To Clone Ducks
Cayora's Cheery Wants A Duck
Cayora's Will Charm The Ducks
Cayora's Who Let The Duck Out
FI CH RTK1 Cayora's Diving In Duck Pond
BH Cayora's Can I Eat The Duck
Cayora's Hunts Ugly Ducklings
VDH-Ch., Dt. Jug.Ch. VDH & DRC Dewberry's Dual Blessed Louis Paytan
Dewberry's Dual Cheech Paygo
Dewberry's Dual Coffie Paygo
German Champion (VDH & DRC), Clubwinner 2011 Dewberry's Dual Bazooka Paytan
German Obedience Champion (VDH) German Champion (DRC + VDH) Dewberry's Dual Bijyoti Paytan
Dewberry's Dual Cupid Paygo
Can Ch Tollwest Mystical Wave
Tollwest Amber Wave In Motion
CH OTCH Tollwest Ride The Wave WCX JH RAE
Tollwest Wave Chaser
Tollwest Hell On Waves
Tollwest Waves Of Chephren
Int. Ch., German Champion (VDH & DRC), German Vet.Ch. (DRC & VDH) Objibwa's Paya-Kuta YaG
CHJunCh Objibwa's Phoenix-Peschiwo YaG BH2/SanH2
CHCh Objibwa's Pow Wow YaG BH1
Objibwa's Pocahontas-Venga YaG
Objibwa's Pitschi Tikaani YaG
Objibwa's Primo Javahill's Pawino YaG
C.I.B. FI CH EE CH TK1 TK2 RTK1 RTK2 BH Allydor's Powerful Bowl of Beauty
Allydor's Powerful White Charm
Allydor's Powerful La Perle
Allydor's Powerful Sparkling Star
LPI Allydor's Powerful Lovely Rose
Allydor's Powerful Fancy Nancy
Allydor's Powerful Honey Gold
SE UCH LPI Digby Tollers Power King
SE U(u)CH Digby Tollers Go-Go Frenzy
Digby Toller's Red Kick To Mayflower
SE VCH Digby Tollers Power Dream Sky High
Digby Tollers Energy Fizz
Digby Tollers Speed Zone
Digby Tollers Perfect Burner
Digby Tollers Bomba Red
SE CH(u) NO CH NOW-08 Allydor's Unifly To Arrive
SE VCH SE CH(u) LPI LPII LPIII NORDW-11 Allydor's Utility Cheerful
Allydor's Uzzy Turkish
Allydor's Uncanny Sagittarius
Allydor's Urmely Hindi
Allydor's Undicy Polynesian
Allydor's Ur Mighty Hope
Reponi Syysunelma
Reponi Syksyn Sävel
Reponi Syysleimu
Reponi Syysyö
SE J(t)CH SE UCH Agrosofens Calypso
Agrosofens Menuetta
SE VCH Agrosofens Bolero
Agrosofens Saltarello
SE VCH SE UCH Agrosofens Tico Tico
Agrosofens Baletta
SE VCH SE U(U)CH Agrosofens Piruetta
Agrosofens Fandango
Duck Tail's Muddus Regnbagsforell
Duck Tail's Abisko Insjoroding
SU(u)CH S VCH N VCH Duck Tail's Padjelanta Backforrel
LPI S VCH Duck Tail's Sarek Fjallroding
S VCH Duck Tail's Stora Sjofallet Alv Lax
SE U(U)CH Rodahunds Hitchin Lisa
Scandinavian Ice Crystal
Aurora Borealis Nordica of Hillscourt
Isac Viking
Redadict on the Crocks
Redadict Shoe Addict
Redadict Barefoot in Canada
Redadict In Her Shoes
Redadict On High Heels
Redadict Hunting Boots
Redadict Cowboy with Boots
Redadict Boot Camp Commander
HR UH CH Redland's Rubber Boots Can CDX WCX SH, US WCX
Redland's Terrific Lady
Redland's Time For Maggie
Redland's Thundering Nickle
Redland's Tequila Harris
Redland's Trotting Austin
Redland's The Russell
Redland's Trail Blazin Ceilidh
Redland's Red Slippers
Redland's Racing After Casey
Redland's Razzmatazz Keegan
Redland's Rufferson Von Brodie
Redland's Rascal Remus
Redland's Royal Piper
FI TVA Foxgrove's Canadian Sunrise
Foxgrove Red Hot Turbo Charged ***MH CDX
Foxgrove's Malko Heide
Foxgrove's Fire and Ice
Foxgrove's Ice Chip
Foxgrove's Minaki Sue
Foxgrove's Eye of the Storm
Foxgrove's Freezing Rain Storm

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