Golden Retriever

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Daffy + Darwin

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Daffy + Darwin
Dastyn z Harfy
Dino z Harfy
Dolly z Harfy
Dag z Harfy
Darwin z Harfy
Daisy z Harfy
Denny z Harfy
Dia z Harfy
Dixy z Harfy
Grand Ch CZ, Ch CZ, Ch PL, Ch SK, Ch AT, Ch SLO Diamond Darwin Golden Martha
Diamond Dandy Golden Martha
C.I.E & C.I.B.,GCh CZ, DUAL CH CZ, Working CH, CH CZ, RO, SK, HU, Crufts Qualification 2020 Diamond Destiny Golden Martha "U"
Diamond Derrick Golden Martha
Diamond Dasty Golden Martha
Diamond Honey Golden Martha
Diamond Angel Golden Martha ''U''
Grd CH,CH,SK, CZ JCH SK Bailey Boy My Joy BOB, Cacib, National Winner
CH SK Bella My Joy (Club Winner '13)
Brooklyn My Joy
Bono My Joy
Boddy Boy My Joy
UK Sh.Ch. International Sh Ch, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Luxembourg Ch Barnum of the Hellacious Acres VDH.CH.Ger.Jun.Ch W'2008
Bailey of the Hellacious Acres
German VDH Ch Jacquetta of the Hellacious Acres
Jacob of the Hellacious Acres
CH CZ SK, JCH CZ SK Funny Girl The Dream Team (National Winner)
CH.SK.&Hu.&Pl.&Slo. + JCH.Hu.&Slo.&Cro.&Mne. Flaming the Dream Team
Florence the Dream Team
Fellini the Dream Team
Felicity The Dream Team
Pl Ch Velvet Charm Supreme Star
ÖJCh. Slo.JCh. Velvet Charm Sunday Surprise
Velvet Charm Sahara Sphinx
Ch Rus, FT-Duck Velvet Charm Silver Silhouette
HJCh. Velvet Charm Savannah Sand
Velvet Charm Slim Satin
Velvet Charm Singapore Sling
Velvet Charm Steady Style
Belg Sh Ch, VDH Ch, Su(u)Ch, Lux JCh. Dewmist Servantes Belgian Topwinning golden 2008
Swe.Sh.Ch Dewmist Serenissima Obedience Champion
NORDUCH, FinW-09 Dewmist Serrano
HSCH Dewmist Serendica Derby winner
C.I.E SEU(U)CH DKUCH DKW-09 Dewmist Serendipity
Dewmist Serrido
Dewmist Serrania
HCh. SKCh. PlCh. Tiffany Yellow de Ria Vela Slovakian Club Winner '08
Black Orlov de Ria Vela
Darya I Nur de Ria Vela
SPA VCH Heart Of Eternity de Ria Vela
Ariel od Trnovských skal
Angel od Trnovských skal
Carry Caramel Poklad Orlicka
Cyro Chipp Poklad Orlicka ''U''
CH CZ/SK/PL/AT/MNG, JCH CZ/SK/PL Fiddle-De-Dee's Morris Traveller AT Double CH09, Club Winner (BIS), CJW
Impulsive Mary Is Friendly
Inviting Lover Is Friendly
Pl.Ch. Imperial Jazz Is Friendly
Ideal Man Is Friendly
Intrepid Defender Is Friendly
Instant Attraction Is Friendly
Incredible Charm Is Friendly
Intent Wife Is Friendly
Ingenious Girl Is Friendly
Agnes Ateka Dimom
Artas Ateka Dimom
Arny Ateka Dimom
Artex Ateka Dimom
Alistar Ateka Dimom
Aramis Ateka Dimom
Adellies Ateka Dimom
Alexis Ateka Dimom
Carlos Ateka Dimom
Cyril Ateka Dimom
Carmen Ateka Dimom
Cindy Ateka Dimom
Carrie Ateka Dimom
Cira Ateka Dimom
Cristin Ateka Dimom
INTERCh, GRANDCh,ClubCh, JChCZ,ChCZ,ChD(VDH),ChSK Watterloo Misantos 5xNational Winner, Club Winner,BIS, 10x BOB
Westa Misantos Club Junior winner
CH CZ JCH CZ Wrangler Misantos ''U''
CZ CH Werra Misantos National Winner
Wendy Misantos
Wellington Misantos
Wizard Misantos
Wanderdog Misantos
Woodbyne Misantos
Wasabi Misantos
Issu Misantos Artemis Gold
Isis Artemis Gold 2X CAC, KV
Klaris Chlupate stesti Res.CACT
Ch SK, PL, CZ, CZ Champion of work Kerry Chlupate stesti Dual purpose 2009
JCH CZ, CH PL, CH CZ, CH SK, Grand CH CZ, CH PHL, CH UA, CH BG,CZ FTCh Kendy Chlupate stesti National winner
JCh CZ, Ch PL, FT Ch Kreizy Chlupate stesti
Kenny Chlupate stesti ''U''
Ch PL, Ch SK, Ch CZ, Grand Ch SK Kirby Chlupate stesti National winner
Knight Chlupate stesti
Kvido Chlupate stesti
Kessi Chlupate stesti
Perseus Chlupate stesti
Phalco Chlupate stesti "U"
Ch SK, Ch CZ, CZ FTCh Philipp Chlupaté štěstí
Pierce Chlupate stesti
Portos Chlupate stesti
Phoebe Chlupate stesti
JCH CZ, CH CZ, Grand Ch CZ, CH SK Princ Damian Chlupate stesti "U"
Ch work Princess Jackie Chlupate stesti
Perri Chlupate stesti
KIRBY Chlupaté štěstí

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