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Gosling's Foxy Vixen

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Gosling's Foxy Vixen (AKC SF301894)
Gosling's Golden G'Day (AKC SF238784)
Gosling's Golden Talisman CDX JH WC (AKC SF-323574)
Am. Can CH Gosling Bridgehho Chad Jjjj (AKC SF469631)
Can CH Gosling MD Quincy Am CDX Can CD (AKC SF442585)
Am. CH Gosling's Aquest For Song WC (AKC SF-369840)
Gosling's Topaz Sugar Honey (AKC SF-236261)
BISS Am CH Asterling Go Getm Gangbuster OS SDHF (AKC SE219851 (5/87))
Am CH Asterling's Buster Keaton OS (AKC SE372337 (11/86))
Am CH Asterlings Stardust Buster OD (AKC SE241705)
Am CH Asterling's Just Buster Loose CD OD (AKC SE237198 (12/87))
Am./Can. CH. Asterlings Ghostbuster (AKC SE227965)
Am. CH Asterling's Trust Buster CD (AKC SE-239985)
Am. CH Asterlings Filly Buster (AKC SE-325955)
Am CH Birnam Wood's Mountin' Ash OS (AKC SD301349 (5/83))
Am Ch. Birnam Wood's Douglas Furr OS (AKC SD391402 (4-83))
Am. CH Birnam Wood Keweenaw Sequoia (AKC SD302228)
Birnam Wood's Liquid Amber (AKC SD-278481)
Birnam Wood Buckthorn Banner (AKC SD304624)
Am./Can. CH. Kachina Twenty Karat OS SDHF (AKC SC803760 (2-82))
Am. CH. Kachina's Kamiakin O'Darnley CD WC OS SDHF (AKC SC667899 (9/82))
Am-Can Ch. Kachina's Kiros Karma CD OD Can CD (AKC SC758642)
Kachina Dorado El Chacho (AKC SC728458 (7-83))
Am. CH Kachina's Livin' End OD (AKC SC747292)
Am Ch Goldenloe's Cinnamon Sizzler OD (AKC SC247414)
Am Ch Goldenloe's Fourth of July (AKC SC236309)
Am. CH Gilnockie Roman Candle (AKC SC324248)
Gilnockie Sparkler CD (AKC SC319161)
BIS BISS Am Can CH Amberac's Asterling Aruba OD SDHF (AKC SC823175 (9/81))
Amberac's Solidago Jake CDX TD (AKC SC-742568)
Amberac Charles Golden Amber UD (AKC SC-743277)
Amberac Cody Of Willow Acres (AKC SC752173 (01-81))
BIS Am. CH Gold Coast Here Comes The Sun CD OS SDHF (AKC SB981196 (4/78))
Gold Coast's Golden Sandstorm CD (Am. ptd.) (AKC SC020147)
Gold Coast's Morning Mist
Sunhaven's Amberac's Aruba OD (AKC SC591750 (12/1979))
Daystar's Gosling's Sara OD (AKC SE851049)
Daystar's Moonshadow (AKC SE582087)
Daystar's Shining Kugel (AKC SE578021)
Daystar Shining Amber CD (AKC SE574378)
Daystar Opportunity Calls (AKC SE734684)
Daystar Gosling's Shiner
Daystar Dash N Dancer (AKC SE583736)
Daystar Sir Christopher Wren (AKC SE648331)
Am. CH. Beaumaris Pekay's Kilowatt OS (AKC SB997516 (4/78))
Beaumaris Knightcap CD (AKC SC008275 (9/78))
Can. CH Beaumaris Jonore's Kaspar CDX WC Can CDX (AKC SC-025528)
Beaumaris HGL Viking Keenote (AKC SC044593 (10/79))
Goldhunter's Beaumaris K O (AKC SC043124 (4-78))
Am./Can./Mex. CH. Cal-Vo's Happy Ambassador Am./Can. CD OS SDHF (AKC SA837152 (12/72))
Am.Can.Ch. Alderbrooke Calvo Heritage UD Can. CDX (AKC SB541188)
Am. CH. Sabahka's Alexander Of Cal-Vo CD OS (AKC SA823141 (2/1974))
Am Ch Cal-Vo's Cindra Of Deebee (AKC SB58250 (3/74))
Cal-Vo's High Priority (AKC SB502441 (12/1975))
Am. CH. Cal-Vo's El Capitan CD (AKC SB-264280)
AmCH Hgl's Happy Charisma Of Cal-Vo CD WC (AKC SB045461 (12/1974))
Am. Ch. Cal-Vo's Copper Commander (AKC SB098588 (10/1974))
Am CH Cal-Vo's Kind Destiny (AKC SB778688 (6/1977))
Am CH Cal-Vo's Special Kay (AKC SB776713)
Denmar's Halfpenny of Cal-Vo (AKC SB612878 (8/75))
Calvo's Korn Flake (AKC SB791562)
Cal-Vo's Khaki Tartan (AKC SB714930)
Starfarm's Challange Of Cal-Vo (AKC SB050343 (12-75))
Sabahka's Alexis of Cal-Vo (AKC SA823140)
Am. CH. Beaumaris Bide Me Fair (AKC SB-485101)
Gemstar Marisa Of Tangleloft UD OD (AKC SB-523447)
Synergold Daystar Shiner CD (AKC SD847239)
Muskan Moonlord (AKC SD552858 (5-83))
Muskan Miss Elegance (AKC SD665659)
Featherquest Liberator Lara (AKC SB952915 (8-79))
Featherquest Phantom Pilot (AKC SB951493 (3-78))
Featherquest Sun Rise Again UD (AKC SB940865)
Featherquest Sakonnet Yankee (AKC SB960827 (12-82))

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