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CH JCh Yumni's Iago

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CH JCh Yumni's Iago
Yumni's Inca
Yumni's I'm Balu
Yumni's Indira
Yumni's Iwa
Yumni's Ishani Enola
West Coast Tollers Daim
RLD N West Coast Tollers Calippo
SE VCH West Coast Tollers Cornetto
SE U(u)Ch NO UCh DK UCh NORD UCh, SE VCH, EUW J-15, NORD JV-15 West Coast Tollers Geisha
LP1 LP2 West Coast Tollers Piggelin
SE VCH West Coast Tollers Solero
LP1 LP2 SE VCH SE U(U)CH Hummelviksgårdens Golden Theodor
Hummelviksgardens Goda Festis
Hummelviksgardens Gallax Gibson
Hummelviksgardens Gobo Sprocket
LP1 SE VCH Hummelviksgardens Gioia af Aaron
LP1 LP2 LP3 SE UCH SE VCH Hummelviksgårdens Golden Texas
LP2 TJH (RDH) Hummelviksgardens Good Kipper
RTK1 Hummelviksgardens Grimhildr Kiira
RLDN FI CH SE UCH Hummelviksgardens Gin and Tonic
Atago the Spirit of Heyoka
Ajala the Spirit of Heyoka
SE U(U)CH LPI LPII Hummelviksgårdens Eliska
SU(u)CH Hummelviksgardens Easy
Hummelviksgardens Ezzy
Hummelviksgardens Elsie
Hummelviksgardens Elvis
Hummelviksgardens Elvan Esther
LP1 Hummelviksgardens Endless Mirre
SU(u)CH Hummelviksgardens Elskade Flizan
Hummelviksgardens Era
SE VCH LP1 West Coast Tollers Loca
West Coast Tollers Rapido
SE VCH West Coast Tollers Latino
SE VCH Vildandens Patron af Axquiz
Vildandens Kaliber af Axquiz
LPI LPELIT SE LCH Vildandens Knallpulver af Axquiz
Vildandens Krutgumma af Axquiz
RLD N RLD F RLD A SE RALLYCH Vildandens Pangbrud af Axquiz
RLD N SE VCH Vildandens Tändhatt af Axquiz
LPI SE VCH Riverbreeze Silky Sushi de Chawu
Riverbreeze Secret Simba De Chawu
Riverbreeze Sporty Zorro De Chawu
DKRLCH RØM RBM DKLPCH LP3 LP2 LP1 Riverbreeze Sweet Delphi De Chawu
Riverbreeze Swinging Vira De Chawu
Riverbreeze Saga Ducktail de Chawu
Riverbreeze Salty Pepper De Chawu
Riverbreeze Sir Deja Vu of Decoyman
CHJunCh Yumni's Gwen Eli
Yumni's Gavin
Yumnis Galite
Yumni's Gioia
FTW ITCH HUCH FRCH CIE CIB RIP.SEL Lamborghini Countach New Italian Desing Di Casa
Lamborghini Stella Di Casa Toller
ITCH Lamborghini Jarama Di Casa Toller
Lamborghini Aventador Di Casa Toller
Lamborghini gallardo Di Casa Toller
Lamborghini Flyng Star di Casa Toller
Lamborghini Miùra Di Casa Toller
Lamborghini Veneno Di Casa Toller
Lamborghini Murcièlago Di Casa Toller
Lamborghini Diablo Di Casa Toller
EUVW-13 VWW-13 HUVW-13 ITCH RSMCH CIECH WVW-12 WV Piero (Italy, 0418916)
CH Camilla (dau of Shaggy Toller's Quacker Qunice)
Babydog (dau of Shaggy Toller's Quacker Qunice)
Pikkinokka's Lunar Eclipse CGN
Pikkinokka's Moon Song
Yumni's Elu
Yumni's Enapay
Yumni's Enayo
Yumni's Enyo
Yumni's Ezhno Jamiro
Yumni's Ehawee Farah
Liwanu Pihtik
Anishinaabe's Zenibaa
Anishinaabe's Ziibi
Anishinaabe's Zaagi
Anishinaabe's Zoogipo
CH-Ch. / CH- Jun.-Ch. Anishinaabe's Zhingos

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