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Sarasvati de vallserrat

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Sarasvati de vallserrat
ICH.ROCH.HSCH.HJCH.ÖJCH.WorldSpecJW'18. Eros de Vallserrat
Int Ch, C.I.E. Vestafjell's Magic Elf
Vestafjell's Prince Charming
Vestafjell's Fairytale to Jako
NJV -14 Vestafjell's Once Upon A Time
Vestafjell's West Of The Moon
Vestafjell's West of The Mon
N UCH, SU(U)CH, SVCH, NV-07, NV-09 Jako's Nordic Charm
Jako's Never Ending Story
SE VCH SEU(u)CH DK(u)CH LW-08 Jako's Union For Dream Max
N UCH. SVCH Jako's Norwegian Dream
Multi Ch & Multi W Tottelina Observer
Tottelina Opera
CanCH Tottelina Orchestra
ChFin Tottelina Oaktown Oliver
2xCAC, R.CAC Tottelina Orchid In Snow
Tottelina Othello
NUCH Jako's Amazing Grace
Nuch Jako's Armani Falco
EW-15, NO(u)CH, SE(u)CH Fenwood Elles Belles NV-14, NORDv-14
Fenwood Ell Paco
Fenwood Ell Dorado
Eng Sh Ch Fenwood Ell Masterpiece at Bluewaters JW
Fenwood ELLE JW
Eng.Sh.Ch. , Lux. Ch. Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell JW
Zampanzar As You Wish
Spain CH. Zampanzar Baby Love
Zampanzar Milky Way
Ch. Spain + C.I.E. Zampanzar Smooth Melody
Gr. Sh. CH. Zampanzar New Heaven
Eng Sh Ch. Ramchaine Green Glow By Fenwood JW
Ramchaine Green Glint
Ramchaine Green Glaze
International Sh Ch / Dutch / German / VDH / Danish Ch. Ramchaine Green Glitter W’12, 1 x UK CC 2 xUK RCCs
Ramchaine Green Glitz
SWI CH, CIE Valdelesabeyes de Vallserrat AmW-15
GBZ JCH Kate's Dirty Brother de Vallserrat
Randy Mandy de Vallserrat
Pura Pasion de Ria Vela
Power of love de ria vela
C.I.E. , GBZ/SPA CH Terra Keltica Très Jolie
Sherpa de Santa Compana
Siroco de Santa Compaña
SPA/PT CH Sasha de Santa Compaña
Shrek de Santa Compaña
Samba de Santa Compaña
Sioux de Santa Compaña
Terra Keltica Très Beau
Terra Keltica Senna Flow
(C.I.E) CH. Terra Keltica Au Revoir Paris
Terra Keltica Oh la la
PT. CH. Terra Keltica French Kiss
Terra Keltica Moulin Rouge
Terra Keltica Mon Amour
Terra Keltica French Affair
Terra Keltica Ciel de Paris
Sable de Santa Compana
Atomic Kitten de Valdelesabeyes
INT CH, PT CH. Destiny's Child de Valdelesabeyes
Xhira de Valdelesabeyes
INT/SPA/PT/DK/GBZ/SWE/NOR CH, PT GR CH, GBZ JCH. Mad About You de Ria Vela CC & BOS at Crufts 2013, LW'11'12, OW'13, NW'12
JEW´09, CIE, SP, SLO & PT CH Mon Cheri de Ria Vela
Midnight Music at Ria Vela
Moon Shadow de Ria Vela
INT CH Terra Keltica Light My Fire
Terra Keltica Blowin' in the Wind
Terra Keltica Waiting for the Sun
Terra Keltica Indian Summer

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