Golden Retriever

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Ch Ua, Ch Ro, JunCh MD, JunGrCh MD, JunCh BESS, JunGrCh BESS Salandatterra Moonlight Melody CQ 2018

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Ch Ua, Ch Ro, JunCh MD, JunGrCh MD, JunCh BESS, JunGrCh BESS Salandatterra Moonlight Melody CQ 2018 (00)
GrCH UA, CH Rus, CH MD, GR CH MD Salandatterra Midnight Melody For Take Five (FCI 0)
Salandatterra Mr. Nelson (0-0)
Salandatterra Matchless Star (0/0)
Ch FrCS Salandatterra Magic Topman (FCI 00)
Salandaterra My Cooper (OFA GR-EL40695M25-VPI)
JCh Rus,JClub Ch, J GR, GR Ch,Ch Rus,2-x Club Ch,RKF Ch Salandatterra Miss Solar Wind (0/0)
Salandatterra Maxcillian (0-0)
INTCH, RUCH, GR.RUCH, Jackpot Noroy du Plessy (0/0)
Lux. Ch. & Swedish Showch. Golden Rose-Bay's Ambassador (0/0)
Luxemburg Juniorchampion Golden Rose-Bay's Acapella (ED/0)
Golden Rose-Bay's Ashly (0/0)
Dutch Ch., Ger. Ch., VDH Ch., Ger. Jr. CH. Xanthos Apple Jack Europa Jgs Sgr01, Bundessieger06, Brussels Winner (BVA 0:0)
Xanthos Apple Charlotte (Sweden Artros U (1/16/2001))
Xanthos Lemon Barley
Xanthos Master Quince
Xanthos Peach Melba
Xanthos Pineapple Pol
Xanthos Professor Plum (Sweden Artros U (8/27/2001))
Xanthos Sherbet Lemon
Espressivo v.d. Beerse Hoeve
Dutch Ch., Ger. Ch., VDH Ch. Cadenza v.d. Beerse Hoeve JW '98 Europasieger '01
WW'03, AW ''01, German VDH-champion Intermezzo v.d Beerse Hoeve
Geisha Noroy du Plessy
Goya Noroy du Plessy (0:1)
Jingle Noroy du Plessy
Apache du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre (0:0)
Azure du Domaine des Rives de l'Erdre
Vice Et Versa du Bois de la Rayère
Tasha du Bois de la Rayere (0/0)
Too Much du Bois de la Rayère
International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere (0/0)
Tartuffe du Bois de la Rayère
GrChRom, ChUa, Bye, Rom, Bul, Bal Glitters Miss Salandaterra JGrChUa, JChUa, Bul, Mol, Sal, Bal (FCI 0\0)
German clubchampion, Danish showchampion Glitters Much of Muchness (0/0)
Glitters Magic Moment (BVA 0:0)
Glitters Mister Maximilianus
EW'15, Multi Ch. Majik Truth Or Dare NL/D/VDH/LUX/INT/SE/DK BDSG '10, Am.Winner '10 (0-0 (Nederland))
Majik Zest For Life
EEJW-11 Majik Zia Monica (0:0 (2011.05.24))
C.I.E.-SEU(U)CH-DKCH(U)-NORDUCH-NUCH-EECH-LVCH Majik Zero To Hero (00 (CERT 2012))
Aust.Ch Majik Truly Julie
MAJIK TITTLE-TATTLE (0:0 (2012.04.16))
Majik Trendy Wendy (0:0 (2010.08.27))
Majik Belle Of The Ball (0/0)
Majik Bus-Stop Madonna (0-0)
C.I.E. , SE/DK/LT/LV/EE/BAL CH, NL VCH Majik Finders Keepers DKW-11 (0/0 (2007))
Eu.Jun.Winner 2008 MAJIK FIELD DAY (0/0)
C.I.E,LV CH, NO CH, LT CH Majik Fashion Victim (0/0)
Majik Vissi D'Arte (0/0 (2005))
Majik Viola Odorata (0/0)
Majik Vermeer
Belg & Swe Sh Ch, Lux Ch. Fenwood Libertine Glitters Jugendsieger Saarbrücken 2010, Giessen 2010 (BVA 0-0)
Fenwood Jimmy Choo
Fenwood Marc Jacobs JW (0/0)
Fenwood Glitterati JW (0:0)
Fenwood Inspiration JW (3)
Fenwood Prada by Fenpinque (0:0)
Belg Sh Ch, VDH Ch, Su(u)Ch, Lux JCh. Dewmist Servantes Belgian Topwinning golden 2008 (ED 0)
Swe.Sh.Ch Dewmist Serenissima Obedience Champion (0/0 - (2007)- Swedish)
NORDUCH, FinW-09 Dewmist Serrano (0/0)
HSCH Dewmist Serendica Derby winner (0 (2006))
C.I.E SEU(U)CH DKUCH DKW-09 Dewmist Serendipity (Clear)
Dewmist Serrido (2)
Dewmist Serrania (1)
Eng Sh Ch. Ramchaine Green Glow By Fenwood JW (BVA 0:0)
Ramchaine Green Glint
Ramchaine Green Glaze (BVA 1:1)
International Sh Ch / Dutch / German / VDH / Danish Ch. Ramchaine Green Glitter W’12, 1 x UK CC 2 xUK RCCs
Ramchaine Green Glitz

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