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Gundog's Choice Evelyn

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Gundog's Choice Evelyn
Gundog's Choice Ecco
Gundog's Choice Eddie
Gundog's Choice Eliya
Gundog's Choice Elvis
Gundog's Choice Enjoying Souri
Gundog's Choice Eskin
Gundog's Choice Extra
DKFTCh Ellijas Dudley
FTCh Ellijas Danny
Ellijas Daisy
Ellijas Dotty
Ellijas Dolly of Doveyvalley
Ellijas Dillys
Ellijas Dylan
GB FTCh Kenmillto Remus
Redfurlong Rose
Redlands Rhapsody
Kenmillto Ransome
Kenmillto Raffles
Kenmillto Rouble
Kenmillto Ripple
FTCh Auchendolly Beaver
Auchendolly Rob
Auchendolly Ballad
Auchendolly Will
Auchendolly Wendy
Auchendolly Wasp
Mandacre Waxwing
Mandacre Meadow Pipit
Mandacre Robin
Mandacre Grebe
Mandacre Diver
Mandacre Siskin of Minstead
FTW Hillus Widgeon
Hillus Snipe Of Gammelshiel
Hillus Grouse
SE J(J)CH Hillus Drake
FTW Hillus Teal of Muirdrum
GB.FTCh Craighorn Oak
Craighorn Willow
Craighorn Twig
Craighorn Fir
Craighorn Spruce
Ftw Craighorn Hazel Of Roughburn
Craighorn Hazel Of Roughborn
FTCh Broadlaw Eva
Broadlaw Elle
Broadlaw Easter
Broadlaw Edith
Broadlaw Elm
Broadlaw Erika
Broadlaw Ewan
Broadlaw Ezra
FTCh Broadlaw Elder of Laggengill
FTW Lakedown Stoats Tail
Lakedown Grannom of Astraglen
Lakedown Charlie Barley
Lakedown Sandy Snatcher
Lakedown Midgie Modger
Lakedown Cinnamon At Treranch
Lakedown Ginger Quill
Lakedown Knotted Midge
FTCh Delfleet Neon Of Fendawood
Delfleet Nugget Of Ettinsmoor
Delfleet Nickle At Kayteens
Delfleet Morning Star
Delfleet Nightingale
Delfleet Nuthatch
Delfleet Nettle At Naughtland
Delfleet Nymph
Delfleet Blue Of Lundhill
Delfleet Paddy
Delfleet Peat
Delfleet Perfection
Delfleet Pilot
Delfleet Poacher
Delfleet Pride
FTW Delfleet Ptarmigan
Delfleet Pike
Delfleet Night Jar
FTCh Mediterian Blue
FTW Ceader View
Beach Comba of Liddlesbrook
Ebony Black as Night
Summer Satin
Mustard Spice
Ash Coppice
Hopefull Willow
Teak Street
Artic White
Delfleet Dawn Flush
Delfleet Dougal By Westernash
Delfleet Debonair
Delfleet Duke
Delfleet Dynamo
Delfleet Diva
FTCh Connemara Twinkle of Lakedown
Penydarren Pip
Cherrycombe Teal of Lakedown
FTCh Lakedown Sedge
Lakedown Swallow
Lakedown Hopper
Lakedown Muddler of Longcopse
Lakedown Caenis
Lakedown Buzzer
FTCh Lakedown Damsel of Longcopse
FTW Pwll-Yr Weir Mint
FTCh Celtic Special
Tiradamuchaf Blue
Tara's Dream
Al Adam Of Allerford
Star's Meg Of Tawnyhill
Princess Esme
Jack Dawe
FTCh Brave Noble
Dazzling Stone Of Rinkalwood
FTW Desert Dawn
Folleys Quest Of Chisbrook
King Shadow of Buxbury
Kips Lad
Little Indy
Meg's Macnabb
Opel Lady of Whitesmiths
Samson's Way
Tregarn Girl
Brennin Rhyfelwr
Coryana Dancer
Bulrush Bert
Maise May Of Marshbrook
Barnwood Bliss
Black Ali
Tully's File
Danzino Dash
Limestones Burt
Domino Girl
Bo Dancer
Seren Ddu
Hillfarm Blues
Brithdar Lass
Hillers Lady
Dave's Ella

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