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A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Flycatcher Cake
Flycatcher Chicago
Flycatcher C Schiller
Flycatcher Celina
Flycatcher Carlson
Flycatcher Cyra
Flycatcher Cilla
Flycatcher Cassey
Quick Stepers Corvin
Quick Stepers Claire
Quick Stepers C'est Viva la Vita
Quick Stepers Carla
Quick Stepers Citali
Quick Stepers Caja
FTCh Ffynongain Lincon
Ffynongain Lonna
FTW Ffynongain Lizzy of Westmacott
Ffynongain Lady Luck
Ffynongain Linda of Moorieandlyn
Ffynongain Lotty
Ffynongain Alfie Brigantium
Ffynongain Lenny
Ffynongain Laura
Ffynongain Lotty Lass
FTW Caulliechat Rebel of Garngoch at Ffynongain
Caulliechat Chick
Caulliechat Promise
Caulliechat Pet
Caulliechat Prince
Caulliechat Chime
Caulliechat Regal
Ffynongain Gold
Ffynongain Gwen of Cynhinfa
FTCH Ffynongain Graphic
Ffynongain Grace
Ffynongain Garth
FTW Ffynongain Gitto
Ffynongain General of Moorieandlyn
Ffynongain Gunner at Tudorcourt
Quick Step Jody of Mountain Forest Glade
Quest Janice of Mountain Forest Glade
Quiz Master of Mountain Forest Glade
Quickly Linus of Mountain Forest Glade
Quos Ego Thor of Mountain Forest Glade
Quite Patou of Mountain Forest Glade
Int + B FT Ch Saxthorpe Buzzard of Brindlebay
Saxthorpe Kestrel
Saxthorpe Hawk
Saxthorpe Osprey
Saxthorpe Falcon
Saxthorpe Harrier
Saxthorpe Eagle
DRC-Arbeitschampion Barnlight Sappo
Greenscombe Bluster
Beaulieu Samson
Treovis Blameless
Ladycall Bashful
Flycatcher Bluebelle
Flycatcher Blue Moss
Flycatcher Bela
Flycatcher Black Tar
Flycatcher Black Neo Fellow
FTW Greenbriar Rum
FTCh Greenbriar Caffrey of Morayglen
FTCH Greenbriar Schnapps of Morayglen
Greenbriar Rioja
Greenbriar Cider of Waterfriend
Greenbriar Frascati
Greenbriar Cointreau
Greenbriar Pernod
Greenbriar Jamiesons
FTCh Morayglen Tinker
Morayglen Mist
Morayglen Tam
Morayglen Heather
FTW Greenbriar Solitaire
Berryroam Flood
Berryroam Maple
Berryroam Zinnia
Berryroam Arum of Highdunscott
Berryroam Thrift
Berryroam Carling
Berryroam Sailor
Berryroam Samo
Berryroam Josh
Berryroam Maka
Berryroam Phlomis
Berryroam Bonsai
Berryroam Tansy
Berryroam Lupin
Berryroam Blanco
Berryroam Carlos
Berryroam Veronica
Berryroam Hebe
Berryroam Olive
Berryroam Thalia of Okement
Berryroam Henson
Berryroam Lamont
Berryroam Tate
Berryroam Tenella
Berryroam Tilia
FTCh Willowyck Henman
Willowyck Hazel
Willowyck Havok
Willowyck Honesty
Willowyck Hope Burn of Quabrook
Willowyck Humble
Berryroam Azara
Berryroam Catkin
Berryroam Wilson
Berryroam Tui
Berryroam Jasmine
Berryroam Jonah
Berryroam Bryony
Berryroam Mehrtens
Berryroam Sorrel
Berryroam Johnson
Berryroam Brooke
Berryroam Taine

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