Golden Retriever

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HRCH Snowy Ridge Montana's Amazing Grace SH, WCX

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

HRCH Snowy Ridge Montana's Amazing Grace SH, WCX
Heads Up Run For The Border RN (OFA GR-EL28043M29-VPI)
Heads Up Secret Weapon
Heads Up Quartermoon Magic (OFA GR-EL27126F24-VPI)
Heads Up 1DRDG In a Hurry JH WC
Heads Up Charmlee Odin WCI TD CDX JH
UH SHR Heads Up Hot n Spicy of Old Oak JH WC
Heads Up Sudden Impact
MACH3 Heads Up No Time To Pawz *** CDX MH MXC MJB2 MXF T2B ADHF
HR Heads Up Crimson Flaym Thor ** MH WCX (OFA GR-EL35632M67-VPI)
Heads Up Horsefly Barney
Lakwoia's Copper Code WC ** OS / Can** (OFA GR-EL17495M24-PI)
Lakwoia's Mango Tango Fandango JH WC OD (OFA GR-EL18272F27-VPI)
Kiowa's Proper Pete MH (OFA GR-EL18580M29-VPI)
HRCH Surefire Texas Fulltilt Boogie CDX MH WCX OD U-CD (OFA GR-EL18372F28-VPI)
SR Kiowa's Chief Medicine Man (OFA GR-EL27001M75-PI)
FC AFC Steeple Hill Ranger OS FDHF (OFA GR-EL6962M34-PI)
Red Lodge's Steep and Deep **
Red Lodge's Powder Hound
Escapade Red ***
Satchabrat MH MNH OD (OFA GR-EL9001F24-PI)
Escapade Punch MH50 MNR WCX ** HTHF (OFA GR-EL15283M33-PI)
Hermans Dream Chaser Red MH
Mocha Marauder (OFA GR-EL7504F38-PI)
Greenfields Bearlyafordable (OFA GR-EL9173M25-PI)
Pogue's Smokin' Red Rocket
Kiowa's Solo JH OD
Kiowa's A Place In Time MH CCA WCX ** OS (OFA GR-EL6189M25-PI)
Kiowa's Set-Tainte **
Kiowa's Cover Girl
Kiowa's KC Double Back -Echo MH WCX ** OS (OFA GR-EL5928M26-PI)
Kiowa's Hot Flash JH WCX
Kiowa's Whirlwind SH CCA WCX (OFA GR-EL6537F30-PI)
Kiowa's Phoenix Sans Peur
Kiowa Karma Of Mioaks'
Kiowa's Rebel Yell SH WCX (OFA GR-EL6465M29-PI)
CanOTCH Heads Up Away We Go UD SH CDX TD WCX (OFA GR-EL13317F26-PI)
UH HRCH Heads Up Running Man Can QFTR *** MH WCX (OFA GR-EL12825M24-PI)
UH HRCH Heads Up Maximum Steam Heat Can *** MH WCX (OFA GR-EL13689M26-PI)
HRCH Heads Up Wings Set
Heads Up Copper Mtn Sunrise
Can MOTCH U-UD MHR Heads Up Cause for a Riot SH WCX AGI AGNJ RE CGN; Am CDX (OFA GR-EL14039M30-PI)
Heads Up Steam Roll'n Seth
Heads Up Irish Imp
Brassfire's Modified Mustang MH WCX OD (OFA GR-EL03437-T)
OTCH U-CD TNT Anya's Echo UD, JH, WC, OHF Am. UD
Kelso (1071181) CanWC, JH
Wild Fire N Brass MH WCX *** (OFA GR-EL3446-T)
Brassfire's Seattle on a Lark MH WCX OS (OFA GR-EL7257M58-PI)
Brassfire's Ticket To Ride SH ** OD
Brassfirer's Artic Cotton CDX
UH HRCH GMH Goldnguns Dynamite Diva Can QFTR *** MH WCX OD (OFA GR-EL7648F24-PI)
UH HRCH GMH GoldNGuns Double Darn Dare Ya Can QFTR CDX WCX CCA CGN (OFA GR-EL8044M27-PI)
Gold'NGuns Cheyenne Winds (OFA GR-EL8079F27-PI)
HR Snowy Ridge Saturday Night Montana SH WCX CGC (OFA GR-EL33376F24-VPI)
Rockerin Fionn Maccool JH WCX (OFA GR-EL18136M25-NOPI)
RockErin Full Throttle JH
Rockerin Maureen O'Hara JH (OFA GR-EL19592F31-NOPI)
Rockerin Rocky Rocket Likeus (OFA GR-EL18124M24-PI)
RockErin Red River Ruckus MH QA2 OS (OFA GR-EL12085M24-PI)
Rockerin Angus McTavish ***
Rockerin Scotqueen Margaret (OFA GREL12887F31-NOPI)
Rockerin Storm Warning Star (OFA GR-EL12290F27-PI)
Rockerin Bewitched Annie Oke JH (OFA EL17016F52-PI)
JFR Cedarpond Rockerin Tyree Tu JH
Cedarpond's Duso Bodhisattva MH QA2 (OFA GR-EL8185M32-PI)
Cedarpond Algonquin Ranger Can**
FTC MFR Cedarpond Mini Cooper MH *** (OFA GR-EL8009M26-PI)
Cedarpond's Rowdy Highlander (OFA GR-EL7293M26-NOPI)
DNA's Abbigail (OFA GR-EL23889F36-VPI)
MK's Annie's Jessica (OFA GR-EL22003F24-VPI)
MK's Benelli
Archibald Of Blackorby
C.H. Golden Galaxy
Adventure's Milo Of Coeur D'Alene
Nanna's Golden Lace
Adventure's Oscar Gold
Adventure's Mango
Mk's Annie May
Bear Lake's Cottoneyed Cain

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