Golden Retriever

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Spring Meadow Birdsong Symphony

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Spring Meadow Birdsong Symphony (OFA GR-119769G29F-VPI)
Dutchess Louie Riehl (OFA GR-111934G29M-NOPI)
Flicka Eve
Bay Of Silvermist Duchess
Jets Silver Duke
Vet Int'l CH Montego Silvermist (OFA GR-99782G29M-PI)
Montego Miss Montana
Aust Ch Montego Silversong (OFA GR-104833G54M-NOPI)
Montego Chasin Dreams (6:2)
Aust Ch Montego the Swagman (5/5)
Aust CH Montego Mity Classy CD ET QC (2/7=9)
Aust Ch Montego Phantom Opera (7/7)
Aust Ch Goldtreve Camrose Belle (6/6)
Goldtreve Camrose Cadet (AI) (AVA Hip Score 5:4)
Australian Grand Champion Goldtreve Camrose Tess (A.I.) (9:11)
Aust. CH Goldtreve Camrose Tobias (6:5)
Goldtreve Camrose Fabius
Aust Ch Goldtreve Camrose Star
Goldtreve Camrose Lucius
Montego Ice Magic (7/5)
Montego Summer Skye (17)
Aust. Ch. Willowlawn Cast A Spell (2:5)
Willowlawn Fortune Teller of Bellemount JW (22:19)
Willowlawn Clairvoyant (5:6)
Aust Ch. Montego Absolute Bliss (8)
Aust. Ch. Montego Airs And Graces (7)
Aust Ch Montego Ring My Belle (0/0)
Montego Heavenly Bliss (3/5)
Aust Ch Montego Christobelle
Montego Make Believe
Silvermine Duchess Chevelle Of Royal Manor
Shining Star VI (OFA GR-105400G30F-VPI)
Silvermine Enchanted Napa's Lily Of The Valley
Mr. Tucker Kelly
Kristins Chancie Dancer At The Lake
Mr. Joshua (J.C.) The 1st Muliplier
Silvermine Watersdale Maximus (OFA GR-100960G24M-VPI)
Harley Fatboy III
Waterbear Marlee
Mult. Int. CH. Watersdale Adam (4-4)
Watersdale Ailsa
Watersdale Ainsley (8-7)
Watersdale Bella (6-4)
Watersdale Alair
Watersdale Angela (4-6)
Watersdale Arnelia
Watersdale Athelia
Bear Mountain Nala
Eola's Magical Flurry (OFA Prelim Borderline @ 15 mo.)
Sandar's Bit of Hail
Sniffy of Golden Sunshine (OFA GR-105836G28F-VPI)
Ms. Smiley Buttercup Walker
White Dove Lady Zena
White Dove's Aspen Winter (OFA GR-92021F30M-PI)
White Dove Stripe (OFA GR-96189G37F-VPI)
White Dove Dessie (OFA GR-92569F24F-PI)
White Dove Milky Way
Jrslogan'Srunfromwhitedove (OFA GR-96581G26M-NOPI)
White Dove Color Me Purple (OFA GR-97811G54F-VPI)
White Dove Sweet Lil Olive (OFA GR-92547G24F-PI)
White Dove Sweet Heidi Girl (OFA GR-96569G26F-PI)
White Doves Colby
White Dov Vanilla
Sophia Of The Rockies
Finis (SR37507006)
White Dove I Love Lucy
White Dove Pick A Daisy
White Dove Isolde Spring
White Dove San Lucas
White Dove Ocean Blues (OFA GR-99735G26M-NOPI )
Sweet California Poppy (OFA GR-101424G49F-VPI)
CanCH Tottelina Orchestra (OFA GR-81041G47M-NOPI)
Tottelina Opera
ChFin Tottelina Oaktown Oliver (0/0)
2xCAC, R.CAC Tottelina Orchid In Snow (B/B(199?))
Multi Ch & Multi W Tottelina Observer (A/A (2000))
Tottelina Othello
Zenanas Pokemon Girl (OFA GR-88463E45F-PI)
Zenana's Magic Hunter
Norw Sh Ch Zenana's Pantene Pro-V (OVC A1)
Zenana's Princess Sunlight
Zenana's Prince Nemo
Zenanas Petite Pro Retinol
Zenana's Pollyanna
Zenana's Pluto

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