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Hardin's Hot Rod Hemi MH, RA, CGC, NA, NAJ, NF

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Hardin's Hot Rod Hemi MH, RA, CGC, NA, NAJ, NF
Working Class Zoe of Zanzibar
Faith's Shooting Star (OFA LR-21697E67F-VPI)
FC AFC Way-Da-Go Call of the Wild (OFA LR-156331G24M-PI)
FC AFC Wing Magic's Louisiana Roux MH (OFA LR-156950G24M)
FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH (OFA LR-104809G28M)
Grand River's Otter Be Black
FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH (OFA LR-47421G24M)
Higher Grounds Helen Keller
NFC AFC Storm's Riptide Star (OFA LR-52223G24M)
AFC Red River Rippin Raider
Riri's Max
Way Da Go Answered Prayer (OFA LR-135749G25F-PI)
FC AFC River Oaks Way-Da-Go Rocky (OFA LR-29519G24M)
AFC Candlewoods Oprah Win-For-Me (OFA LR-52954G24F)
Turkey Creek's Happy Hooker *** (OFA LR-53031G24F)
FC AFC Way-Da-Go Soul Man (OFA LR-42579E24M)
Lakenheath's Super Cicely (OFA LR-42417G24F)
Lakenheath's Zip 'n Xanadu
Jacob's Hermione MH (OFA LR-159661G48F-PI)
Sweet Desire Little Mischief MH MNH5
FC AFC Portland's Muddy Waters (OFA LR-129337E29M-PI)
FC Justin Time Mr. Moto (OFA LR-143705G26M-PI)
FC AFC Justin Time Zoe's Nine-One-One (OFA LR-136029F36F-PI)
FC Timber Town Trifecta (OFA LR-125087G24F-VPI)
West Havens Justin Magic
Brittany Lakes Solid As A Roc QAA
Justin Time Attitude Babe
Justin Time Trump QAA
Justin Time Zoe's Angel
FC Lean Mac Scooper Star MH
CNAFC CFC AFC Northern Dancer II
Peakebrook's Got The Tricks MH
AFC Princess Macdart Of Esplanade
2xCNAFC 2xNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac (OFA LR-46627G24M-T)
Ebonstar High Princess
Ebonstar My Gal Sal (OFA LR-63849G44F-T)
FC Justin Time Zoe (OFA LR-99737E82F-T)
Heir Go (OFA LR-76663G52F)
FC AFC Chena River Tug (OFA LR-64307E32F)
Super Charger VI *** (OFA LR-59035G24M)
AFC Chena River Reveille MH (OFA LR-61302E28F)
Tanker's Powder Burn Kate (OFA LR-47827E24F)
FC H And M's Swamp Harley MH (OFA LR-63344G31M)
Waterborn's Quintana Roo (OFA LR-54105E24F)
Classic Tanker Belle
Leeza Laba (OFA LR-96210G24F)
Buster Brown Boles
The Code Man Of Fry Creek
Sundae Ray

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