Golden Retriever

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OTCH Pinyon Cassidy UDX2 OM2 RM SH OBHF

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

OTCH Pinyon Cassidy UDX2 OM2 RM SH OBHF
Stonefly Phantom HighRoller CCA
HR Stoneflys Maiden of Madville
Rainbow Crusoe CGC TKN
Dominators Stonefly Stanley
Swiftwaters Stonefly Red Alder
Stoneflys Choppers Incoming
HRCH UH HighRoller Marshall Matt Dillon MH WCX ** OS HTHF CCA MNH
SHR Highroller Adrenaline Rush JH, WC, OD
HighRoller Miss Money Penny
SHR HighRoller Speak Of The Devil OD
Highroller's Gamblin' Man UDX OM1 BN JH WC
Highroller Harricana Tank MH WC
HighRoller Chance
Highroller What A Beauty Bruna
Highroller Two Socks
Ganetta's Red Speaks UD
High Times All R Money On Red CD MH ** MX MXJ OS
UCD UH HRCH High Times Finn Fatale SH CD WCX CGC OD
High Times Life of Reilly JH
HRCH Hightimes Lorfld Birdstheword MH WCX OS
UH UCDX HRCH High Times Applejack's Pippin CD SH WCX CGC
High Times Playa del Carmen
Pine Run's Top Gun CD MH WCX *** OS
Pine Run's Some Buddy MH **
Pine Run's Jester UD
Pine Run's Rebel Gage CD JH WC
Pine Run Smart Alec CD JH WCX
Pine Run's Lovin' Feeling
Pine Run's Magical Merlin
Pine Run's Intimidator
Pine Run Great Balls O'Fire
Pine Run's Mother Goose
UCD HR High Times All That Jazz II CD SH WCX CGC OD
High Times Call Me Sirius MH WCX
High Times Lorfield Waytwokool CD MH WCX
UH HRCH GMH High Times Sweet Thunder Can. MH CD WCX
High Times Chip Shot MH
High Times Red River Raider SH WCX
High Times Sweet Water Sadie MH
High Times Hot Shot Hawkins MH OS
HRCH High Times Brodie of Sundown UD MH WCX CGC Can. CD
High Times Run'N Prophet JH
SHR U-CDX Chasser's Pleasant Speaker CDX GO JH WCX CCA VC OD
Chasser's Wildwood Flower
Chasser's Wildwood Quest
Chasser's Golden Bullet
Chasser Max
Chasser's She's Sophine CD RA AX AXJ NF NAC NJC TN-N CGC
Chasser's Hocus Pocus
Chasser's Bayview Golden Boy CGC TDI
Chasser Georgia Bell
Chasser's Meyers Maggie Mae
AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr Speaker MH OS CCA FDHF
Choctaw's Dixieland Delight CGC
Sunny's Bodacious Blonde
Sunny's Sports Fan
Shakin' Sambo Hillclimber
Jake Of Sunny Rain Check
Toffe (SN14124109)
Sunny's Daily Double
Teeca Otay Too **
Rocky Top's You Got Potential
Christie's Golden Bell CD OD
Princess Winnifred II
Lady Jasmine Of Salmon Creek
Penny Kula Alvarez
Sir Houston Of Wilshire Park
Golden Ray Of Rhododendron Drive
HR Stoneflys White Wulff SH
RockErin Red River Ruckus MH QA2 OS
Rockerin Angus McTavish ***
Rockerin Scotqueen Margaret
Rockerin Storm Warning Star
Rockerin Bewitched Annie Oke JH
FC AFC Glenhaven HTRS MN Baronet MH OS FDHF
Hunters Moon Bodacious Gold
Hunter's Moon Shan's Brandywine
Waterfowler's Golden Bailey
Dixie's Bit O'Hunter's Moon
FTCH GMHR Cedarpond Rockerin Beabhin *** OD
Cedarpond Alberta Bound Can ***
Cedarpond Gabriel ***
Cedarpond's Fairway Legend **
FC FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond Brasdor Skywalker OS Can. FDHF
FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond's R.V. Am *** OS Can. FDHF
Cedarpond Ninja Red *** OS
FTCH Cedarpond's Nike *** Can FDHF
GMHR Cedarpond RockErin Always Redy
Tigathoe's Cut of Cedarpond Can ***
Cedarpond Wrassl Tassl Can ***
Cedarpond's Goldenboy Talia
Cedarpond Dash To Ambertrail
Cedarpond's Makwa II Can*** WCX
Cedarpond Blaine Splash Of Gold
Cedarpond Topbrass Canuck WCX JH
Cedarpond's First Power
Cedarpond Midas Dazzling Diana SH, WCX
Cedarpond's Brunswick Mist
Cedarpond Am I Tuff Enuff CanWCX
Lacrosse's Risin Ruby MH WCX **
Lacrosse I Dare You OD
Redstar's Rockstar Of Lacrosse CD WCX **
Lacrosse's Comeback Kid Jake WCX ***
Timber Pond Harley Of LaCrosse
Lacrosse Commander Cody JH
Redstar's LaCrosse Jade
Lacrosse's Running Brooke MH WCX ***OD
LaCrosse's Regal Elizabeth UDX OM1 RE MH NA
FC AFC LaCrosse Max Q Jake JH OS FDHF
Lacrosse's Jokers Wild
Jersey's Copper of Lacrosse
Chancefield's Viking Raider
Lacrosse's Primo Gusto
Lacrosse's Hd Thoreau
Miss Mercedez Of Lacrosse
FC AFC OTCH Topbrass Ascending Elijah OS FDHF
Topbrass Hot Tomato **
Topbrass Briarpatch Evereddy MH
Topbrass Fuzzbuster ***
Topbrass Sorehon Ipse Dixit ***
Topbrass General Sherman
Topbrass Alex Ready To Duncan
Topbrass Turn Me Loose
Redstar's 'Tess' Of Lacrosse MH WCX *** OD

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