Golden Retriever

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A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Blastem's Firestorm Frankie
Blastem's Northern Wind
Blastem's Scouting out a Storm
Blastem's Here Comes Da Thunder
Blastem's Nimbus Walker
Blastem's Charlie St Cloud
Blastem's Force Lightening
Blastem Sterre Port In A Storm Jh WC
Blastems Lzy Hzy Dayz of Summr
Can GCH Stormynights Chance ofThunder
Can. Ch. Stormynights Leap of Faith
CanCH Amberview Salutes Stormynights
Stormynights Have A Lil' Faith
Can. CH Stormynights Keep The Faith
Devanor The Winds of Change
Can CH Devanor's My Blue Heaven OD
CanCH Devanor's Blue Betr Believe It JH WC Can SDHF
Can CH Devanor's A Cool Change
CanCH Devanor's Blue By You
CanCH Devanor Loose Change In Kairo
Devanor's Ex Changer CD
Can Ch Devanor's Believes In Change FM CD
Devanor's Blue What Ya Do
Devanor's Designer Blue Genes
Devanor's Odds On Blue
Can. Ch. / BPISS Amberview's Kimberly's Vision OD CGC
Stormynights Made for Lovin' U
Can. CH. Grenadier Northern Alliance OS
Grenadier North Country Girl
Am CH. Grenadier Northern Spy
Grenadier Kristil North Paw
Grenadier North Kona Mac
Grenadier Northern Dancer
Grenadier Northern Explorer
CanCH Aon's Great Pawridge Hunter CD
Aon's Great Flying Scot
CanCH Aon Great Gatsby at Shadymist
Sterre Widgeon on The Wing WC
Sterre Mad for Greenheads
Sterre Bufflehead Ben
Sterre Luvin' the Limit
Sterre Waitin' for Wood Ducks
Sterre Disney Duck
CanCH Sterre Blast'em Widgeon Widget CGN CD WC
SR HRCH UH CH Windrows Ducks In A Row CDX SH Can/Am WCX VCI GRCC Versatility Hall of Fame
Windrows Final Approach Can WCX Can SH Can CDX
Can. Ch. Windrow's True Animation RA, AGNS, AGNJS
Windrows Lookn' for Mr. Right CAN WCX SH
Windrows Sharp Dressed Man
Windrows Str8n Up N Fly Right WC JH CD
Can CH BISS Kyon's Passionat Sheaster OS
CanCH Kyon's Passionate Santana
Can CH Windrows Brakes For Drakes Can CDX WCX SH RN AmWC
GMOTCH Windrows Do U Believe In Magic Am/Can WC AGN, CARO RXMCL, Hit of Hit CH
Windrows Riles The Flock Can JH WCI CDX RE
Sterre Hot Desert Wind
Can GCh Sterre Badlands Outlaw CDX JH WCI/Am. JH CCA
Sterre Desert Star
Sterre Mojave's Joshua
Sterre Sahara Desert
Sterre Desert Son
Sterre Prince of the Desert
Sterre Desert Flower
Can. BISS CH. Cheek to Cheek Steve MacQueen (Am. ptd.)
Cheek to Cheek Sean Connery
Cheek to Cheek Sandra Bullock
Trialer Cheek to Cheek Sharon Stone
Cheek to Cheek Sophia Loren
J.Ch.Pl,Ch.PL,LT,UA Cheek to Cheek Underground Velvet
Cheek to Cheek Undercover Blues
Cheek to Cheek Undercover Agent
HR Trowsnest Sterre Autumn Breeze MH RN CCA, Can SH WCX
Can. Ch. Trowsnest Gusty Wind CD, MH
Matti Annie Macgriff CGC
Trowsnest Above The Clouds CDX RE AX AXJ CCA CGC

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