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LP I SE VCH RLD-N SE U(U)CH Rus N' Riv TC I'll Be Missing You

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

LP I SE VCH RLD-N SE U(U)CH Rus N' Riv TC I'll Be Missing You
Rus N' Riv Falling In Love With You
Rus N' Riv Tc A Little Bit More
Rus N' Riv Tc In A Box
LPI LPII Rusksands Amadeus
Rusksands Alexandra
Rusksands Ali Baba
Rusksands Amerosa
Rusksands Amira
Jalna's Zealous Zephyr
Jalna's Zantac Zeus
Jalna's Zippy Zebrina
Jalna's Zippy Zinfandel CD TT
Can Ch Jalna's Zucker Zukunft CD TT
Jalna's Zucker Zwerg
Jalna's Zumiga Zamfir
Can Ch Jalna's Personality Plus
Jalna's Paddington Bear
Jalna's Perfect Performance CD
Jalna's Peter Pan
Jalna's Plush Puppy
Can CH Jalna's Brazen Brat
Jalna's Beau Buster Brown
Jalna's Big Bold Boots
Jalna's Big Brown Eyes
Jalna's Bold Red Beauty
Jalna's Bonny Britches
Jalna's Born Free Babee
Jalna's Bounding Blaze
Jalna's Brandon Traveling Babe
Jalna's Brandy Benetta Bay CD
Jalna's Oneka The One N Only
N UCH Jalna's Onolee Over The Ocean
Jalna's Onward Omega
Can Ch Jalna's Our Only One CD
Jalna's Our Other One
Jalna's Out of Orbit
Tanja (S26274/88)
Tiffi (S26272/88)
Trouble (S26276/88)
Truls (S26275/88)
Tufla (S26273/88)
Tussan (S26271/88)
Flyingtollers Buster
Flyingtollers Rasmus
Flyingtollers Roy
Flyingtollers Bonny
NUCH DKCH NV-88 Flyingtollers Boomer
Vittmossasens Dolli
Flyingtollers Nadja Noblessa
Flyingtollers Foxie
Flyingtollers Frisko Kid
Flyingtollers Isabella Queen
Flyingtoller Jennifer Love
Flyingtollers Black Nicholas
Vittmossasens Molly
Vittmossasens Bamse
Vittmossasens Bella
Vittmossasens Cilla
Vittmossasens Lessy
Flyingtollers Trulsa
Flyingtollers Victoria Lady
Flyingtollers M.R.Bahloo
LPI LPII SU(u)CH River Duck's Patricia
River Duck's Pamela
River Duck's Patrik
River Duck's Pelle
River Duck's Philippa
River Duck's Pontus
River Duck's Pricilla
River Duck's Prince Lui
River Duck's Princess Phebee
NUCH Westerlea's Canadian Rockies
Can Ch Westerlea's Jane Eyre
Westerlea's Sandy of Bowness
Can Ch Westerlea's Digby Schooner
FIN MVA Westerlea's Kitimat Mox
Westerlea's Lovable Laddie
Westerlea's Milady Honey
Can Ch Westerlea's Bijou at Tossers CD
Can Ch Westerlea's Chance For Kylador CD
Can Ch Westerlea's Echo of Shelley CD
Westerlea's Kodiak Digby
Westerlea's Leslie's Joy
Westerlea's Lord James
Westerlea's Miss Muffet
Westerlea's Navy Blazer
Can Ch Westerlea's Rusty Nova
Westerlea's Brunswick Ben
Westerlea's Colorado Widgeon
Rodahunds Saltstankta Noette
Rodahunds Nickolina
Rodahunds Nimrod
LPI Rodahunds Saltstankta Naime Nouveau
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nezzie
Rodahunds Saltstankta Nickolina
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nimbus
Rodahunds Saltstankte Nimrod
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nippertippa
Rodahunds Saltstankta Nomi
Harbourlights Laddie Buck
Harbourlights Nedgewick
Harbourlights Jasmine
Harbourlights Burritts Chancy
Harbourlights Tawnys Rose
Harbourlights Miss Emma
Harbourlights Nifty Nickie
Harbourlights Red Brandon
Harbourlights Bay Shore Gal
Harbourlights Scotia Murphy
Harbourlights Tillys Floxy

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