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AKC/NSDTR/Can CH Vermilion's Option Card CD US/Can WC ROMX

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

AKC/NSDTR/Can CH Vermilion's Option Card CD US/Can WC ROMX
Vermilion's Odyssey To Tealaska
Vermilion's Oriona
Ch SR Driftwood's Coastal Clipper CD RA JH WCI
Driftwood's Foxy Lady CDX RE WC ThDX
CH Driftwood's Headwind Hedy
Driftwood's Jack
Driftwood's Mighty Casey CGC
Driftwood's Otis Grommit
Driftwood's Rudy
Driftwood's Scout
Driftwood's Teklanika Teal
NSDTRC(USA) Ch HR Lonetree's C. Quill Gordon CD WCX
HRCH Can OTCH NSDTRC/Can Ch Lonetree's Barnstorm'n Jake UD US/Can WCX
Lone Tree's Belle Sadie
Lone Tree's Ben By Rip Tide
Lone Tree's Best Maggie
Lone Tree's Bring Me Lil 'Rip
Lonetree's Bristol Sydney
Ch Lonetree Ceacyl's Stayn WCX
Lonetrees Calvin Kilcreek CD WCI
Lonetree's Chula
Lonetree's Cinnamon Jip
Lonetree's Cinnamon Teal
Can/US Ch Harbourlights Rip Tide CDX WC ROM
Harbourlights True Grit
Harbourlights Hector
Harbourlights Carolina's Lady
Harbourlights Scotia Vixen
Harbourlights Nicki-Nack
Harbourlights Red Tye
Can OTCH Tradewinds Dusty Jamoca UD WC
Tradewinds Pride And Joy
NSDTRC/ARBA Ch Tradewinds Salt Water Taffy CDX WC
Tradewinds Spirit O'The Glade
Cayuga's Ipswich Bonnie
Cayuga's Captain Red
Cayuga's Chelsea Kaplan
Cayuga's Dodger
Cayuga's Glenna Goldenflower CD
ARBA States CRS Can CH NSDTR Ch Cayuga's Hanford Way WC ROM
Cayuga's La Salle
Cayuga's Lincoln
Cayuga's Mac Intosh
Cayuga's Penfield Little Lady
Cayuga's Raging Blaze
Cayuga's Ryley
Kishkahdina's Rainbow Chaser
Reba Pride of Kishkahdina CD
Rosey of Kishkahdina
Fire Code Fox of Kiskahdina
Can CH Kishkahdina's Yankee Daughter
Can Ch Kishkhadina Razencain at Jalna
Collier's Lashbrook Tracadie
Colliers' Arabelle Kali
Colliers' Bill
Colliers' Earl of Kansas
Collier's Legend of Lucky
Collier's Magical Tyler
Colliers' Mapleleaf Ambassador
VDH LUX NL CH CH Colliers' Ontario's Good Luck
Collier's Sable And Lace
Collier's Tucker of Chester
Collier's Zachariah Macdonald
Can/Int'l CH Skylarks Vermilion Madra Zev ROM
Skylark's Genuine Risk ROM
Skylark Bubbling Over
Skylark's Charismatic
Skylark's Brokers Tip
Skylark Duchess Of Montrose
Skylark Leonatus
Skylark Gallant Fox
Skylark Sunday Silence
Skylark's Ruby Belle
Skylark's Flaming Harley
Skylark's Blazing Red Comet
Skylark Red Peppermint Twist OA NAP NAJ NJP
Skylark's Red River Spangle
Skylark's Cinnamon Hershey
Skylark Cardinal Baba Looey
Skylark Red Mucho Denero
SHR NSDTRC-USA/Int'l CH Skylark's Vermilion Rosea US/Can WC Can JH VC CGC
AKC/NSDTRC CH Skylark's Ruddy Rascal WC
NSDTRC / Can CH U-CD Cobscook's Vermilion Wager CDX WCX Can CD WCX JH TDI ROM VCX
Cobscook's Chiputneticook
Cobscook's Fergus
MHR Cobscook's Ruddy Buddy WCX
Cobscook's Teal of Cumberland
Cobscook's Toby
Can Ch Littleriver's Yellowrose CD
Myrtle of Littleriver
Scotia of Littleriver
Clae of Littleriver
Rover of Littleriver
Wally of Littleriver
Jib of Littleriver
Jock of Littleriver
Littleriver's Woode
Restigouch of Littleriver
Brooke Of Littleriver
Digby Of Littleriver
Audubon of Littleriver
Amber of Littleriver (VW748036)
Boots of Littleriver (CKC VW748041)
Littleriver's Gilhooley
Littleriver's Jenny
Tess Two of Littleriver
Tessa of Littleriver
Can Ch Hyflyer's Pearl
Kirby of Littleriver
Ducky of Littleriver
Can Ch Littleriver's Cassey
Pep of Littleriver
Lady of Littleriver
Rusti of Littleriver
Cayuga's Targhee
Cayuga's Lady of Valhalla
Cayuga's Ruby
Can CH Lennoxlove Skylark Cricket CD WC Can/US ROM CGC
Finn's Rusty of Lennoxlove
Lennoxlove Little River Rust
Lennoxlove's Calif. Yankee
Lennoxlove's Copper
Lennoxlove's St. Croix Chamois
Lennoxlove's Viceroy Of Diego
CAN CH Sylvan's Blaise of Thunder
Ch Sylvan's April Gem WC
Sylvan's Bay Breeze Kate
Sylvan's Cosimo Rex
Sylvan's Great Bay Fred
Sylvan's Merrymeeting Abby
Sylvan's Rangley Kody
Sylvan's Rose of The Apple
Sylvan's Tulley of Alexandra
NSDTRC CH Lennoxlove's Cayuga Shandy CD WC ROM
Ch Cayuga's Coda CD WC
Cayuga's Reilly Sneakers

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