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NSDTRC/Can/Int'n Ch Landew Vermilion Let'er Ride CD WC VC ROM

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

NSDTRC/Can/Int'n Ch Landew Vermilion Let'er Ride CD WC VC ROM
Landew's Morning Star
SHR Ch Landew KD's Prince of Tides CDX WC RN VC ROMX
Landew's Bright Orion
Landew's Copper Starship
Ch Lonetree G's Parklake Sailor CD WC CGC ROM
Lonetree Gauge Twelve Millie
Lonetree's Gabriella
Lonetree's Gallant Gent
Lonetree's Garnet Knight
Lonetree's Gershwin
Lonetree's Glace Bashi
Lonetree's Goodnight Gracie
Sagewood Copper Prospector
Sagewood's Wild West Show
Sagewood's Acadian Teton
Sagewood's Calamity Jane
Sagewood's Chuckwaggin Chili
Ch Sagewood's Cisco Kid CD
Sagewood's Desert Fox
Sagewood's Ginger Jennie Joe
Sagewood's Sundance Kid
Sagewood's Vesper Belle Starr TD
ARBA/NSDTRC/Can. CH. Westerlea's Sagewood Admiral NSDTRC CD
Westerlea's Sheena My Bonny
Ch Can Ch Westerlea's Tippy Micmac CD
Westerlea's White Point Jake
Nikoot, Earl of Westerlea
Can Ch Westerlea's Ilo At The Well CD
Can Ch Westerlea's Krugerrand
Westerlea's Monashee Blue
Westerlea's Pennyrose Windsor
Can Ch Westerlea's Red Rum CD
Ch Canch Westerlea Cheers to Bayrevel
Can CH Westerlea Kylador's Sea Gypsy CD TT FDCH
Can Ch Westerlea's Clan Chieftain CDX
Can Ch Westerlea's Colony Blueprint CD
Jalna's Candida Daniell
Jalna's Alexandra
Jalna's Charming Charger
Jalna's Prarie President
Jalna's Red Traveller Quincy
Jalna's Charming Ginger
Jalna's Chase at Ivannas
Jalna's Cinnamon Circe
Jalna's Count Casey
Jalna's Court Chester CDX
Jalna's Flash Kuffelgarden
HR US/Can Ch Sagewood's Lonetree Auburn CDX WCX
US CH Sagewood's Bacchus Excalibur
Sagewood's California Special CD
Sagewood's Mountain Mustang
Sagewood's Nova For Jay Jay
Sagewood's Sea Side Shelby
BISS CAN/US CH Sagewood's Silver Shadow CDX WC
Sagewood's Water Sprite TD
Can CH OTCH Westerlea's Mountain Echo UD WCI
Jem's Crockett of Breton
Jem's Island Dancer
Jem's Jamie of Dumbarton
Jem's Lucky Spike
Jem's Proud Jai
Westerlea's Marsh Prince
Can Ch Westerlea's Audacious Wave CDX
Westerlea's Sky Pilot
Westerlea's Squamish Kelsa
Westerlea's Lady Derby
Westerlea's Princess Lily
Westerlea's Rising Sun
Westerlea's Annapurna Sunrise
Westerlea's Garden Variety
Can Ch Landew's Cinnamon Star
Landew's Red Beauty
SH Can/Am Ch Landew's Blue Kerner Can/Am CD WC JH, Can AGN
Can Ch Landew's Blue Boar Inn CD
Landew's Grey Goosefeather
Can Ch Landew's Lincoln Stag
Landew's Sherwood Lady
Landew's Sherwood Red Cap
Landew's Woodland Blaze
Landew's Forest Firelight
Can Ch Westerlea's Digby Schooner
FIN MVA Westerlea's Kitimat Mox
Westerlea's Lovable Laddie
Westerlea's Milady Honey
Can Ch Westerlea's Bijou at Tossers CD
Can Ch Westerlea's Chance For Kylador CD
Can Ch Dobirstein's Golden Dazzle CD TT
Dobirstein's Gold Dust
Dobirstein's Gold Poke Gambler
Can Ch Dobirstein's Golden Bubbles CD
Dobirstein's Golden Sizzle
Dobirstein's Golden Twinkle
Dobirstein's Katie Klondike CD
Can Ch Dobirstein's Red Riot CD
Can Ch Landew's Cinnamon Delight CDX
Oliver Copper Tuppence
Can Ch Glenmaurs Casey of Elias WC MADC AAD FM
Elias' Oregon Reign
Elias Vancover Alexander
Can Ch Westerlea Elias' Tidal Wave SH WCX CD FbDCH
Can/US Ch Harbourlights Rip Tide CDX WC ROM
Harbourlights True Grit
Harbourlights Hector
Harbourlights Carolina's Lady
Harbourlights Scotia Vixen
Harbourlights Nicki-Nack
Harbourlights Red Tye
Can Ch Westerlea's Sprig of Holly
Westerlea's Seaside Attraction
Westerlea's Abigail Spats
Westerlea's Bodacious Jake
Westerlea's First Sea Lord

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