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Hingstbackes Red-Melina

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Hingstbackes Red-Melina
Hingstbackes Red-Tingales
Hingstbackes Red Demax
Hingstbackes Red Derrick
Hingstbackes Red Dexsi
Hingstbackes Red Digo
C.I.B. FI CH & EE CH Hingstbackes Red Dingo
Hingstbackes Red Dino
Hingstbackes Red Doora
C.I.E. SE CH(u) EE CH FIW-01 FIW-02 EEW-02 NORDW-03 SEV-04 FIW-05 WWV-08 FIWV-12 HEVW-12 Hingstbackes Red-Cajo
Hingstbackes Red-Caprice
Hingstbackes Red-Casper
Hingstbackes Red-Cayenne
Hingstbackes Red-Cerdita
Hingstbackes Red-Cimi
Hingstbackes Red-Conja
Hingstbackes Red-Marina
Hingstbackes Red-Max
Hingstbackes Red-Maxim
Hingstbackes Red-Milka
Hingstbackes Red-Minirose
FI CH Hingstbackes Red-Testarossa
Applehill's Ok Zeiban
Applehill's Ofcourse Zeiban
Applehill's One Zeiban
Applehill's Only Zeiban
Applehill's Or Zeiban
Applehill's Original Zeiban
Applehill's Quantina
Applehill's Qulashi
Applehill's Qulinda
Applehill's Qupido
Applehill's Qutimet
Applehill's Ramira
Applehill's Rolf
Applehill's Rosetta
Flyingtollers Lukas (S66173/91)
Flyingtollers Pontus (S66171/91)
Flyingtollers Prins
Flyingtollers Rambo
Flyingtollers Snobben
Flyingtollers Miranda
Flyingtollers Jako
River Duck's Alexander
DKCH KBHV92-93 River Duck's Benjamin
Tjh LP River Duck's Clarence
River Duck's Douglas
S UCH S VCH S LCH LP River Duck's Edward
River Duck's Fabian
S VCH River Duck's Gilbert
Flyingtollers Tanja
Flyingtollers Prince Of Joy
Flyingtollers Ronja (S67653/85)
Flyingtollers Sanna Gia
Flyingtollers Sara Elaisa
Flyingtollers Silvana Nova
Flyingtollers Stella Ulva
Flyingtollers Linda
Flyingtollers Ninette
Flyingtollers Janka
Flyingtollers Janna
Zeiban's New Happy World
Zeiban's New River
Zeiban's New Way
Zeiban's Novascotia Man
Zeiban's Novascotia Way
Zeiban's Number One Flyer
Nordwart Gos
Nordwart Gaius
Nordwart Gim
Nordwart Gina
FIN MVA Nordwart Goggie
Nordwart Gora
Nordwart Pandora
Nordwart Pappos
Nordwart Perle
Nordwart Picus
Nordwart Prinz
Zeiban's Barking Rouge
Zeiban's Bad And Ruddy
Zeiban's Be A Ruff
Zeiban's Bloody Mary
Zeiban's Borntobe Grouse
Zeiban's Boston Boy
Trindy's Happy World
Trindy's Halifax Queen
Trindy's Hamilton Boy
Trindy's Happy Day
Trindy's Hei Victoria
Trindy's Hello Hollywood
Trindy's Hero Peleus
FIN CH Nordwart Peleus
Nordwart Pampero
Nordwart Pecan
Nordwart Pistacchio Nut
FIN CH Nordwart Presto
Nordwart Priamos
Nordwart Priimas
Nordwart Puppis
Willo-B's Rip Curl
Willo-B's Alaskan Amber
Willo-B's Digby
Willo-B's Foxy Lady
Willo-B's Ivy Autumn
Willo-B's Rising Tide
Willo-B's Splash-er Dash-er
Harbourlights Pick Up Sticks
Harbourlights Blond Sia
Harbourlights Tuskets Ace
Zeiban's Hello World
Zeiban's Hi Europa
Zeiban's Hockey Night
DK CH WW-91 Bright Flower's Ambassadeur
Bright Flower's Diamond
Bright Flower's Dianthus
Bright Flower's Dilicios Boy
Bright Flower's Dish
Zeiban's Barking Rouge
Zeiban's Bad And Ruddy
Zeiban's Be A Ruff
Zeiban's Bloody Mary
Zeiban's Borntobe Grouse
Zeiban's Boston Boy

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