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Harbourlights Scotia Boy

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Harbourlights Scotia Boy (CKC JL125335)
Chin-Peek Golden Lucky Kim (CKC 736025)
Pat of Schubendorf (CKC 627514)
Joe of Schubendorf (CKC 632212)
Sandra of Schubendorf (CKC 638611)
Jake of Schubendorf (CKC 635312)
Mike of Schubendorf (CKC 627513)
Schubendorf's Sandy (CKC 584077)
Schubendorf's Brownie (CKC 586267)
Schubendorf's Lady (CKC 584075)
Schubendorf's Rusty (CKC 584076)
Schubendorf's Lady (CKC 584075)
Schubendorf's Brownie (CKC 586267)
Schubendorf's Rusty (CKC 584076)
Schubendorf's Sandy (CKC 584077)
Chin-Peek Lucky (CKC 684481)
Chin-Peek Golden Juliet (CKC 684482)
Chin-Peek Lusie of Ber-ruck (CKC 635575)
Chin-Peek Micket (CKC 684484)
Chin-Peek Shep (CKC 442958)
Chin-Peek Gai Trixie CD (CKC 442957)
Chin-Peek Golden Belle (CKC 442959)
Chin-Peek Golden Kim (CKC 442960)
Chin-Peek Lassy (CKC 442956)
Chin-Peek Trixie Girl (CKC 442961)
Chin-Peek Ginger Julie (CKC 585669)
Chin-Peek Ginger Joe (CKC 585668)
Chin-Peek Lucky Prince (CKC 548606)
Chin-Peek Taffie's Lady (CKC 585667)
Chin-Peek Tawny Duke (CKC 548605)
Harbour Lights Foxy Nisku (CKC 907807)
Mary Anne of Harbour Lights (CKC 926725)
Green Meadows Lac-a-Pac Pal (CKC 563858)
Green Meadows Scot of Acadie (CKC 563859)
Majour of Schubendorf (CKC 540281)
Green Meadows Tawnee Wakon (CKC 535824)
Joggins Foxy Duke (CKC 592798)
Sir Cedar of Green Meadows (CKC 549427)
Goldie of Schubendorf (CKC 529755)
Green Meadows Chippawa Chappy (CKC 538646)
Green Meadows Golden Tessy (CKC 556404)
Green Meadows Molly of Acadie (CKC 535825)
Green Meadows Sir Lancelot (CKC 597961)
Green Meadows Sundance Sue (CKC 558623)
Maple Mist (CKC 599577)
Chin-Peek Star's Lady (CKC 722663)
Chin-Peek Sandy (CKC 722664)
Chin-Peek Lim-bo (CKC 684483)
Chin-Peek Golden Star (CKC 548609)
Chin-Peek M'Laddee (CKC 548607)
Chin-Peek Skipper Lad Kim (CKC 548608)
Chin-Peek Sun-ny (CKC 554309)

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