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Harbourlights Golden Nubbins

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Harbourlights Golden Nubbins (AKC SN74177901)
Harbourlights Boomerange (CKC YJ917905)
Harbourlights Novas Image (CKC YJ917909)
Harbourlights Red Nova Gal (CKC YJ917904)
Harbourlights Golden Duke (CKC QQ371211)
Harbourlights Gorgeous Karrie (CKC QQ384101)
Harbourlights House Coogie (AKC SN73340901)
Harbourlights Rusty Reuban (CKC QQ371213)
Harbourlights Gorgeous George (CKC LN138283)
Can CH Kelook Pronto O Harbour Lights (918748)
Harbourlight's Happy Hooker (EGB328)
Natasha of Harbourlight (CKC FJD658)
Prince of Harbourlight (CKC FJF327)
Harbourlight's Forever Amber (CKC EGB327)
Harbourlight's Princess (CKC FJB1)
Harbourlights Fundy Gal (CKC HR39137)
Chin-Peek Golden Lucky Kim (CKC 736025)
Harbourlights Fundy Bell (CKC DNA694)
St. Nicholas of Harbourlight (CKC ESA195)
Harbourlight Foxy Jiber (CKC ESB901)
Harbourlight Fundy Star (ESB902)
Paddy (CKC DNP666)
Daffy Taffy (CKC DNP663)
Harbourlight's Fundy Red (CKC ESC903)
Blond Nova of Harbourlight (CKC ECA664)
Can CH Alexander MacTavish (CKC ESB904)
Happy Holly of Harbour Lights (CKC DNA247)
Harbourlights Nova Nada (PG294548)
Harbourlight Toby Light (CKC QN365366)
Harbourlights Ala Gatter (CKC SN489403)
Harbourlights Blue Sky's Aspen (CKC PG428779)
Jock O'Dee of Harbourlights (CKC PW331397)
Harbourlights Tawny Cove (CKC SN489406)
Harbourlights Heilan Laddie (CKC RC404801)
Can Ch Harbourlights Joshua CDX (CKC PG294550)
Harbourlights Little Badger (CKC PG297847)
Harbourlights Merle Mazer (AKC SN73328401)
Coreen Cousteau Plaisance (CKC PW357661)
Harbourlights Foxy Lady (CKC QN445850)
Harbourlights Golden Fancy (CKC RC404802)
Harbourlights Golden Kahli (CKC QN365365)
Harbourlights Schooner (CKC SN489401)
Harbourlights Scotia Bandit (CKC RC404800)
Harbourlights Scotia Belle (CKC PW320415)
Harbourlights Scotia Kipper (CKC RC404799)
Mason's Dixie Delight (CKC PW357660)
Harbourlights Penelope Rouge (CKC SN501433)
Harbourlights Quasi Modo (CKC QN365364)
Harbourlight's Red Chinook (CKC SN516894)
Harbourlights Red Fancy (CKC PG343059)
Lady Linda of Harbourlight (CKC PW343058)
Harbourlights Scotia Boy (CKC JL125335)
Chin-Peek Golden Lucky Kim (CKC 736025)
Harbour Lights Foxy Nisku (CKC 907807)
Mary Anne of Harbour Lights (CKC 926725)
Harbourlights Red Kali (CKC KQ120175)
Bengie Lahave of Harbourlight (CKC KQ115116)
Queenie of Harbourlights (AKC SN73823501)
Crane Lakes Little River Scoter (CKC PG349935)
Dede of Harbourlights (CKC PG297844)
Harbourlights Village Sire (CKC 923529)
Snoopy (DNB907) (CKC DNB907)
Can CH Harbour Lights Autumn Fancy (CKC 894180)
Cinda-Gem of Harbourlight's (CKC DNP664)
Can Ch Danny Boy of Harbour Lights (CKC 918750)
Green Meadows Buttons & Bows (CKC 878976)
Green Meadows Candy Kisses (CKC 894181)
Green Meadows Markland (CKC 852025)
Miss Cindy of Harbourlights (CKC DNP667)
Harbourlight's Forever Amber (CKC EGB327)
Natasha of Harbourlight (CKC FJD658)
Prince of Harbourlight (CKC FJF327)
Harbourlight's Happy Hooker (EGB328)
Harbourlight's Princess (CKC FJB1)

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