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NOCH DKCH DEVDHCH SE(U)CH NORDCH Shaggy Toller's Ce-Li's Wild Child

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

NOCH DKCH DEVDHCH SE(U)CH NORDCH Shaggy Toller's Ce-Li's Wild Child
Shaggy Toller's Ce-Li's Wild Spirit
Shaggy Toller's CE-Li's Wild Witch
Bosse (DK15002/2002)
AKC, NSDTRC, CAN, DK CH Kymin Lumber Jack JH WC
Kymin Labatt Horizon
Ch Kymin Laced Frost of Lyonhouse CD
Kymin Loyal Legend
Kymin Lunar Bailiff
VDH Ch Lux Ch Kymin Lunar Frost
Kymin Lutine Chime
Birdcherrys Autumn Leaf Colour of Lyonhouse
INT UCH KBH V-95 LP NORD UCH SE V-94 Birdcherrys Autumn Clear Air
Birdcherrys Autumn Gift to Nenniqa
Birdcherrys Autumn Rose
Acadian Apache Tears for Kymin
Acadian Amber Squaw
Acadian Beaver Scout
Acadian Dancing Socks of Lyonhouse
Acadian Jade of Foxdown
Acadian Jasper
Acadian Sam
Acadian Siouxmo of Foxdown
Acadian Tomahawk of Lyonhouse
Amanda (DKK12932/2000)
Anja (DKK12934/2000)
Akitha (DKK12933/2000)
Allbaloo (DKK12931/2000)
DKCH N UCH VDH-DCH KBHV99 NORDV00 Red-Tollers Pavarotti
Red-Tollers Papaya
Red-Tollers Parona
Red-Tollers Pennie
Red-Tollers Picasso
Red-Tollers Ponac
Red-Tollers Patricia
Tueholt Red Ronja Maxdaughter
Tueholt Red Ria Maxdaughter
Tueholt Red Roy Maxson
VV-03 DKCH VDH-D CH SU(u)CH Hedera's Mizzy Lizzy
Hedera's Mimosa Flower
Hedera's Mad About You
Beinnbhreagh's Innes On Hedera
Beinnbhreaghs Double Cross
CAN LUX NL D-VHD CH Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure
Beinnbhreaghs Kayla
Beinnbhreagh's Kute Nova
Beinnbhreaghs Acadian Caper
Beinnbhreagh's Angus
Beinnbhreagh's Barney
Ch Littleriver's Argus
Littleriver's Foxy Lady
Littleriver's Hamish
Littleriver's Lady
Littleriver's Lola
Littleriver's Maggie Mae
Littleriver's Maggie Rainbow
Littleriver's Maggy
Blaise of Littleriver
Littleriver's 2nd Emma
Littleriver's 2nd Sport
Littleriver's Blaise
Littleriver's Chelsea Bun
Littleriver's Clancy
Littleriver's Clementine Chase
Littleriver's Quetico's Kipper
Littleriver's Ranger
Littleriver's Rogan
Littleriver's Rusty Winston
Littleriver's Sandy of Medway
Littleriver's Scout
Littleriver's Second Max
Littleriver's Sheba
Littleriver's Spud Island Beau
Littleriver's Spudisland Casey
Ch Ruaview Jewel of Beinnbhreagh
Ruaview Margaree's Mate
Am/Can Ch Ruaview's Cape Breton Schooner
Ruaview's Cello Solo
Ruaview's Kindly Cape Islander
SHR Can Ch Ruaview's Tollbreton Bay Bye CD, WCX, JH, RN, Onyx, Vaadc Vmjdc
Hedera's Bell Flower
Hedera's Barbate Beau
Hedera's Be A Hunter
Hedera's Beloved Beauty
Hedera's Benjaminbritton
Hedera's Better Be Good
Hedera's Big Bad Boy
Hedera's Big Deals
Hedera's Bramble Rose
Hedera's Brazen Baron
Hedera's Bugaboo Bear
Small Fetcher Asterix
Small Fetcher Adrian
FIN MVA Small Fetcher Aladin
Small Fetcher Alfred
Small Fetcher Alibaba
FIN MVA KANS MVA Small Fetcher Alice
Small Fetcher Annabel
Small Fetcher Aurora
Hedera's Orange Flower
Hedera's Recent Arrival
Hedera's Right Choice
Hedera's Ritch In Talent
Hedera's Rote Kaiser
Hedera's Royal Highness
Hedera's Olympic Game
Hedera's One By One
Hedera's One Man Show
Hedera's Onestep Further
Hedera's Orchid Blossom
Hedera's Radiant Pearl
Hedera's Rambling Rose

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