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Can CH Tollegend Canada Cup

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Can CH Tollegend Canada Cup
Tollegend 100 Acre Wood
Tollegend Agustis Four Us
Tollegend Blustery Day
Tollegend Defensive Blitz
Tollegend Delayed Offside
Tollegend Expansion Draft
Tollegend Five Minute Major
Tollegend Four Buy Four
Tollegend Four Cast Warning
Tollegend Four Leaf Clover
Tollegend Four Strong Winds
Tollegend Game Misconduct
Tollegend Get In The Game
Tollegend Grey Cup Outrider
Tollegend Guess Who's Coming
Tollegend Kanasta Tango
Tollegend Kanga Bala Bay
Tollegend Overtime Goal
Tollegend Penalty Shot
Tollegend Pregame Party Sam
Tollegend Rebound Touchdown
Tollegend Ref Fur Ee
Tollegend Rumbly Tumbly Zaya
Tollegend Team Canada
Tollegend Tee Eye Double G Err
Tollegend Tiggerific Trooper
Tollegend Tradition Continues
Tollegend Tremendous Talent
Tollegend White Horse Running
Can CH Kylador's Designated Driver CD SHDX CGC NAC NGC AD FbDCH ShDCH AMCGC
Kylador's Dash-Eight Kally
Ch Kylador's Dashing Rosco
CH. Kylador's Debonair Rob Roy CD CGC
Kylador's Descant Jessie
Can Ch Kylador's Designed By Chance
Kylador's Dramatic Sage
Can Ch Westerlea's Chance For Kylador CD
FIN MVA Westerlea's Kitimat Mox
Westerlea's Lovable Laddie
Westerlea's Milady Honey
Can Ch Westerlea's Bijou at Tossers CD
Can Ch Westerlea's Digby Schooner
Chin-Peek Kitt's Barney
Chin-Peek Golden Happy Prince
Chin-Peek Golden Kitt's Pat
Chin-Peek Golden Rockett
Chin-Peek Golden Sheeba
Chin-Peek Golden Sunnie Kel
Chin-Peek Kel's Golden Duke
Chin-Peek Kit's Bow
Chin-Peek Kit's Princess
Chin-Peek Kitty's Barny
Chin-Peek L'Tammy
Chin-Peek Missy Lady
Chin-Peek Sun-shine Lad
Can Ch Westerlea's Bonny Bluenose
DKCH Westerlea's Red Shona
Westerlea's Reigning Monarch
Westerlea's Mindy of Chapparel
Westerlea's Sable River Gunner
Westerlea's Silver Shadow
Westerlea's Tawny Diamond
Westerlea's Ecum Secum
DKCH NUCH WW-85 Westerlea's Brass Toller
Can Ch Kylador's Aldebaran Destiny CD
Can Ch Kylador's A Penny From Heaven CD
Can Ch Kylador's Aluinn Copper Curaidh CD
Kylador's Amazing Sionnach
Ch Kylador's Amber Jewel
Ch Kylador's Amber Magic
Can Ch Kylador's Atlantic Storm CD
Can Ch Kylador's Barkentine Bailee
Kylador's Beachcomber Digby
Ch Kylador's Ben Nevis
Can Ch Kylador's Bodacious Ariel
Can Ch Kylador's Boomerang Barrett CD
Ch Kylador's Bountiful Treasure
Ch Kylador's Brook Rupert
Ch Kylador's Coastal Clipper
Kylador's Commodore Laker WCX,JH,CD,NSDTRC(USA)WCI&CD
Ch Kylador's Crimson Taffeta
Can CH Fancysrun Formula One TT
Fancysrun Snowfire Katie
Fancysrun Camaroon
Fancysrun Copper Sunset
Fancysrun Kinder Place
Fancysrun Rex Rubin
Fancysrun Rigeau River Corky
Fancysrun Rye Walton
Can CH Westerlea Kylador's Sea Gypsy CD TT FDCH
Nikoot, Earl of Westerlea
Can Ch Westerlea's Krugerrand
Westerlea's Monashee Blue
Westerlea's Pennyrose Windsor
Can Ch Westerlea's Red Rum CD
Ch Canch Westerlea Cheers to Bayrevel
Can Ch Westerlea's Ilo At The Well CD
ARBA/NSDTRC/Can. CH. Westerlea's Sagewood Admiral NSDTRC CD
Westerlea's Sheena My Bonny
Ch Can Ch Westerlea's Tippy Micmac CD
Westerlea's White Point Jake
Can Ch Westerlea's Clan Chieftain CDX
Can Ch Westerlea's Colony Blueprint CD
Can Ch Kylador Integrity Of Number 9 FbDX
Ch Kylador's Ikean Adventure CDX BH WC AGN
Kylador's Incredible Lady
Kylador's Infrared Sydnee
Can CH Jem's Redstar Tobey CD
Can Ch Jem's Double Trouble CD
Jem's Gentle Ben
Jem's Hamish's Girl of Lyonhouse
Jem's Happy Hunter
Can Ch Tayann Teddy Bear
Tayann Abigail
Tayann Amber
Tayann Ameretto
Tayann Cedar Forest Sam
Tayann Dory
Tayann Foxy Girl
Tayann Golden Girl
Tayann Kilkenny Kid
Tayann Lady Guinevere
Tayann Lady of Shallot
Tayann Misty Rose
Tayann Rusty Maverick
Tayann Schooner
Tayann Troubleson Chester
Can Ch Westerlea's Glittering Jem CD
Westerlea's Barrow Lane Andy
Can Ch Sandycove At Westerlea CD WC
Sandycove's Dashaway Digby
Can Ch Sandycove's Gold Horizon CD WC
Sandycove's Lucky Swashbuckler
Sandycove's Sea Captain
Sandycove's Smuggler's Booty
Sandycove's Spud Island
Can Ch Sandycove's Sweet Molly Malone
Westerlea's Hebridean Skye
Westerlea's Rufus Prince
Westerlea's Scotch Fir
Can Ch Westerlea's Vital Spark
Can Ch Westerlea's White Rock Peter
Can CH Westerlea's Glory Hallelujah CDX
Cayuga's Cedar Lass of Kylador
Cayuga's Dame Molly
Cayuga's Lashbrook Mia Jewel
Cayuga's Tai
Can CH Fancysrun Formula One TT
Fancysrun Snowfire Katie
Fancysrun Camaroon
Fancysrun Copper Sunset
Fancysrun Kinder Place
Fancysrun Rex Rubin
Fancysrun Rigeau River Corky
Fancysrun Rye Walton
Colliers' Magnum Load Dory
Can Ch Colliers' Baron O'The Bruce
Colliers' Bay of Fundy Rex
Colliers' Captain Jem
Colliers' Delilah Marshall
Colliers' Red Maximillian
Colliers' Scotian Schooner CD

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