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Siipiveikon Tahtoo Tollata

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Siipiveikon Tahtoo Tollata
FI AVA Siipiveikon Tahtoo Tarpoa
Siipiveikon Tahtoo Touhuta
FI MVA Siipiveikon Tahtoo Toimia
Devilish Kenobi the Diligent Red Hunter
Dreaming Linus the Diligent Red Hunter
Django the Diligent Red Hunter
Don Mikko the Diligent Red Hunter
Dizzy Carlotta the Diligent Red Hunter
Daily Milla the Diligent Red Hunter
Dear Emma the Diligent Red Hunter
HR UH CH Redland's Rubber Boots Can CDX WCX SH, US WCX
Redland's Terrific Lady
Redland's Time For Maggie
Redland's Thundering Nickle
Redland's Tequila Harris
Redland's Trotting Austin
Redland's The Russell
Redland's Trail Blazin Ceilidh
Redland's Red Slippers
Redland's Racing After Casey
Redland's Razzmatazz Keegan
Redland's Rufferson Von Brodie
Redland's Rascal Remus
Redland's Royal Piper
Redland's Eastern Basil
Redland's Exactly Mac
Redland's Extra Ginger WC
Redland's Enticing Keltie
Redland's Evangeline Annapolis
Redland's Ever Ruby
Redland's Hot Chili Pepper
Redland's Harbour Dot
Redland's Harbour Holly
Redland's Highlan Piker
Redland's Hoboken Dixie Bell
Redland's Honky Tonk Riley
Redland's Houston To Halifax
Redland's Koastal Cruzer
Redland's Kayaking Day Tripper
Redland's Kooper's Katch
Redland's Kaptain Schooner
Redland's Kwetico Kelty
Redland's Killarney Peekay
Redland's Kylie Eaden
Kalina vom Lech-Toller Nest
FI SE NO & NORD CH FI OB CH Kilobyte vom Lech-Toller Nest
Heiko vom Lech-Toller Nest
Harry vom Lech-Toller Nest
Hunters Sammy vom Lech-Toller Nest
Huxley vom Lech-Toller Nest
Here I am Anouk vom Lech-Toller Nest
Dt.-Ch, VDH-Ch, Dt.-VCh, VDH-VCh, VSieger-Karlsru High Spirits Virginia vom Lech-Toller Nest
Int.Ch., Dt.Ch.(VDH), Dt.Ch.(DRC),Trialer à la Fr Hunter's Moonlight Caylee Vom Lech-Toller Nest
Grit vom Lech-Toller Nest
TK1 TK2 Siipiveikon Sorsansurma
Siipiveikon Telkäntuho
LPI LPII SE U(U)CH SE VCH Tollarbos Quiz A'Pollon
Tollarbos Penny A'Pollon
Tollarbos Sack A'Pollon
Tollarbos Tudor A'Pollon
SE U(U)CH SE VCH Lonnlovets Apollon
Lonnlovets Nike
Lonnlovets Athena
LPI S VCH SU(u)CH Lonnlovets Hera
Lonnlovets Nemesis
Lonnlovets Zeus
Lonnlovets Afrodite
Tollarbos Rock-Bella
LPI SU(u)CH Tollarbos Rock-Cello
LPI Tollarbos Rock-Dingo
SE U(U)CH SE VCH Tollarbos Rock-Fanzy
Damiikan Keck
Damiikan Haya
Damiikan Hablador
Damiikan Hacendoso
Damiikan Hada
Damiikan Hado
Damiikan Hermoso
Damiikan Hombruno
FIN CH Damiikan Humareda
FIN MVA Flottatjarn's Dandy Dippa
Flottatjarn's Dandy Darwin
Flottatjarn's Dandy Digger
Flottatjarn's Dandy Diva
Flottatjarn's Dandy Do-little
Flottatjarn's Dandy Drilling
Flottatjarn's Dandy Dugan

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