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BISS/ES GCH/ES,GI,PT,IB,C.I.E.CH/ES,GI JCH. Pikkinokka's at Canis Amicus

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

BISS/ES GCH/ES,GI,PT,IB,C.I.E.CH/ES,GI JCH. Pikkinokka's at Canis Amicus
Pikkinokka Avalon DreamKetcher
Pikkinokka's Aer to the Thrown NTD
Pikkinokka's Ketching Fire
Pikkinokka Bestketcher Bentley
Pikkinokka's Ketch You Later
Pikkinokka's Ketch the Moon CAX NS RATI RATO
AKC/CKC CH Avatar's Best Of The Best At Pikkinokka
Avatar Best Kept Secret of Pikkinokka
AKC Ch Avatar's Best Original Score Of Pikkinokka
CH Avatar's Best Foot Forward For Pikki Nokka
Am/Can/Aus CH Avatar's Best Bet Of Pikkinokka
GCH CH Foxvale Avatar Best of Times
Am/Can/NSDTRC-USA CH. SHR Vesper Mariner Coupe De Vale JH AX AXJ WCI VCX ROM
Vesper's Spice Of Life
Vesper's Golden Sersha
Surefires Get Redi By Vesper
Vesper Ampersand Zonkers
Vesper Litl Mermaid Seashell
Vesper's Captain Tammelo
Vesper's Columbus Clipper
Vesper's Genoa Jib
Vesper's No Doubt About It TD
Vesper's Prairie Schooner TD NA CGC
CH Vesper's Vela Di Cielo CD NA NAJ JH WCI
Ch Lonetree G's Parklake Sailor CD WC CGC ROM
Lonetree Gauge Twelve Millie
Lonetree's Gabriella
Lonetree's Gallant Gent
Lonetree's Garnet Knight
Lonetree's Gershwin
Lonetree's Glace Bashi
Lonetree's Goodnight Gracie
Vesper's Cassiopeia TD CDX NA
Vesper's Bootes
Vesper's Downriver Dugan
Vesper's Prairie Digby
Vesper's Rudy
Vespers Supernova Partner
Am GrCh/Can Ch Jocar's Lil Miss Addi Tude
CH Ximinez Return To Sender TD
Ximinez Beach Toll Road
Ximinez Pee Plates
Ximinez Drive Toth Beach
Ximinez Elle Plates
Ximinez Onth Beach Road
ximinez Going ThDistance
Ximinez Dune Buggy Babe
Ch Ximinez Payth Toll
Jocar's Goofy Little Character
Jocar's Hugo
Jocar's Xabialonso
Jocar's Eden River
Jocar's Becks Lager
Jocar's Copper Summer
Jocar's Toffie
Southpaw's Ketch-A-Pikkinokka
Southpaw's Sir Robert Digby
Southern Bently Mcinnis
Southpaw's Opus Magnum
Southpaw's Lucy
CH Onepenny's Ketch Me If You Can JH WCX RN
SHR Am/NSDTRC CH Onepenny Zeppelin over Caliber RN WC TT
SHR CH Onepenny's Aerborne Aviatrix Can/US WC JH ADC SGDC AGN AGNJ
CGN Onepenny's Bonnie Willow SGDC ADC AG.N. AG.N.J. PCD RN CRNT C-RN RE RN (CA
Can CH Onepenny's One Fight at a Time CD WC JH RN-MCL
Onepenny's Beau and Aero TN-N XGT-N
Am/Can Ch Ruaview's Cape Breton Schooner
Ch Ruaview Jewel of Beinnbhreagh
Ruaview Margaree's Mate
Ruaview's Cello Solo
Ruaview's Kindly Cape Islander
SHR Can Ch Ruaview's Tollbreton Bay Bye CD, WCX, JH, RN, Onyx, Vaadc Vmjdc
SHR CH Foxgrove's Aero Nautical CD JH WCI AGX MADC AGDC CGC
GMHR Foxgrove's American Wigeon US WCX, Am SH
Foxgrove's Mango Tango
Foxgrove's Marshland Runner WC
Foxgrove's Minaki Dogberry
Foxgrove's Minaki Teal Appeal
Foxgrove's Red Dynamo JH WC
Foxgrove's Sweet and Sassy
Broadway's A Penny from Heaven CGC
AKC CH Broadway KD's Action Hero RN CGN
Broadway's Qiquyat Quinault
Can CH Broadway Tollwest Curry CGN
Broadway's Acoustic Energy RN, NA, TDI
Broadway's All That Jazz
Can Ch Tollwest Mystical Wave
Tollwest Amber Wave In Motion
CH OTCH Tollwest Ride The Wave WCX JH RAE
Tollwest Wave Chaser
Tollwest Hell On Waves
Tollwest Waves Of Chephren
AKC CH/Int'l Ch Pikkinokka's Broadway Mae CGC
Can CH Pikkinokka's Dragonluck Keera CD
Can. Ch Pikkinokka's On The Waterfront
Pikkinokka's Sandstorm Tess
Pikkinokka's Sydney Sandstorm
Pikkinokka's Big Red Dog
Pikkinokka's Rusty Berringer
Pikkinokka's Shilo Rashke

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