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Harbourlights Tilly The Toller

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Harbourlights Tilly The Toller (CKC QL360469)
Scotts Brandi Lee (CKC QL361967)
Harbourlights Sociable Sal (CKC PG970724)
Harbourlights Sophies Pryde (CKC QL357662)
Harbourlights Mighty Mike (CKC QL384100)
Bouvier's Cajun Rain Beau (CKC PG320417)
Harbourlights Scotia Boy (CKC JL125335)
Chin-Peek Golden Lucky Kim (CKC 736025)
Pat of Schubendorf (CKC 627514)
Joe of Schubendorf (CKC 632212)
Sandra of Schubendorf (CKC 638611)
Jake of Schubendorf (CKC 635312)
Mike of Schubendorf (CKC 627513)
Chin-Peek Lucky (CKC 684481)
Chin-Peek Golden Juliet (CKC 684482)
Chin-Peek Lusie of Ber-ruck (CKC 635575)
Chin-Peek Micket (CKC 684484)
Harbour Lights Foxy Nisku (CKC 907807)
Mary Anne of Harbour Lights (CKC 926725)
Green Meadows Lac-a-Pac Pal (CKC 563858)
Green Meadows Scot of Acadie (CKC 563859)
Chin-Peek Star's Lady (CKC 722663)
Chin-Peek Sandy (CKC 722664)
Harbourlight's Happy Hooker (EGB328)
Natasha of Harbourlight (CKC FJD658)
Prince of Harbourlight (CKC FJF327)
Harbourlight's Forever Amber (CKC EGB327)
Harbourlight's Princess (CKC FJB1)
Robie Surf of Glencoe (CKC 701886)
Parry's Red Roka (CKC 701885)
Joggins Foxy Duke (CKC 592798)
Sir Cedar of Green Meadows (CKC 549427)
Goldie of Schubendorf (CKC 529755)
Green Meadows Chippawa Chappy (CKC 538646)
Green Meadows Golden Tessy (CKC 556404)
Green Meadows Molly of Acadie (CKC 535825)
Green Meadows Sir Lancelot (CKC 597961)
Green Meadows Sundance Sue (CKC 558623)
Green Meadows Tawnee Wakon (CKC 535824)
Maple Mist (CKC 599577)
Blond Wokwis of Golden Tessy (CKC 676121)
Spring's Cinerama
Golden Dawn Mistress Terry (CKC 623291)
Foxy Pal (CKC 682848)
Cap'n Salty of Yarmouth (CKC 692578)
Green Meadows Candy Kisses (CKC 894181)
Snoopy (DNB907) (CKC DNB907)
Can CH Harbour Lights Autumn Fancy (CKC 894180)
Cinda-Gem of Harbourlight's (CKC DNP664)
Harbourlights Village Sire (CKC 923529)
Can Ch Danny Boy of Harbour Lights (CKC 918750)
Green Meadows Buttons & Bows (CKC 878976)
Green Meadows Markland (CKC 852025)
Miss Cindy of Harbourlights (CKC DNP667)
Green Meadows Lac-a-Pac Pal (CKC 563858)
Green Meadows Scot of Acadie (CKC 563859)
Betty of Schubendorf (CKC 697785)
Schubendorf's Sam (CKC 697781)
Sport of Schubendorf (CKC 673154)
Lindy of Schubendorf (CKC 677279)
Cindy of Schubendorf (CKC 685727)
Brownie of Schubendorf (CKC 655631)
Leigh of Schubendorf (CKC 697783)
CAN CH Nichi of Schubendorf (CKC 697782)
Digger of Schubendorf (CKC 642234)
Brandy of Schubendorf (CKC 655629)
Sunny of Schubendorf (CKC 642235)
Skipper of Schubendorf (CKC 647818)
Tinker of Schubendorf (CKC 638578)
Taffee of Schubendorf (CKC 697784)
Little Danof Schubendorf (CKC 655630)
Millie of Schubendorf (CKC 697786)
Val of Schubendorf (CKC 697787)
Rufus of Schubendorf (CKC 638579)
Rusty of Schubendorf (CKC 638580)

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