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Teufelwalds Ilk

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Teufelwalds Ilk
Teufelwalds Igor
LP Teufelwalds Imme
Teufelwalds Ina
Teufelwalds Irk
Teufelwalds Iso
Teufelwalds Ivon Ducky
Teufelwalds Jammi
Teufelwalds Jatzy
Teufelwalds Jazza
Teufelwalds Jazzo
Teufelwalds Jessi
Teufelwalds Jojo
Benili's Elgon Roy
Benili's Ghats
LP Benili's Hekla
Benili's Mitsi
Benili's Pamir
Benili's Tabor
Benili's Tatra
Benili's Thera
Benili's Tos of Drogsta
SE UCH Riverduck of Drogsta
Harbourlights Allie Amber
Harbourlights Amber Geezer
Harbourlights Angus
Harbourlights Callaghan
Walnut Hill's Fergie
Harbourlights Sly Jessie
Harbourlights Tennessee Buddy
Harbourlights Im Just Ducky
Harbourlights Island Red
Harbourlights Lit-River Rusty
Harbourlights Canso's Lad
Harbourlights Cassidy Bay
Harbourlights Douglas Stuart of Lyonhouse
Harbourlights Golden Baron
Harbourlights Rothesay Lad
Harbourlights Rusty Cye
Harbourlights Rusty Wamboldt
Harbourlights Scotia Kitt
Harbourlights Scotia Pippi
Harbourlights Scotian Red Coat
Harbourlights Scotian Sparky
Harbourlights Mini Magnum
Harbourlights Miss Cleveland
Harbourlights Mollywog
Harbourlights Nova's Fancy
Harbourlights Nunn's Ceiligh
Riverduck Of Drögsta
Harbourlights Scotia Boy
Harbourlights Foxy Amber
Harbourlights Skykomish Red
Harbourlights Red Whisky
Drogstas Pomperipossa
Drogstas Pajazzo
LP Drogstas Pamina
Drogstas Pandora
SE UCH Drogstas Papageno
LP Drogstas Perdita
Drogstas Pinnochio
Drogstas Poseidon
Drogstas Priamos
Harbourlights Laddie Buck
Harbourlights Burritts Chancy
Harbourlights Tawnys Rose
Harbourlights Jasmine
Harbourlights Miss Emma
Harbourlights Nedgewick
SE V-91 Birdcherrys Nova
Birdcherrys Forest Flame
Birdcherrys Forest Girl
Birdcherrys Forest Rebel
Birdcherrys Forest Wind
Birdcherrys Joy For John
Birdcherrys Lady Hawk
Fo Bi Tollers Patricia
Fo Bi Tollers Corazonne
Fo Bi Tollers Tello
Fo Bi Tollers Coralie
Fo Bi Tollers Mauna-Kea
Fo Bi Tollers Melissa
Lp Fo Bi Tollers Orry
Flyingtollers Buster
Flyingtollers Rasmus
Flyingtollers Roy
Flyingtollers Bonny
NUCH DKCH NV-88 Flyingtollers Boomer
Jalna's Gentle Giant
Jalna's Go Go Girl
Jalna's Golden Glory
Jalna's Good Gracious Fox
Jalna's Good Gracious Me
Jalna's Gorgeous George
Jalna's Grand Tego
Jalna's Quips N Quotes
Jalna's Quartermaster
Jalna's Quest For Quality
Jalna's Quite A Quandary
Jalna's Quite A Quincy
Jalna's Quota Quantum
Ardunacres Sandy Wonderful
Ardunacres Ruskin Blue Nose
Ardunacres Buffy
Ardunacres Kew
Ardunacres Lucky Lotto
Ardunacres Missy-Mac
Can CH Ardunacres Country Quince
Can CH Ardunacres Call Me Ugly
Ardunacres Country Heir
Ardunacres Dodger
Ardunacres Gingembre
Ardunacres Mtn. Country Mac
Castlekeep's Sunset Firedance
Castlekeep's Amazing Grace
Castlekeep's Anglesey Jones
Castlekeep's Eventide Amber CD
Castlekeep's Fireglow Cristina
Castlekeeps' Flaming Fox
Can CH Castlekeep's Foxtail Marker
Can CH Castlekeep's Magic of Merlin
Castlekeep's Maple Sugar
Castlekeep's Red Baron
Castlekeep's Sunshine Coast

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