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The Rhineferry Tales of Flame

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

The Rhineferry Tales of Flame
The Rhineferry Tales of Wild Boy
The Rhineferry Tales of Red Devil
The Rhineferry Tales of Canuck
The Rhineferry Tales of Mighty Duck
The Rhineferry Tales of Islander
CAN LUX D-VDH NL SL POL CH Picsou des Delieuses
N'Just of Great Pleasure des Delieuses
New Dance Des Delieuses
Nomade Des Delieuses
N'Rumba Des Delieuses
Pee-Wee Des Delieuses
Popeye Des Delieuses
Naskapi des Delieuses
F Ch B Ch Littleriver's Digby
Whiskey Littleriver's
Littleriver's Nova 2nd
Littleriver's Hunter
Beethoven of Littleriver
Porter of Littleriver
Flash of Littleriver 2nd (EL288687)
Zack of Littleriver
Can Ch Jem's Rusty Rogan
Jem's Bennett
Jem's Brazen Jessie
Jem's Gypsy Trouble
Jem's Little Clever Fellow
Jem's Parker Invincible
Jem's Ruby Red Rascal
Littleriver's Tippie
Mork of Littleriver
Josh of Little River
Ginger 2nd of Littleriver (VW748053)
Littleriver's Double A
Littleriver's Dylon
Littleriver's Foredecker
Clae Second of Littleriver
Cornelius of Littleriver
Coco of Littleriver
Cinamon of Littleriver
Stitches of Littleriver
Riggs of Littleriver
Stacey of Littleriver
Burno of Littleriver
Littleriver's Wozeck
Sidney of Littleriver
Littleriver's Nikita
Tina of Littleriver
Littleriver's Bayboy
Littleriver's Ruby
Littleriver's Rugger
Can Ch Littleriver's Second Josh CD
Littleriver's Sheriff
Littleriver's Sunshine
Littleriver's Tandi
Littleriver's Tantallon
Spencer of Littleriver
Ch Sport's Lass of Littleriver
Levit of Littleriver
Stew of Littleriver
Littleriver's Moonbeam
Amberr of Littleriver (YU984674)
Bear of Littleriver
Martlen of Littleriver
Littleriver Geddes
Angie of Littleriver
Zeek of Littleriver
Redford of Littleriver
Ice Lolly Des Delieuses
Ice Skate Des Delieuses
Ice Cream Des Delieuses
Ice Iorga Des Delieuses
Icy Des Delieuses
Ice Blue Des Delieuses
Ice Floe Des Delieuses
Red-Tollers Dreaming Dandy
Nuch Red-Tollers Daisy
Red-Tollers Dawsen
Red-Tollers Dennis (N100227/91)
Red-Tollers Diana
Red-Tollers Dick Charming
Red-Tollers Diva Queen
Ardunacres Europe
Ardunacres River Rose
Ardunacres Sadie Chelsea
Ardunacres Squamish Chief
Ardunacres Topper
Ardunacres Wendy
Can Ch Sir Walter Riely of Ardunacres
Ardunacres Chevy Nova
Ardunacres Foster Gold
Ardunacres Frosty 2nd
Ardunacres Galiano Charlie
Ardunacres Lady Polly
Ymra of Great Pleasure
Yarid of Great Pleasure
LUX D VDH CH Yndiangem of Great Pleasure
NL D-VDH LUX SK CAN CH WW-02 Ynuittotem of Great Pleasure
Yourdazzle of Great Pleasure
Yunda of Great Pleasure
Yustus of Great Pleasure
Yale of Great Pleasure
D CH NL CH Rodravens V D Echtinger Grift
Rodravens Hilka V D Echtinger Grift
Rodravens Karpalo
SUCH Rodravens Lakka
Rodravens Mansikka
Rodravens Rode Ravi Lersol
Rodravens Vadelma
R?dr?vens v.d. Echtinger Grift
Small Fetcher Asterix
Small Fetcher Adrian
FIN MVA Small Fetcher Aladin
Small Fetcher Alfred
Small Fetcher Alibaba
FIN MVA KANS MVA Small Fetcher Alice
Small Fetcher Annabel
Small Fetcher Aurora
Siphra's Indian Gem
FIN MVA KANS MVA S MVA V-02 Siphra's Indian Echo
Siphra's Indian Girl
Siphra's Indian Princess
FIN MVA Siphra's Indian Ramona
FIN MVA S MVA KANS MVA Siphra's Indian Red Hawk
Siphra's Indian Rose
Siphra's Indian Summer
FIN MVA MV-98 S MVA KANS MVA V-00 Siphra's Indiana Jones
Velvetlace of Great Pleasure
Voodoo of Great Pleasure
Vedet of Great Pleasure
Viking of Great Pleasure
Vino of Great Pleasure
Vit?s of Great Pleasure
Voyager of Great Pleasure
Xakashadow of Great Pleasure
Xanookhan of Great Pleasure
Xarawak of Great Pleasure
Xeljar of Great Pleasure
Ximo of Great Pleasure
Xirko of Great Pleasure
Xnowflake of Great Pleasure
D Ch VDH Ch LUX Ch Steady-Line's Summersnow
Steady-Line's Scallywag
Steady-Line's Souvenir
Steady-Line's Scarlet
Steady-Line's Sequel
Steady-Line's Squaw
Satin of Great Pleasure
LUX Ch D-VDH Ch NL Ch CAN Ch Skill of Great Pleasure
Sailor of Great Pleasure
Surfer of Great Pleasure
Scout of Great Pleasure
Squire of Great Pleasure
NL Ch LUX Ch D-VDH Ch Star of Great Pleasure
Silk of Great Pleasure
Song of Great Pleasure

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