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AM CH Bristols Jumpin Jack Frost

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

AM CH Bristols Jumpin Jack Frost (OFA GR-74149G24M-PI)
Bristol's Frosty the Snowman (OFA GR-79370G41M-Pl)
Am. CH. Woodwalks Snow Bear MX AXJ OS (OFA GR-58458F24M-T)
Am. CH. Woodwalk Aurora Borealis OS (OFA GR-37964G25M)
Woodwalk Quail Hollow Candle (OFA GR-41424F39F)
Am Ch Woodwalk Hunts Firefly (OFA GR-37924G25F)
Woodwalk's Brilliant Illusian CD (OFA GR-37806G24M)
Woodwalk Amberwood's Hotwire (OFA GR-38102G25F)
Woodwalk Sunlit Spectacular (OFA GR-37945G25F)
Hunts Hurricane OS (OFA GR-32660G24M)
Hunts Hudson Of Highlands CD (OFA GR-32684G24M)
Am. CH Hunts Hope (OFA GR-32710G24F)
Am Ch Hunts Hayley (OFA GR-32915F25F)
Am. CH Amberwood's Calcutta Cutie (OFA GR-29577G24F-T)
Am./Can. CH. Amberwood Montego Bay (OFA GR-29869G25M)
Am. CH Amberwood Marrakesh Express OD (OFA GR-31864G34F)
Am. CH Amberwood's Off To Paradise (OFA GR-30828G29M)
Am. CH Amberwood's Tripoli Trader (OFA GR-30440G28M)
Amberwood's Casablanca (OFA GR-32219F35M)
Amberwood's Peking Duck
Woodwalk Locomotion (OFA GR-46117G24F)
Woodwalk Motion for Discovery
Am. CH. Daystar's Tornado Warning OS SDHF (OFA GR-25707G24M)
Am Ch Daystar Small Craft Warning OD (OFA GR25768E24F)
Daystar Rockcreek Tempest UD (OFA GR-25763G25F)
Am. CH Daystar Goslings Gemini (OFA GR-20766)
Am. CH Daystar's Busy Feet (OFA GR-20736)
Am. CH Daystar Dawn's Misty Morning (OFA GR-20646)
Am./Can. CH. Daystar Goslings Orion CD WC (OFA GR-20696)
Daystar Aylwyn's Windy City (OFA GR-25823G24F)
Am. CH Daystar Molega's Windjammer (OFA GR-26584G28M-T)
Daystar Break Water Splash
Daystar Delegate Of Dorian (OFA GR-21432)
Daystar Auburn Country
Trowsnest Daystar Mistral
Am./Can. CH. Daystar Westwind Of Camalire Can SDHF (OFA GR-25593G24M-T)
Baylor's Woodwalk Whisper (OFA GR-27159G24F)
Baylor's Jamaican Hustle CDX CGC Can WC (OFA GR-28082G28M-T)
Peshpoints Affair to Remembr (OFA GR-62817G28F-T)
Peshpoint's Navy Blue and Gold
Am./Can. CH Baylor's Born In The USA Am TD WC VC Can TD (OFA GR-37187G24M)
Am. CH Baylor's Bat Out Of Hell (OFA GR-37287G24F)
Am./Can. CH Baylors Magical Mystery Tour (OFA GR-38379F28F)
Am. Can. CH Birnam Wood's Texas Two Step (OFA GR-25006E24M)
Birnam Wood's Virginia Real UD SH WCX (OFA GR-27983F38F)
Birnam Wood Louisana Purchas
Baylor's Winning Colors OD (OFA GR-38457F47F)
Am./Can. CH Baylor's True Colors (OFA GR-33079F24F)
Brandy's Champagne Mist (OFA GR-34426F31F-T)
Am/Can CH Baylor's Chosen Future (OFA GR-50916G25F-T)
Am CH. Faera's Future Classic OS (OFA GR-37666G24M)
Am CH Faera's The Keepsake Kidd OD (OFA GR-34673F30F)
BIS Am Ch. Faera's Destiny Kodiak Kidd OS SDHF (OFA GR-33513G24M)
Am. CH Faera's Razzle Dazzle's Kidd (OFA GR-33389F24F)
Am./Can. CH. Faera's Forever A Kidd CD CGC (OFA GR-33731G25F)
Faera's Future Classy Cassy (OFA GR-41567F39F)
Faera's The Kidd's Credentials (OFA GR-33384F24M)
Faera's Future Finesse (OFA GR-37654G34F)
Faera's Future Looks Rosy (OFA GR-37772G24F)
Faera's Future Vsop
Faera's Future Windsong
CanCH Baylor's Risky Business (OFA GR-37466G27F-T)
CanCH Baylor's No Risk Involved

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