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H Wurf Quicksteper Sugar & Ben

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

H Wurf Quicksteper Sugar & Ben
Quick Stepers Harrison George
Quick Stepers Henry
Quick Stepers Hoby
Quick Stepers Haldor
Quick Stepers Holly
Quick Stepers Hermine
Ffynongain Ben
Ffynongain Isa
Ffynongain Jay
Ffynongain Issacc
Ffynongain Indigo
Ffynongain Ink
Ffynongain Ian
Ffynongain Isabel
Ffynongain Imogen
Ffynongain Ace
FTCh Ropehall Star
FTW Ropehall Leo
TTF Old Oak's Southern Belle SH
Ropehall Libra of Cynhinfa
Ropehall Pisces
Ropehall Virgo Of Whistleton
Ropehall Gemini
Ropehall Aquarius
Ropehall Taurus
Ropehall Sagittarius
FTCh Birdbrook Arrow of Craigfelin
FTCh Birdbrook Aston of Bellever
FTCh Birdbrook Astra
Birdbrook Amey
Birdbrook Anton
Birdbrook Arnie
Birdbrook Atom Of Brackenbird
Birdbrook Ark
Birdbrook Ace
Birdbrook Amelia
FTCh Garendon Cassie of Ropehall
Garendon Cindy
Garendon Chubb
FTCh Garendon Captain
Garendon Corporal
Garendon Caper
Garendon Corma
Perfect Kay of Ffynongain
Rocdrum Armagh Flyer
Rocdrum Jane of Moorieandlyn
Rocdrum Liz of Copperbirch
Rocdrum Mo of Ffynongain
Turning Teal
Rocdrum Heather of Copperbirch
FTW Rocdrum Donna Of Gostwyck
Rocdrum Kate
INT.FTCh Rozel Rocket of Tasco
Rozel Risky Business
Rozel Romulus
Rozel Rhea
FTW Meadowbrook Lass
Elisabeth von der Steinmauer
Edelbert von der Steinmauer
Eddy von der Steinmauer
Eik-Fynn von der Steinmauer
Emil von der Steinmauer
Erdmann von der Steinmauer
Etienne von der Steinmauer
Elsa von der Steinmauer
DK FTCh Clonbara Smiler
Ir.FTCh Gary of Clonbara
FTCh Clonbara Apache of Leadburn
IR FTCh Orla of Clonbara
Clonbara Altan of Willowmount
Heather of Clonbara
Clonbara Kelly at Astraglen
FTCh Baildonian Baron of Craighorn
Baildonian Persian Dream
Baildonian Witchcraft
Baildonian Tinker
Baildonian Street Whisper
Baildonian Sweet Whisper
Baildonian Ice Maiden of Brocklebank
Baildonian Maisie
Baildonian Carrie Anne
Ir.FTCH Derrinstown Tillie
Derrinstown Teal of Countryways
Cleo von der Steinmauer
FTW Clark von der Steinmauer
Carlos von der Steinmauer
Calle von der Steinmauer
Carlson von der Steinmauer
Curley von der Steinmauer
Cathy von der Steinmauer
FTW Brindlebay Brigg
Brindlebay Belinda of Wrexington
Brindlebay Button Of Chisbrook
Brindlebay Bonny
Brindlebay Berry Of Chisbrook
Brindlebay Blackie Of Blyvalley
Brindlebay Byron
Brindlebay Billy
Brindlebay Bard Of Badgerland
Brindlebay Biscuit
Etienne vom Gerretsfeld
Eddy vom Gerretsfeld
Eagle Enzo vom Gerretsfeld
Earl Joker vom Gerretsfeld
Emely vom Gerretsfeld
Enjoy vom Gerretsfeld

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