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Countryways Susie of Buttershall

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Countryways Susie of Buttershall
Countryways Jewel (7/5)
Countryways Katie (4/4)
GB FTCh & Ir.FTCh Ulstare Oak (BVA 5/3)
FTCh Ulstare Style (10/10)
Ulstare Ash
Ulstare Larch
Ulstare Fir
Ulstare Spruce
Ulstare Fern
Ulstare Beech
Ulstare Elm
Ulstare Maple
Ulstare Holly
Skellwater Bess
Lisnoe Prinsess
FTW Ashbrooke Alfie (BVA 5/2)
FTCh Ben of Mallowdale
Seafin Ruby
Tup's Indispensable
FTCh Swinbrook Twig (2/3)
Swinbrook Teak (0/5)
Swinbrook Tide
Swinbrook Tina (3/2)
Swinbrook Tag
Swinbrook Trade (2/2)
Swinbrook Tern
IR FTCh Ann of Cleary
FTCh Marie of Cleary
Cloughcor Janitor
Brookwood Ivy
Broadbank Boy
Falcon of Loughtown
Brookwood Holly
Ft.Ch. Meadow Boy Scout
FTW Glenbriar Alice (6/5)
Glenbriar Anne (5/4)
FTCh Glenbriar Alder (4/5)
Glenbriar Hamish (3/3)
Glenbriar Heidi of Drakeshead
Glenbriar Hob of Artistryn
Glenbriar Hale (1/6)
FTCh Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
Haretor Megan of Drakeshead
Haretor Milly
Haretor Moira
Haretor Mike
IRL FTCH Glenbriar Skippy (BVA 5/3)
Garendon Beth (BVA 4/2)
Garendon Billy (BVA 3/3)
Garendon Betty (BVA 3/4)
Garendon Bess (BVA 1/2)
Garendon Dash Of Wiltonpark (BVA 8/2)
Garendon Donna (BVA 8/16)
Garendon Debbie
Garendon Daughter Of Potterton (BVA 6/6)
Garendon Dee
Garendon Darling Of Flyline (BVA 7/5)
Garendon Dev
Garendon Dry (BVA 4/4)
FTCh Kilderkin Renoir (BVA 0/0)
Kilderkin Brewer
Kilderkin Painter
Kilderkin Fly
FTCh Abbotsleigh Joshua (BVA 10/13)
Plummer Kilderkin
FTCh Earsham Park Sabre (2/11)
Sweep of Strammers
Shade of Philray
Shadow of Hedenhampark (BVA 0/0)
Earsham Park Kerry
Ruler of Philray
Birdbrook Benadorm
May of Balafayle
Tweed of Balafayle
FTCh Symington Cornelia (BVA 2/2)
FTCh Symington Clarerone of Leadburn (BVA 3/4)
Symington Coral (BVA 3/4)
Symington Chanelle
Symington Cupid
FTCh Tibea Tosh (BVA 4 / 4)
FTW Tibea Tipp
FTW Tibea Cid (BVA 2/3)
Tibea Thyme
Palgrave Slippery Sue (BVA 1/1)
Palgrave Spotted Lady
Palgrave Spitfire of Shotgate (1/1)
Palgrave Storm
Palgrave Swift
Palgrave Stroller
Palgrave Scott
Palgrave Spy of Philray
Palgrave Sweep

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