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Kelmagra Breeze of Leacaz

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Kelmagra Breeze of Leacaz (BVA 6/5)
Kelmagra Bramble of Labdom (6/7)
Kelmagra Becky
Kelmagra Ben
Kelmagra Bess
Kelmagra Billy (0/5)
Kelmagra Bracken of Beaconway
Kelmagra Bridi
FTW Kelmagra Brooke Of Caytonfell (2/3)
Kelmagra Bruce (C)
FTCh Calderhey Adder (BVA 5/7)
Calderhey Allie (3/6)
Calderhey Ace of Gunnerdale (0/0)
Calderhey Archie
Calderhey Ash (5/11)
Calderhey Abby (3/6)
Calderhey Amy
FTCh Drakeshead Indiana (BVA 2/3)
Drakeshead Izzy
Drakeshead Icon
Drakeshead Inkie
Drakeshead Ida of Auchendolly (8/6)
FTCh Minstead Morse (BVA 3/5)
Minstead Watson
Minstead Ryan
Minstead Cracka (7/4)
Minstead Spenda (4/6)
Minstead Agatha (7/4)
Minstead Christie (33/35)
Minstead Marples_
FTCh Drakeshead Treacle (3/5)
Drakeshead Twig (6/5)
Drakeshead Trader
Drakeshead Theodora
Drakeshead Tilda (4/2)
Drakeshead Twill
Drakeshead Tabitha of Bedgebrook (BVA 3/4)
Kenmillone Gentila (2/6)
Kenmillone Gallica of Garagill (4/3)
Kenmillone Granderia
Kenmillone Gustavo
Kenmillone Glispero
Kenmillone Gangola
Kenmillone Gondami
Kenmillone Gleminca
Willowyck Yodel (5/4)
Willowyck Yaffle (3/3)
Willowyck Yellowhammer (5/3)
Willowyck Hazel
FTCh Willowyck Henman (BVA 6/5)
Willowyck Havok (4/4)
Willowyck Honesty (2/3)
Willowyck Hope Burn of Quabrook (6/6)
Willowyck Humble (5/3)
Leacaz Lexxi (BVA 3/3 = 6)
Leacaz Liffy (0/0)
Leacaz Kalla Quill Of Glasnevin (8/15)
Leacaz Lapwing Of Lincswolds (2/2)
Leacaz Leo Of Lincswolds (4/6)
Leacaz Laurel
FTCh Lowforge Aragon of Leacaz (BVA 3/6)
Lowforge Arkansas (3/3)
Lowforge Ardbeg Of Dragonswell
Lowforge Amour (5/3)
Lowforge Afton
Lowforge Ailsa (3/0)
Lowforge Amelia of Russjancoe (4/0)
Lowforge Amy (4/4)
FTCh Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead (BVA 7:3)
FTW Greenbriar Viva of Ffynongain (BVA 5/17)
FTW Greenbriar Vogue (BVA 4/7)
Greenbriar Victor (BVA 6/7)
Greenbriar Valour (BVA 7/4)
Greenbriar Vincent
Greenbriar Vodka
Greenbriar Vagabond
Greenbriar Vince
Greenbriar Verve
Greenbriar Vigour
Pittendreich Highlight of Lowforge (BVA 4:3)
Pittendreich Halo
Pittendreich Harmony
Pittendreich Hetty
Pittendreich Hamish
Pittendreich Harry
FTW Rimrock Redstart of Leacaz (24/7)
FTCh Rimrock Golden Girl (3/6)
Rimrock Nightingale
Rimrock Flycatcher At Tunnelwood (41/41)
FTCh Endacott Shelf (BVA 4/5)
FTCh Endacott Soames of Riversway (BVA 5/5)
Endacott Holly (BVA 16/6)
Endacott Swift of Brindlebay (5/2)
Endacott Seeka (BVA 6/7)
Endacott Storm
Endacott Sweep
Endacott Sally
Endacott Seal
FTW Ffynongain Silk of Rimrock (BVA 3/3)
Ffynongain Fudge
Ffynongain Star
Ffynongain Sammy (9/6)
Ffynongain Smiley (5/4)
Ffynongain Mayfly
Ffynongain Heather (6/5)
Ffynongain Lily
Ffynongain Baron
Ffynongain Comet
Ffynongain Casper

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