Golden Retriever

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Ardyle Mazurka

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Ardyle Mazurka
Ardyle Csardas Of Eskylane
Eng. FT CH Vamp Parsley Potage
VAMP Tender Tormentil at Gilead
VAMP Joy at Gilead
Vamp Tansy Pudding
Vamp Thyme Wild
Vamp Pippssisewa
Vamp Pansy Wild
Eng. FT CH Birdsgreen Sweet Reward of Castlemans
Birdsgreen Sweet dreams
Birdsgreen Sweet Faith
Birdsgreen Sweet Charity
Birdsgreen Sweet Hope
Birdsgreen Sweet Realm
Birdsgreen Sweet Revenge
Birdsgreen Sweet Revival
Birdsgreen Sweet Rogue
FTW Castlemans Beaver
Castlemans Badger
Castlemans Brook
Castlemans Buck
Castlemans Houndini
Castlemans Spice of Life
Birdsgreen Pampered Gale
FTW Birdsgreen Stormbreak over Millgreen
Eng FT CH Birdsgreen Shining Sidney of Tofts
FTW Birdsgreen Amazing Agatha of Holywear
Birdsgreen Secret Sybil of Castlemans
Birdsgreen Lovely Lilliann of Blanerob
Birdsgreen Romantic Ronald at Tealcreek
Birdsgreen Pampered Gale At Tealcreek
Birdsgreen Spring Mist Of Clancallum
Birdsgreen Summer Breeze
Birdsgreen Cloudy Boy
Welsh Ruby of Vamp
Old Oak's Jewel Of The Isle CD MH MX MXJ MJB WC
Standerwick Remus of Merryway
Eng. FT. CH. Standerwick Rhumba Of Pebbletoft
Standerwick Randolph
Standerwick Ricarda of Abnalls
Standerwick Robina
Standerwick Robriska of Ceagry
Standerwick Ranger
Crumble Hill
Deepfleet Avocet
Deepfleet Anna
Deepfleet Antoinette
Blackcraig Eagle
Blackcraig Greenfinch
Blackcraig Arran of Clockburn
Blackcraig Muldoon
Blackcraig Raven
Gortons Wolf Whistler of Clockburn
Gortons Spring Melody of Warpersmoss
Gortons Eye of the Storm
Gortons Maid the Mist
Barnstormer Beauty of Blackcraig
Deepfleet Ivy
Deepfleet Imp Of Bedgebrook
Deepfleet Invasion
Deepfleet Isadora
Deepfleet Isle Buffy
FTW Canburne Fennel of Lafayette
Leeglen Tornado of Tauvechan
Leeglen Lightening
FTW Leeglen Milo
Canburne Sorrel
Leeglen Storm
Leeglen Montagu Of Canburne
Leeglen Nora Of Haremire
Leeglen Spark
Leeglen Gyr
Canburne Sage Of Benscliffe
Leeglen Harrier Of Clancallum
Leeglen Kestrel Of Clancallum
Leeglen Peregrine Of Benscliffe
Leeglen Flash
Leeglen Thunder Of Clancallum
Hamford Garbo

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