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Gemini's Gardenpath To Eden

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Gemini's Gardenpath To Eden (OFA GR-109587G24F-VPl)
Gardenpath's Rose of Splendor CCA (OFA GR-109537G24F-VPI)
BIS BISS BVISS Am GCH CH Rush Hill's All Fools On Deck SDHF OS (OFA GR-89563G24M-PI)
Rush Hill's Nobody's Fool
Rush Hill's Who's the Fool Now (OFA GR-90748F28M-PI)
Am CH Rush Hill's Foolish Pleasure OS (OFA GR-78497G24M-PI)
Am CH Rush Hill's Spectacular Bid (OFA GR-78646F24M-PI)
Am/Int CH Rush Hill's Next Seattle Slew (OFA GR-83002F39M-PI)
Am.Ch. Rush Hill's Winning Colors (OFA GR-78532E24F-PI)
Rush Hills Derby Darlin
Rush Hill's Northern Dancer
BIS BISS Am/Can Ch Rush Hill Watz Cook'n Good Look'n SDHF Am/Can OS (OFA GR-71456G24M-PI)
AM/CAN/INTL CH Rush Hill's Bumper Crop (OFA GR-77200F42F-PI)
Rush Hill's Rootbeer Float (OFA GR-73971F32M-PI)
CanCH Allsgold's Smor The Merrier
Rushhill Osprey Reddelicio (OFA GR-71616G24F-PI)
Rush Hill's Eskimo Pie (OFA GR-71528E24F-PI)
BIS BISS Am Can CH Goodtime's Run For The Roses SDHF OD (OFA GR-67744G26F-T)
CH Goodtime Born In The USA (OFA GR-67013G24M-T)
CH Goodtime's NYC Serenade (OFA GR-68243F28F-T)
CH. Goodtime I'm On Fire OA OAJ (OFA GR-67164E25M-T)
CH Goodtime's Glory Days OD (OFA GR-66787G24F)
Goodtime's Secret Garden
Goodtime's Golden Wonder
Goodtime, Waterford E Street
Goodtime's Human Touch
Am. CH. Goodtime's Code Red At Voyager RN AX AXJ NF WC VCX (OFA GR-81531G24M-PI)
Am CH Rush Hill's Crime Of Passion OD (OFA GR-69709G25F-T)
Rush Hill's Passion Fur Fashion (OFA GR-69367F24F-T)
Rush Hills Island Gypsy
Rush Hill's In The Heat Of Passion
Am CH Rush Hill's Goodtime's Never End OS (OFA GR-58130G24M)
Am CH Rush Hill's Never Ending Story NAJ
Rush Hill's Dreams Never End CDX OA TDI
Rush Hill's Legend Of The West
Am CH Chuckanut's Madison Avenue (OFA GR-44628G24F-T)
Chuckanut Golden Pine IV Star BISS (OFA GR-44716G24M)
Chuckanut Centerfires Rumors (OFA GR-44836G24F)
Chuckanut Twstn Th'Nite Away (OFA GR-44813G24M-T)
CanCH Chuckanut's Button Your Fly (OFA GR-44655G24M)
Am/Can CH Chuckanut's Northern Exposure OS SDHF (OFA GR-44514F24M-T)
Chuckanut Windsong Follow Me (OFA GR-45446F26F)
Chuckanut's RJ Regal Time Lord (OFA GR-45658G27M)
CanCH Chuckanut's Tidal Wave (OFA GR-47464G33M)
CH Gemini's Bonnie Shasta Daisy CD,RN,TDI, CGC (OFA GR-95321G24F-VPI)
BVIS Am/Int CH Gemini's Chants To Xcel SDHF, BISS, OS (OFA GR-92490E24M-PI)
BISS Am/Int. Ch. Gemini's X-Static BISS, CGC (OFA GR-92491G24M-PI)
INT CH Gemini's Xquisite Sensations OD (OFA GR-92376G24F-PI)
Gemini's Xception to the Rule
Intl Ch Gemini's Kilkenny Colleen CCA, CD, RN, CGC (OFA GR-95441F24F-VPI)
CH Gemini's Lucky Charm (OFA GR-95585G25M-VPI)
Gemini's Xtra Hot and Spicey (OFA GR-92418G24F-PI)
Gemini's Xtremely Nchantng Emmy CCA CD RE NA NAF OF CGC
Intl Ch Gemini's River Dance (OFA GR95200G24F-VPI)
Gemini's Celtic Orlaith
BISS CH Crescent O-Ee-Yah! Eoh-Ah! RN CGC OS (OFA GR-83432G24M-PI)
CH Crescent's Tin Woodman CD RA NJP NAP THD CGC (OFA GR-83297F24M-PI)
Crescent I'll Get U My Pretty (OFA GR-83546G24-PI)
Crescent Off To C The Wizard
Am. Ch. Daybreak Varsity Jump OS (OFA GR-70669G26M-PI)
Daybreak Wedgwood True Wings (OFA GR70893F27F-PI)
Daybreak Stars N Stripes (OFA GR-71404G27F-PI )
Ch. Goldenwind Hailstorm OD BVISS (OFA GR-70665F24F-PI)
Goldenwind Take'em By Storm (OFA GR-70547G24F-PI)
Goldenwind Peach of a Storm (OFA GR-70664G24F-NOPI)
Goldenwind C Veer Storm (OFA GR-70663G24F-NOPI)
Can. Ch. BPIS Goldenwind Storm Watch TT WC CGN (021978 OVC July 26/04)
CH Gemini's Lone Star Belle CD MX MXJ OD BISS CGC (OFA GR-78590G27F-PI)
Gemini's Last Chance Saloon CD, RN (OFA GR-85306G24F-PI)
CH. Tejas Caribbean Direct Flight CDX NA NAJ WC VCX RN CGC (OFA GR-70153G24M-T)
Ch Tejas Caribbean Packer (OFA GR-70676G25M-PI)
Tejas Caribbean Dance
Tejas Limited Caribbean Cruz NA, NAJ (OFA GR-70320F24F-T)
Tejas Caribbean Breeze
Tejas Brittany Mill CD RN CGC (OFA GR-63407F24F-T)

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