Golden Retriever

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OTCH Duster's Amber Starburst OD OBHF

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

OTCH Duster's Amber Starburst OD OBHF (AKC SD700367)
Ballintra's Four On The Floor CDX OD (AKC SD612595)
OTCH A Case of Love OBHF (AKC SD-890855)
Duster's Little Dust Buster UD (AKC SD640812)
CH OTCH Meadowpond Dust Commander OBHF OS (AKC SB926716 (5/79))
Karagolds Gandy Dancer CDX (AKC SB807164 (4/1979))
OTCH Karagold's Magic Marker (AKC SC523374 (5/1981))
Am./Can. CH. Rusty Of Golden Shores (AKC SB-167891)
Brigadoon's Highland Heather CD (AKC SB-155513)
Karagold's T'Kalis Star (AKC SC243215)
Meadowpond's Goldnugget UD (AKC SB791674 (12/77))
Tobias of Karagold (AKC SB773687 (12-82))
Am./Can. CH. Bardfield Boomer UDT WC OS OBHF Can. UD TDX (AKC SA614915 (8-71))
Am. CH. Bardfield's Lindsay Laurell CD (AKC SA615439 (12/70))
Am. CH. Morgan Of Bardfield (AKC SA-614919)
Simon of Bardfield (AKC SA614918)
Am/Can CH Duckdown's Unpredictable CD * OS SDHF (AKC SA483975 (10/68))
Am. CH. Duckdown's Voodoo Charm UD OD (AKC SA611626 (10/72))
Am. CH. Duckdown's Veronica Laker CD OD (AKC SA620747 (1/72))
Am. CH. Duckdown's Village Gambler (AKC SA675544 (2-71))
Am. CH. Duckdown's Utterly Fantastic CDX OD (AKC SA511385 (8/70))
Am Ch Duckdown's Vesper Challenge OD (AKC SA655277 (11/1973))
Am Ch Duckdown's Vivid Impression UDT (AKC SA-655252)
Am. CH. Duckdown's Undaunted Copper (AKC SA-508007)
Am. CH. Duckdown's Union Jack (AKC SA-511384)
Am. CH. Duckdown's Union Jill CD (AKC SA-511386)
Am. CH. Duckdown's Upperclass Lass (AKC SA511387 (10/75))
CH Duckdown's Village Outlaw CD (AKC SA684290 (8/70))
Duckdown's Vamp Of Savannah (AKC SA655278 (4/71))
Sandia's Flaxen Babe CD OD (AKC SA451148 (12/68))
Andover Taffy Too (AKC SA598468 (9/72))
Sandia's Golden Kip (AKC SA432321 (3/71))
Missy Of Nottingham Am/Can CD OD (AKC SA823210 (12/72))
Am. CH. Robin of Nottingham (AKC SA660035 (11/70))
Stockton's Little Miss Muffin (AKC SA669938 (3/71))
Jim's Golden Swinger (AKC SA782280 (8-71))
Woodland's Candlelite Bronze (AKC SA586016 (11/70))
Marjim's Woodland Candy Cane (AKC SA-638448)
Lake Tahoe's Princess OD (AKC SD113312)
Chances R Cool Hand Luke CDX MH OS *** (AKC SC203461 (4-80))
Sun Fire's Dyno Of Chances R OD (AKC SC762099)
Chances R Wizard Of Wonders UD WCX (AKC SC840631)
Bonnie Brook's Mortimer ** (AKC SB607773 (8-75))
Mioak's Ginger *** OD (AKC SB992950)
Bonnie Brook's Kaloni *** (AKC SC264663 (10/1980))
Bonnie Brook's Sam *** (AKC SB413424)
Bonnie Brook's Bojangles *** (AKC SB414588 (9-77))
Bonnie Brook's Bold Charlie (AKC SB712920 03-78)
Bonnie Brook's Archibald (AKC SB836681)
BonnieBrooks Homer ***
AFC Holway Barty OS (AKC SB147050 (9/73))
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Barrister
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Jollity
Holway Joyful *** OD (AKC SA798077 (6/1975))
Int. CH. Holway Joker
Holway Barber
Bonnie Brook's Mabel OD (AKC SB092526 (3/1974))
Chances R Milady (AKC SB652030)
OTCH Topbrass Rocky Mountain High WC OBHF (AKC SB-317353)
Am. CH. Topbrass Gandalf's Toast CDX WC OD (AKC SB-435863 (11/75))
Topbrass' Covey of Hobby Horse WC (AKC SB-434942)
Topbrass Hot Lips Hoolihan ** (AKC SB552451 (4/75))
Topbrass Tauramorna CD (AKC SB334625)
Topbrass Brandywine (AKC SB325924)
Topbrass Tully (AKC SB324549 (12/75))
Bonnie Brooks Golden Nugget (AKC SA880593 (6/1972))
FC AFC FTCH Bonnie Brooks Elmer OS FDHF (AKC SA297157 (2-70))
Bonnie Brook's Eloise WC (AKC SA795027 (10-71))
FC AFC Bonnie Brook's Red OS FDHF (AKC SA776255 (5/73))
FC Can FTCH Bonnie Brook's Tuff And A Half FDHF (AKC SA297155)
Bonnie Brook's Elmira (AKC SA743312 (10/71))
Bonnie Brook's Louie (AKC SA297156 (10/1969))
Bonnie Brook's Barney *** (AKC SA711557 (6/1972))
Bonnie Brook's Wilbur *** (AKC SA669376 (4/1974))
Bonnie Brooks Con Of Trollbo (AKC SA754066 (10/71))

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