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Jopestel Aristotle

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Jopestel Aristotle
Jopestel Aphrodite
Jopestel Agamemnon
Jopestel Alexander
Jopestel Appollo
Jopestel Alice
Jopestel Athene
Jopestel Ariadne
FTCh Symington Clarerone of Leadburn
Symington Coral
FTCh Symington Cornelia
Symington Chanelle
Symington Cupid
FTCh Tibea Tosh
FTW Tibea Tipp
FTW Tibea Cid
Tibea Thyme
FTCh Palgrave Quin
Palgrave Queenie
Palgrave Nancy
FTW Palgrave Quilder
Palgrave Triton
Palgrave Trixie
Palgrave Nicholas of Rytex
GB.Ft.Ch. Palgrave Quest
Palgrave Berry
Palgrave Tag of Findpoint
Palgrave Tolly
Palgrave Nectar
Palgrave Needle
GB.Ft.Ch. Palgrave Nettle
Palgrave Nickel
Palgrave Nobby
Palgrave Quail
Palgrave Quaver Ft.W.
Palgrave Quick of Willowridge
Palgrave Quink
FTCh Tibea Topaz
Palgrave Slippery Sue
Palgrave Spotted Lady
Palgrave Spitfire of Shotgate
Palgrave Storm
Palgrave Swift
Palgrave Stroller
Palgrave Scott
Palgrave Spy of Philray
Palgrave Sweep
FTCh Kenswick Hamish
FTCh Kenswick Orion of Danbrias
Kenswick Bounty
FTCh Palgrave Holly
FTCh Palgrave Hetty
Palgrave Hayley
FTW Palgrave Heidi
Palgrave Hardy
Refflyns Heather Jopestel
Refflyns Bramble
Refflyns Katie
Refflyn's Ivy
Refflyn Willow
Refflyn Beech
Refflyn Diver
Refflyn Bracken
Refflyn Laurel
Refflyns Jemma
Sandringham Hill
Sandringham Bluff
Sandringham Dimple
Sandringham Cove
Sandringham Dell
Sandringham Gulf
Sandringham Gully
FTCh Pocklington Glen
Pocklington Jay Of Featherhole
Pocklington Blue of Palgrave
Sandringham Dipper
Sandringham Cygnet
Holdgate June at Refflyns
FTCh Holdgate Bebe
Holdgate April
FTCh Holdgate Winter
Holdgate Sparkle
Holdgate Vigor
FTW Holdgate Vim Of Beadles
Holdgate Zal
Holdgate Jan
Holdgate May
FTCh Greenwood Timothy of Holdgate
Greenwood Tweed
Greenwood Turk
Rumbleton Tern of Holdgate
Rumbleton Joe
Rumbleton Stapper
Rumbleton Tansie

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