Golden Retriever

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Am. CH Summit's Almond Delight OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. CH Summit's Almond Delight OD (OFA GR-30171F27F)
Summit's Shana Is Just Right (OFA GR-30081G26F)
Summit's Cracklin Oats UD (OFA GR-30247G27F)
Summit's Apple Jacks CD (OFA GR-38313G60M)
Summit's Just Right (OFA GR-32176G36M)
Summit's Sir Golden Grahams (OFA GR-29305F24M)
Summit's Ghost Buster
Am/Can Ch Miramichi's Pier Connection OS (OFA GR-25884G31M)
Am. CH Miramichi's Off The Wall (OFA GR-24424G24M)
Miramichi's Plush Bottoms
Miramichi's Murjani Swan (OFA GR-24412G24F)
Am/Can CH Jayba's Golden Cadillac OS SDHF (OFA GR-20627)
Am Ch Jayba's Jenlyn Fifth Avenue SDHF (OFA GR-24298G24M-T)
Ch. Jayba's Tahnee Kahlua N Cream OD (OFA GR-24332G24F)
Jayba Almeara's Golden Fizz (OFA GR-26372G34F)
Am. CH Jayba Pekay's Wild Turkey (OFA GR-20443)
Jayba's Hot Buttered Rum CD (OFA GR-31925G49M)
Am. CH Jayba's Hot Brandy Flip OD (OFA GR-25044F27F)
Am. CH Jaybas Hot Cider Celebration OD (OFA GR-20363)
Jayba's Jenlyn Park Avenue OD (OFA GR-26011G24F)
Jayba's Brandy Alexander
Jayba's Anisette
Am. CH Jaybas Thunder And Lightning (OFA GR-24212G24M)
Am. Ch. Jayba's N Jemgold's Top Gun CDX (OFA GR-26072F25M-T)
Jayba's Burning Bogey
Am/Can CH. Freedom's Celebration OS (OFA GR-15391)
AmCH Freedom's Celebrity Cowboy (OFA GR-15586G26M)
Freedom's Cream O' The Crop UD (OFA GR-15225-T)
Am. CH Freedom's Cimaron Sage (OFA GR-17558)
Freedom's Coriolanus (OFA GR-16890)
Jayba's Hot Cayenne OD (OFA GR-11068)
Jayba's Ramblebriar Chance
Jayba's Thunderwater Nakeyma CD (OFA GR-10095)
Jayba's Te Ata Scarlet La Rue
OTCH Jayba's Golden Rendition
Am. CH Golden West Miramichi Mariah (OFA GR-13155 Good)
Goldenwest's Jolly Roger Sam CD (OFA GR-15683)
Am CH Golden West Escopeta De Oro (OFA GR-14395)
Am.CH. Sir Duncan Of Woodbury OS (OFA GR-4962 70M)
Am. CH. Autumn Lodge's Mister Zap CD ** OS (OFA GR-2600 32M)
Autumnlodge's Apple
Autumn Lodge's Magill
Am. CH. HGL's Peaches-N-Cream Delight CD OD (OFA GR-6196)
HGL's Dixie (OFA GR-4887)
Klondike's Chato De Shamrock (OFA GR-19000)
Klondike's AJ Junior
Klondike's Always Reddi (OFA GR-19006)
Klondike's Whiskey Chaser (OFA GR-19903 (good))
Klondike's Mellow Fellow (OFA GR-12838)
Klondike's Latasha (OFA GR-12837)
Klondike's Keno
Am. CH. Kachina Klondike's A J (OFA GR-9701)
Kachina Dan of Oak Shadows UD (OFA GR-9759)
Kachina's Deja Vu Of Waylin (OFA GR-11493)
Kachina's Proud Poko
Am./Can. CH. Beckwith's Xemoki Kachina CD OS (OFA GR-4227-T)
Am./Can. CH. Beckwiths Xciting Fellow OS (OFA GR-4275)
Beckwiths Xtrovert Kelsey (OFA GR-4296)
Am/Can CH Beckwiths Xpresion of Cherub (OFA GR-4303)
Am CH Beckwiths Xpresso Coffee
Am. Can. CH Krishna's E Z Livin' OD (OFA GR-4543-T)
Am/Can CH Krishna's Klassic Kachina OS SDHF (OFA GR-6493)
Am CH Krishna's Klassic Texas Pride CD (OFA GR-6711-T)
Am. CH Krishna's Dreamin' E Z O'Marglen CD (OFA GR-4547-T)
Am. CH Krishna Klassic Melody Of HGL (OFA GR-7822)
Am. CH Krishna's Ez Street CD (OFA GR-4944)
Am. CH Krishna's E Z Goin CD OS SDHF
Am. CH Krishna's E-Z Lovin' Kachina UD (OFA GR-4641)
Am. CH Krishna's Klassic Fantasy (OFA GR-6490)
Am. CH Krishna's Klassic Endeavor CDX (OFA GR-6708)
Krishna's E Z Taffy (OFA GR-4943 27F)
Krishna Klassic Bonanza Duce
Am. CH. Krishna's E Z Duz Zit CD (OFA GR-4546-T)
Krishna's EZ Flowin' Honey CDX (OFA GR-4544-T)
Krishna's E Z Captain Holly (OFA GR-6170)
Krishna's Klassic Jasmine
Krishna's Klassic Moonlight
Krishna Klassic Masterpiece
Am. CH Klondike's Mellow Yellow
Jungold LC Klondike Diplomat (OFA GR-3542)
Jungold's Lc's Diplomatic Corps
Jungold's LC's Lady Ambassador OD (OFA GR-4820)
Jungold's LC's Lady Emissary (OFA GR-7937-T)
Jungold's Lc's Foreign Dignitary
Jungold's L C's Lady Attache
Jungold's L C's Texas Trey (OFA GR-9257)
Am. CH. Malagold Klondike Buffy
Am. CH. Malagold Svea OD (OFA GR-3153)
Am. CH. Malagold Astral Sagitta CD (OFA GR-3152)
Am. CH. Malagold's Royal MacGregor (OFA GR-3467)
Malagold's Bright Token (OFA GR-2608)
Am. CH. Malagold of Lac La Belle Bobke (OFA GR-3262)
Am Ch Malagold Astral Delphinus (OFA GR-3197)
Malagold Pennywate Jason (OFA GR-4192)
Malagold Vermouth

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