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C.I.E. NORD UCH HeJW-12NV-15 Waterline's Sasso

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

C.I.E. NORD UCH HeJW-12NV-15 Waterline's Sasso
CIB & CH GER ( LCD & VDH ) & CH NL & Ch LUX JCH G Waterline's Selleria
Waterline's Sienna
Waterline's Sissonne
Waterline's Sangria
Waterline's Shalimar
Waterline's Sheridan
Waterline's Le Petit
Waterline's La Perla
Waterline's Le Blanc
Waterline's Le Bon
Int. Ch., NLCh, FRCh Ahti Aspen of Finnwoods
Alvar Birch of Finnwoods
Beauty Violet Eye of Finnwoods
Aura Rowan of Finnwoods
INT CH Palabras Blue Bayo
Int. Ch. Palabras Blue Blood
FIN Ch Palabras Black Is Black
DRC-Jgd.CH. Hirsipirtin Xedos
Hirsipirtin Xanadu
Waterline's Rosalie
Waterline's Remember Me
Mallorn's Aint Mizbehavin
Mallorn's Andromeda
Mallorn's Mizchief Maker
Mallorn's Arcturus
BIS CH.RUS/UKR/MLD Mallorn's Ariel
Mallorn's Miz Demeanour
Dt.Ch./Nl.Ch./VDH-Ch. Vet.Ch. Mallorn's Aldebaran
CH FI EE CIB Mallorn's Aniara
Waterline's Thea
Waterline's Tranquillus
Waterline's Tesoro
Follies Maryland
Follies Montana
FI CH EE CH Follies Madison
Follies Michigan
LT CH RU CH BY CH RKFV Follies Mason
MBISS Am Can CH Lubberline Martingale
Am CH Hunt Club Clayview Funny Bear
Hunt Club Clayview Bear It All
Am CH Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib
Henning Mill Kelleygreen Henna
Hennings Mill Black Genesis
Hennings Mill The Big Chill
Hennings Mill Scandal of CC
Hennings Mill Kellygreen Henna
Tweedledum Folies Bergerer
Tweedledum Finn For Fun
Tweedledum Fabianco
Tweedledum Famous Grouse
Tweedledum Fool On A Hill
Tweedledum Favourite
Tweedledum French Kiss
INT CH, FI/EE/RUS CH Follies Storm Petrel NORDW-01, FINW-01, FINW-02
Follies Shoveler
Follies Surf Scooter
Follies Standing Joke
Follies Swan Walk
Tweedledum Curtain Call
Tweedledum Clubburger
Tweedledum Crunchy Snack
Tweedledum Crew Only
DE VDH/LCD CH CS(LCD)'02 Tweedledum Crispy Duck
FinCH Tweedledum Palabras Cleo
Tweedledum Calling Texas

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