Golden Retriever

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Jv.Ch.Chi. Ch. Chi. I love Nenna de Azpeitia

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Jv.Ch.Chi. Ch. Chi. I love Nenna de Azpeitia
Multi BIS Jv.Ch. Ch.Chi. Imago de Azpeitia
Jv. Chi. Ch.Chi. Irish Coffee de Azpeitia
Iker de Azpeitia
Igor de Azpeitia
Jv. Ch. Ch. Gch. Chi Kiki De Azpeitia
Kara de Azpeitia
Krishna De Azpeitia
Kanu De Azpeitia
Kill Bill De Azpeitia
Keagan De Azpeitia
Ch.Chi Kabala de Azpeitia
Kanak de Azpeitia
Kei de Azpeitia
Kir royale de Azpeitia
Kiran de Azpeitia
Barbour-Gold's Akind Of Magic
Barbour Gold's Princes of the Universe
Barbour-Gold's I want to break free
Barbour-Gold's the show must go on
Barbour Gold's Love of my life
CH Xcelerate Twentyx Stetson OS SDHF
Xcelerate Xpect The Un Xpected
Xcelerate Redog Xclamation
Xcelerate Most Xcellent Star
Xcelerate XOXOXOX
Xcelerate-Lemon's Falstaff
Xcelerate Xtortionist
Xcelerate Xceleration
Ch Xcelerate Xtreme Xplorer CDX GN RE SDHF CGC
Xcelerates Xtortion Of Nottoway
MBIS BISS Am./Can. Ch. Eirene's Soul Provider Can SDHF Am Can OS
Am./Can. CH. Eirene's Love Or Magic Am./Can. OD
Am & BIS Can CH. Eirene's Soul And Inspiration Am Can OD SDHF
Am./Can.CH. Eirene's Sunkist OD
Can CH Eirene's Reason To Believe Can WC CD OD
CanCH Eirene's Wild Irish Rose CD
Eirene's Bailey CanCD
Am CH Goldstorm Xcelerate One StarENite OD BPIS BOSS
BISS CH Goldstorm Trail To Stardom OD
Goldstorm Northern Star
Goldstorm Star Attraction
AM CH Goldstorm Toast of the Stars
Goldstorm Pursuit Of Destiny
BOSS BVIS CH Goldstorm Destiny All Riled Up
Goldstorm U R My Destiny
Barbour-Gold's Top10 Piece Of Me
Barbour Gold top10 Roc Boy
Barbour-Gold's Dark Halls
Ch Mex Barbour Golds TOP10 Real Girl
BISS Arg CH Snowshoe's Luck Of The Draw
Snowshoe's Greater Than Luck
Snowshoe Kodiak Lucky Shot
BIS BISS Am Ch Snowshoe's Kiss For Luck SDHF
Barbour Gold's Magnetic Maggie
Multi Bis JvCh CHI Ch CH Gr Ch CHI Avalancha de Azpeitia
BrCh Anis de Azpeitia
GCH. CHI. CH.JOV.CHI. Adivina de Azpeitia
Coco Chanel de Azpeitia
BISS Arg CH Snowshoe's Luck Of The Draw
Snowshoe's Greater Than Luck
Snowshoe Kodiak Lucky Shot
BIS BISS Am Ch Snowshoe's Kiss For Luck SDHF
BISS Am. Ch. Snowshoe's Girl Crazy UD MH WC VCX OS SDHF DDHF
Am. Ch. Snowshoe Dichi You Go Girl
Snowshoe's Home Of The Brave CGC
Am CH Snowshoe's Wildwood Cover Girl
AmCH Snowshoe Gorca's G.I.Jane
AmCH Snowshoe's Stars N Stpipes CGC
Snowshoe's Best Policy
BOSS CH Snowshoe's Best Kept Secret
Am. Ch. Snowshoe's Sunday's Best
Jov Ch Chi Ch.Gch.Chi Chi Arg. Americas y Caribe Barbour Golds Hollywood Day BISS, BOB, BOG
Y Pe Ch Pe Barbour Golds Hollywood Wood
Barbour Golds Hollywood Aster
J.Ch.Ur.Ch.Ur.Nš1GoldKcu06 Barbour Gold's Polo Monte Indio
Barbour Gold's Polo La Martina
CH.BOL. Barbour Golds Polo La Enriqueta
Barbour Golds Polo La Manuela
Barbour Gold's Polo La Aurora
ArUrLat.IntChUrGrChVeSicVChCatW04 Nš1GolKcu030405 Halloween Touch of Heaven
Halloween Reach For Heaven
Ur.Ch.Br.Ch Halloween Heaven Scent
Ch. Br. Gr. Ch. Halloween In My Dreams
C G E Halloween Stairway To Heaven
Halloween Only in Dreams
Halloween Just Dreaming
Barbour Gold's Magnetic Maggie

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