Golden Retriever

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Goldtrak Charlie's L'L Angel CD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Goldtrak Charlie's L'L Angel CD (AKC SC303253)
Goldtrak Bucaneer Bruce (AKC SC615512)
Am./Can./Bda. CH. Cummings' Gold-Rush Charlie OS, Am./Can. SDHF (AKC SA871725 (11/1972))
Am.CH. Cummings Dame Pepperhill OD (AKC SB143731 (11/1974))
Am. CH. Russo's Cummings Elsa (AKC SA860009 (4/73))
Cummings' Amber Autumn (AKC SA864146)
Cummings Goldenrod (AKC SA560299 (1/71))
Am. CH. Cummings Golden Sunset (AKC SA550054 (6/70))
Am. CH. Cummings Golden Sunshine (AKC SA560300 (4/1972))
Cummings Jimmy's Playmate (AKC SA859491)
Cummings Golden Darby (AKC SA547006 (5/73))
Cummings Katy-Kay (AKC SB187998 (4/1976))
Tulachard Julianna (AKC SB151791 (3/1974))
Cummings Robin Hood (AKC SA547005 (4/1970))
Am CH. Sunset's Happy Duke II (AKC SB174323 (12/74))
Cummings (SA889722) (AKC SA889722 (3/1973))
Am. CH. Sunset's Happy Duke OS (AKC SA241789 (12/1966))
Am. CH. Brittby's Golden Sunset OD (AKC SA246042 (5/66))
Am. CH. Chips Of Darbrian (AKC SA245222 (11/1965))
Sunset's Dream Girl (AKC SA350775 (3/1968))
Am. CH. Shawnee Of Sunset (AKC SA240514 (4-69))
Sunset's Happy King Bolatobig CD TD Can CD (AKC SA240513 (10/1967))
Sunset's Golden Holly (AKC SA329196 (11/68))
Sunset's Golden Saint (AKC SA464425 (3/68))
Am CH Cragmount's Peter OS SDHF (AKC SA031166 (4/63))
Glen Willow's Happy Talk OD (AKC SA086357 (5/1964))
Glen Willow's Cock of the Rock (AKC SA246257 (9/64))
Glen Willow's Sandpiper (AKC SA255334 (11/64))
Am./Can. CH. Cummings Golden Princess OD (AKC SA292329 (3/1967))
Am./Can. CH. Cragmount's Double Eagle (AKC SA160237 (7/1964))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Hi-Lo OS SDHF (AKC SA160236 (12/66))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Gretel (AKC SA-160229)
Am. CH. Cragmount's Weatherly (AKC SA160234 (2/1965))
Cragmount's Baron (AKC SA160238 (10/1969))
Cragmount's Easy Lady OD (AKC SA079220 (4/63))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Golden Wallis (AKC SA079218 (7/1964))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Jane's Delight (AKC SA079219 (4/1963))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Rozzy Rose (AKC SA-079221)
Am. CH. Cragmount's Golden Janus (AKC SA-079222)
Am. CH. Cragmount's Acey-Deucy (AKC SA-079223)
Am. CH. Cragmount's Royvaal (AKC SA-079224)
High Farms Beaus Teak-A TD (AKC SB463755 (3/78))
High Farms Gold Natasha WC (AKC SB239511 (5/76))
High Farms / High Farms Hera (AKC SB482048 (2-78))
High Farms Bloomin Rose (AKC SB229325 (1/75))
Am. CH. High Farms Beau Teak (AKC SA462471 (10/1969))
Brazen Bonnie (AKC SA421640 (10/1969))
La Bella Golden Tinka (AKC SA421639 (6/69))
High Farms Teakwood * (AKC SA191236 (11/1963))
Am. CH. Golden Band of High Farms WC OS (AKC S894074 (12/58))
High Farms Golden Satinwood ** (AKC SA036574 (9/63))
Am. CH. Lucky Penny of High Farms (AKC S894072 (11/1960))
Am. CH. Golden Scot of High Farms ** DDHF (AKC SA038539 (8/62))
Meadow Creek Rip of High Farms ***
High Farms Golden Linden (AKC SA31190 (10/1962))
High Farm's Bittersweet (AKC SA114355 (5/62))
Aureal Wood's Cream Cheese (AKC SA-179263-11/66)
Aureal Wood's Cheddar (AKC SA315924 (10/1966))
Winter Hill's Bridget (AKC SA280291 (1/66))
High Farms Gay Katrinka WC (AKC SA835189 (5/73))
Princess Dorado (AKC SA843729 (4-75))
Am. CH. Major Gregory of High Farms OS (AKC SA381553 (12/66))
High Farms Golden Shamrock CD (AKC SA371674 (3-67))
High Farms Beinn Phada CanCD
High Farms St Nicholas (AKC SA566030 (12/69))
Tigathoe's Pandora (AKC SA571360 (1/71))
Kipper Ronsue (AKC SA561943 (9/70))
Penelope Tuxedo's Princess (AKC SA667265 (10/70))

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