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FTW Garronpoint Spree

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

FTW Garronpoint Spree
Garronpoint Bober
Garronpoint Elbe
Garronpoint Eider
Garronpoint Elster
Garronpoint Isar
Garronpoint Melem
Garronpoint Ruhr
FTCh Pointraire Cromwell
Pointraire Conrad
Pointraire Crosby
Pointraire Carmen
Pointraire Cassandra
Pointraire Caprice
Pointraire Calypso
FTCh Pocklea Remus
GB FTCh Pocklea Reggie
Pocklea Ria
Pocklea Reed
FTCh Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
Haretor Megan of Drakeshead
Haretor Milly
Haretor Moira
Haretor Mike
FTCh Drakeshead Gypsy
Drakeshead Gnat
Drakeshead Gorse
Drakeshead Gunner Of Terranova
Leawyn Leola Of Pointraire
Leawyn Lamelle
Leawyn Lampion
Leawyn Lametta
Leawyn Lamu Of Westernskely
Leawyn Latisha
Leawyn Lappalie
Leawyn Lerche
Leawyn Lavahra
Leawyn Lasonia
Leawyn Lyrical
Leawyn Lamor
Leawyn Latosky
Leawyn Laza
Leawyn Lurella
Leawyn Lycia
Leawyn Lorica
Leawyn Lehara
Leawyn Lumairie
Leawyn Lenstal
Leawyn Linbert
GB FTCh Tibea Tosh
FTW Tibea Tipp
FTW Tibea Cid
Tibea Thyme
Woodbrook Wonder of Leawyn
Beautiful Black Shadow
Danny Of Derramore
Whispering Cool Breeze
Ft.Ch. Jasmine Pal
Black Beauty Megan
Bessie Bumble
Star Shooter
Newry Fern Of Brocklebank
FTCh Claravale Tide of Garronpoint
Claravale Jeanie
Claravale Charlie
Claravale Rapid
Claravale Tyne
Claravale Weir
FT Ch Tintoview Tweed of Laggengill
FTW Tintoview Ruby of Millbuies
Tintoview Clyde
Tintoview Ivy
Tintoview Sandy
Tintoview Billy
Tintoview Amber Of Millbuies
FTCh Broadlaw Elder of Laggengill
Broadlaw Easter
Broadlaw Edith
Broadlaw Elm
Broadlaw Erika
FTCh Broadlaw Eva
Broadlaw Ewan
Broadlaw Ezra
Broadlaw Elle
FTW Tintoview Fay
Saxaphone Messenga
Saxaphone Marmalade
Saxaphone Medusa
Saxaphone Minx
Saxaphone Mirage
Saxaphone Mischief
Saxaphone Moonlight
FTCh Ulstare Style
GB FTCh & Ir.FTCh Ulstare Oak
Ulstare Ash
Ulstare Larch
Ulstare Fir
Ulstare Spruce
Ulstare Fern
Ulstare Beech
Ulstare Elm
Ulstare Maple
Ulstare Holly
Skellwater Bess
Lisnoe Prinsess
FTW Mallowdale Dora of Saxaphone
Mallowdale Dot of Crosbyrose
Mallowdale Don
Mallowdale Dan
Mallowdale Dash
Mallowdale Debbra

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