Golden Retriever

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Can./Bermuda CH Nanno Chrys-Haefen Son Of Skye CD OS SDHF

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Can./Bermuda CH Nanno Chrys-Haefen Son Of Skye CD OS SDHF
Can. CH. Nanno Shooting Sherry O'Skylon Can.CDX
CanCH The Golden General of Nanno
CanCH Nanno's Bufus Bambibi
Can./Bda. CH Skylon Lancelot SDHF (CKC 900250)
Skylon Lydia OD
Skylon Figaro
Can. CH. Skylon Fontaine
Can. CH. Janville Delegate (AKC SA436649 (10/1967))
Eng. CH. Cabus Janville Defender
Janville Diadem
Janville Delight (Other KC Reg. 74259/64)
Janville Destiny
Janville Jillian
Can. CH. Chrys-Haefen Spring Entity
Can. CH Beckwith's Chrys-Haefen Hamlet (AKC SA394518 (1/68))
Am./Can. CH. Beckwith's Highland Holly CD WC OD (AKC SA394517 (4/69))
Beckwith's Hallmark (AKC SA-395479-9/67)
Kyrie Beckwith's Harvest Moon
Beckwith's Headliner (AKC SA394515 (1/68))
Can. CH Drexholme Ling OD
Drexholme Bracken (Other KCREG99741/66)
Boltby Drexholme Sundew
Boltby Dreyholme Sundew
Can. CH Candace Of Nanno OD
CanCH Genevieve of Nanno
Can. CH. Camrose Yallyrand
Braedmore Camrose Yemminy
Camrose Yallsman CD (AKC SA547976 (3/69))
Braidmore Camrose Yimminy
Eng. CH. Camrose Tallyrand of Anbria (Other KCSB 2445AU (1962))
Eng. CH. Miranda Of Anbria
Camrose Anbria Tamara
Michael of Anbria
Marigold of Anbria
Avingdale Amethyst of Anbria
Eng. CH. Camrose Gay Delight Of Sladeham
Gay Time of Sladeham
Gay Adventure of Sladeham
Gold Dust XX
Doro's Holly-Go-Lightly (AKC SA724894 (5/1972))
Giles Doro (AKC SA185548 (1/70))
Lady Of Almanor (AKC SA189873 (1/1967))
Pirate Tuck Of Stockbridge (AKC SA193113 (10/1964))
Veaudor's Lorena (AKC SA288491 (1/70))
Veaudor's Gold O'Donahue/Veaudor's Bold O'Donahue (AKC SA288498 (2/69))
Veaudor's Roddy McCurley (AKC SA288495 (6/67))

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