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Dreamfields Aidan

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Dreamfields Aidan
Dreamfield's Ale
Dreamfields Arwen
FT Winner Tauvechan Osprey
Tauvechan Ouzel
Tauvechan Omar
Tauvechan Opal
Tauvechan Olive
FTCh Seasway Sweep of Bellever
Seasway Blake
Seasway Rambo
Seasway Sherry
Seasway Slipper
FTCh Birdbrook Aston of Bellever
FTCh Birdbrook Arrow of Craigfelin
FTCh Birdbrook Astra
Birdbrook Amey
Birdbrook Anton
Birdbrook Arnie
Birdbrook Atom Of Brackenbird
Birdbrook Ark
Birdbrook Ace
Birdbrook Amelia
FTCh Seasway Tara
FTCh Seasway Faldo of Birdbrook
Seasway Smudge
Seasway Grofvenor
Seasway Wakeham
Seasway Needle
Seasway Encore of Birdbrook
Seasway Snippet of Birdbrook
Seasway Spider of Birchams
Albert Anastasia of Tauvechan
Cockeyed Joe Catalonette
Jerry Anguilo Of Afram
Sammy The Bull Grevano
Tony Ducks Corallo
Malwell Laid
Malwell Lloyd
Malwell Lynne of Braniel
Birdbrook Enchanter of Camhayle
Birdbrook Enchanter of Camhyle
Birdbrook Easter of Brackenbird
Birdbrook Echo
Birdbrook Edward
Birdbrook Emma of Birchams
Taviscara Abila
Talassio Janus
Minerva Horta
Janfran Vishnamvara Thyia
Melisande Amata
FTCh Hatchfield Feargal
Hatchfield Fen
Hatchfield Fergus
FTCh Hatchfield Fern
Hatchfield Finch of Follyoakwood
Hatchfield Flair of Riversway
Hatchfield Forty
Hatchfield Frost at Broomwood
Hatchfield Fable
Hatchfield Flora Of Plumpton
FTCh Kenue Fir of Leadburn
Prairie King
Little Weeping Willow
Pathehead Spruce
Larch Log
FTCh Kenue Cedar
FTW Arnot Oak
Greenhead Sitka
FTCh Lettermore Tide of Hatchfield
Lettermore Noah
Lettermore Brook
Lettermore Della
Lettermore Friday
Lettermore Flora
Lettermore Kestrel
Lettermore Roots
Trioaks Belle
Trioaks Barry
Trioaks Butler Of Heidelle
Trioaks Bailey
Trioaks Bridget
Trioaks Beth
Trioaks Brook
Trioaks Blake At Peckers
Trioaks Bright
Trioaks Blaze
Staftly Ace of Trioaks
Staftly Almond Of Abney
Staftly Avenger of Waveshot
Staftly Princess
Ft.Ch. Staftly Ambassador of Bellever
Staftly Amigo of Kawarika
Staftly Angel at Clondalkin
Staftly Arrow
Staftly Ashe of Wadeshot
Staftly Avenger of Wadeshot

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