Golden Retriever

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Hr.Ch. Vet.It.Ch. Rizonhills Evelyn Tentions

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Hr.Ch. Vet.It.Ch. Rizonhills Evelyn Tentions (B/B)
Rizonhills Eddy Nacloud (A/A)
It Vet Ch Rizonhills Erny Dadrink (B/B)
Rizonhills Elle Quent Joy (A/A)
Swiss CH, German VDH & Club CH, Swiss VetCH, JCH Sokenlea Trendy In Tweed (A/A)
Sokenlea Top Hat and Tails By Trewater
Sokenlea Scattered Diamonds (5:4)
Sokenlea Sharpshooter
Eng. Ch Trewater Made To Measure J.W. S.G.W.C. (6:3)
Trewater Made My Way
Trewater Made By Magic
Trewater Made For Joy (3:4)
Trewater Made to Treasure
Trewater Made In Heaven (5:5)
Trewater Made With Love
Eng. SH. CH. & Swe Sh Ch Lindjan Xylonite (BVA 7:5)
Lindjan Rhythm and Blues at Plaza (5:6)
Trewater Lottie SGWC (BVA Hip Score 2:7)
Trewater Legend (A1)
Trewater Lollipop at Caffimbra (6:5)
Trewater Latino at Gowergold (BVA Hip Score 5:7)
Trewater Hot Toddie (0/0)
LP1 Trewater Bollinger (A1)
IT. CH. Trewater Hot Pursuit (BVA 3:4)
Trewater Black Jack At Gowergold (5:4)
Trewater Labaloo
Trewater Blue Baloo
Rosinante Scarlet Woman Among Sokenlea (6:6)
Rosinante Red Leader Of Carlafield
Rosinante Shades Of Scarlet At Goldenstowe
Eng. CH. Stanroph Squadron Leader (BVA 3:3)
Stanroph Secret Fantasy of Pamgavin (4:4)
Stanroph Secret Finale (10:9)
Int. CH. & FT. CH. Stanroph Standing Ovation (B1)
Stanroph Secret Promise
Rosinante Lady In Red (12:8)
Rosinante Lovely Lady (BVA Hip Score 8:6)
Rosinante Lady Madonna at Palizolla (4:4)
Int. Ch. CIB Swiss Ch. Repr. Ch. Rizonhills Chic N Chiffon Ribbon Style (BVA 3:3 BVA)
International Sh.Ch., Monaco Ch., Jr.Swiss Ch. Rizonhills Cashmere Hug (BVA 3:4)
Cotton Cloud Thomas Alike (spring 2008)
Royal Crest Gold-N Paddington (BVA 0:0)
It. CH. Royal Crest Gold-N Winston West (A1)
Royal Crest Gold-N Gas'N'Go (A1/A1)
JEW'98, ChIt Royal Crest Gold-N Veuve Clicquot (HD-A1)
Royal Crest Bently Boy
Loadedlotus (RC157924)
Meclarenstrut (RC157920)
Ch.Rip. Royal Crest Gold-N Seven Hills (1:1)
Vice-WW'01 Royal Crest Gold-n Seven Bar Seven with Lorinford (BVA Hip Score 3:3)
Royal Crest Gold-N Seven Up at Lorinford (BVA Hip Score 3:3)
It. Sh. Ch. Royal Crest Gold-N Lynx (BVA 4:4)
It. Ch. Royal Crest Gold-n Vulpecola (Willis 8)
royal crest gold-n pegasus
It. Ch. / Ch.Rip Royal Crest Gold-N Seveneleven
Pl. Ch. Royal Crest USA Direct (BVA 5:3)
Int Ch, Italian Ch. Royal Crest Gold-N Ballistic Gza-Gza (3-2)
CHIB CHTF Sonic Boom Royal Crest
Golden Channel of Funnyline
Silent Speed of Sound
It.Soc.Ch. Rachenco Strings Of Pearls (BVA Hip Score 7:10)
Rachenco April Pearl of Invergoil (BVA Hip Score 25:25)
Rachenco April Princess
Rachenco April Gold At Tatefield
Rachenco April Star

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