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Dutch Ch. Chieftain of Ulvin

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Dutch Ch. Chieftain of Ulvin (Other NHSB)
Eng. CH. Gladiator of Ulvin (KCSB 1189AR)
Samdor Gay Guy of Ulvin
Janitor of Ulvin
Jacinth of Ulvin
Gay Benjamin of Ulvin
Eng. CH. Dernar Of Yelme (Other KCSB 1164AG)
Ajax Of Kolahoi (H108214/9)
Tawny Sunak (KCSB 470AH)
Quilder of Yelme
Gilick of Yelme (Other KC Reg. 1942)
Eng. CH. Chief of Yelme (AKC A356,549 (11/1939))
Lively of Yelme
Eng. CH. Kandyd Of Skroy
Fizz of Yelme of Whitebridge < Fizz of Yelme *** (AKC A249812 (7/38))
Busy of Yelme
Darter of Yelme
Peel of Skroy
Brisk of Yelme of Whitebridge < Brisk of Yelme (AKC A376758 (2/1940))
Fly of Yelme of Whitebridge (AKC A376,757 (2/1940))
English CH Veritas of Yelme
Shifter of Yelme of Whitebridge (AKC A376,736 (2/1940))
Frisk Of Yelme
Cheviot of Yelme
Sunar (daughter of Stubbings Golden Quietude)
Indian Champion Chaudi (dau of Stubbings Golden Quietude)
Stubbings Golden Playboy
Daddsdog of Ulvin
Destiny of Ulvin (AKC S700304 (12/55))
Weyland Veryan Esquire of Ulvin **
Irish CH. Bryanstown Diplomat of Ulvin
Dutch Ch. & Dutch FT. Ch. Echo of Ulvin (Other NHSB)
Debonair of Ulvin
Emperor of Ulvin
Endeavour Of Ulvin
Dutiful Of Ulvin
Weyland Veryan Esq of Ulvin
Eng. CH. Weyland Varley ***
Eng. CH. Charming of Ulvin (Other 1300AK)
Cavalier Of Ulvin
Eng. CH. Charming of Ulvin (Other 1300AK)
Cavalier Of Ulvin
Eng. Ch. Colin of Rosecott (UKC 1028AE)
Comrade Of Rosecott
Velvet of Rosecott
Eng. SH. Ch. Roger of Rosecott
Dawn of Rosecott
Bewitching Maid of Ulvin
Noranby Bey
Eng. Dual CH. Noranby Destiny
Noranby Dauntless
Am. CH. Noranby Baloo Of Taramar (AKC A940579 (2/1946))
Noranby Demeter
Noranby Broom
Noranby Diamond
Luvins Brandysnap
Dawn of Luda
Rupert of Vista

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