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C.C.W. Ballyduff Spruce

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

C.C.W. Ballyduff Spruce
Ballyduff Sparkler
Ballyduff Karen
NO Ch Ballyduff Kerry
Similar Of Timspring
Ballyduff Spice of Wetherlam
AmCH Ballyduff Lark
SUCH NUCH Ballyduff Fergus
Ballyduff Sparrowhawk
AM Ch Ballyduff Barnes of Shenandoah
Ballyduff Ballad
Ballyduff Kestrel
GB.Ch. Timspring Sirius
Timspring Sparkle
GB Ch Timspring Serendipity
INTCH DKCH DKBRCH Timspring Sultan
Timspring Simon Of Philjay
GB CH/AmCh Ballyduff Seaman
GB CH Ballyduff Hollybranch of Keithray
Parklyn Hollyleaf of Keithray
Jonty of Keithray
IrlCh Taffy of Keithray
ShCh Hollybeaut of Keithray
Eng.Sh.Ch. Hollybunch of Keithray
Marbra Teak of Keithray
Am.Ch. Hollyberry of Keithray
Sh.Ch. Tanya of Keithray
Cookridge Negra
Cookridge Partridge
Cookridge Rustle
Tayfield Cookridge Sultan
Timspring Myrtle
GB Ch. Timspring Mace
Timspring Martin
GB.Ch. Timspring Jubilant
Timspring Julie
C.C.W. Spark of Ballyduff
SE UCh, SE FT Ch. Pendil of Ballyduff
Swift of Ballyduff And Spenrock
GB Ch Squire of Ballyduff
AmCH Martin Of Ballyduff
Steward of Ballyduff
Can.Ch. Spartan of Ballyduff
Ch Arkle of Ballyduff
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marketeer
Ballyduff Marsham
Ballyduff Marksman
AM Ch Ballyduff Marilla
Ballyduff Marine
Eng.Aust.NZ.Ch. Ballyduff Marshall
Ballyduff Morella
Ballyduff Maroon
GB Ch Sandylands Mark
GB ShCh/AmCh Sandylands Midas
Am. Ch. Sandylands Mona Lisa
Sandylands Memory
Roncott Bitty Girl
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marina
C.C.W. Bridget of Tuddenham and Ballyduff
GB.Ch. Curnafane Seamansal
Ballyduff Buck
Follytower Spindrift
C.C.W. Ballyduff Coxswain
Sparkle of Tuddenham
Juniper of Herringby
Ballyduff Berta
Passingridge Black Chiffon
Gleam of Tuddenham
Eduny Sandpiper
C.C.W. Bridget of Tuddenham and Ballyduff
GB.Ch. Ballyduff Marina
GB.Ch. Curnafane Seamansal
Ballyduff Buck
Follytower Spindrift
C.C.W. Ballyduff Coxswain

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