Golden Retriever

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Am. CH. Ginge Breezin By OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. CH. Ginge Breezin By OD (OFA GR-22703G91F-T)
Am. CH Ginge Ballad Of Spicewood UD WC OD (OFA GR-10926 Good)
Am. CH Ginge Belle Of Brittany CDX (OFA GR-11350)
Ginge Noteworthy Braz'n Hussy
Ginge Gamblin' Mans Showcase UD
Ginge Gremlin CDX TD
CH Ginge Go Get 'Em Griffith CD
AmCH Honor's Rebel Yell CD OS (OFA GR-3374-T)
Honor's Rave Reviews (OFA GR-4006-T)
Honor's Toryglen Riot Act
Am. CH. Honor's Let Em' Have It CD WC OS (OFA GR-2967)
Honor's High Stakes OD (GRC?-1202)
Am. CH. Honor's Kickback UDT WCX
Honors Hawaiian Reef CD (OFA GR-1142)
Honor's Lyric
Honor's Hurry-Zap
Honor's Lighthearted Josh **
Honor's Highland Hoss
Dual CH AFC Ronakers Novato Cain CD OS DDHF FDHF (OFA GR-437)
Am. CH. Ronakers Shadow Of Duke WC
Am. CH. Ronaker's Golden Orion UD ***
Am. CH. Ronakers Novato Gunner
Am. CH. Ronakers Delta Queen CD
Am. CH. Ronakers Daring Diana UDT WC
Am. CH. Ronakers Fearless Leader UD
Ronakers Betty J Of Novato CD
Ronakers High Guy
Ronakers Pat Me Anytime
Ronakers Gypsy II
Am CH Honor's Chances Are CD OD
B And R Norton Rusty Golden
Am. CH Milaur's Bridget (OFA GR-466)
AmCH Milaur's Aphrodite OD (OFA GR 511)
Am. CH. Milaur's Baal Benefactor CD OS (OFA GR-101)
Am. CH. Milaur's Athena CD WC (OFA GR-8)
Am. CH. Milaur's Aurora OD
Am. CH. Milaur's Acheron
Milaur's Destiny Of Goldrush
Milaur's Achilles
Milaur's Bathsheba
Milaur's Bali Hi
Am. CH. Sidram Simon OS
Sidram Simon's Sister
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Vivacious Sock OD
Am CH Sun Dance's Vegas Dealer CDX WC SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Sun Dance's Vagabond Lover CDX SDHF OS
Sun Dance's Vintage Punch OD
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Vodka Collins CDX
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Viking CD
Sun Dance's Velvet
CH Gold-Rush Ginge Binge CD WC OD (OFA GR7451)
CH Jungold's Gold-Rush Candida (OFA GR-7789-T)
Am CH Jungold's Gold-Rush Callie (OFA GR-6667)
Am. CH Great Gatsby Of Gold-Rush CD TD WCX VC (OFA GR-8149)
Am. CH Gold-Rush Orange Blos'm Spec CDX (OFA GR-7439)
Am. CH Stone's Gold-Rush Shiloh OS SDHF (OFA GR-6235)
Jungold's Gold-Rush Caleb CDX WC (OFA GR-6240)
Jungold's Gold-Rush Chandra Am/Can CDX (OFA GR-6218-T)
Gold-Rush's Dandy Sandy CD, TD (OFA GR-7599)
Gold-Rush Wheeler Dealer (OFA GR-10308)
Jungold's Gold-Rush Major
Skylight's Mountain Marcy
Marcy (SC517162) (OFA GR-10278)
Am./Can./Bda. CH. Cummings' Gold-Rush Charlie OS, Am./Can. SDHF
Am.CH. Cummings Dame Pepperhill OD
Am. CH. Russo's Cummings Elsa
Cummings' Amber Autumn
Cummings Goldenrod
Am. CH. Cummings Golden Sunset
Am. CH. Cummings Golden Sunshine
Cummings Jimmy's Playmate
Cummings Golden Darby (OFA GR-3860 Normal)
Cummings Katy-Kay
Tulachard Julianna
Cummings Robin Hood
Am CH. Sunset's Happy Duke II
Cummings (SA889722)
Am. CH. Sunset's Happy Duke OS (OFA GR-2839)
Am. CH. Brittby's Golden Sunset OD
Am. CH. Chips Of Darbrian
Sunset's Dream Girl
Am. CH. Shawnee Of Sunset
Sunset's Happy King Bolatobig CD TD Can CD
Sunset's Golden Holly
Sunset's Golden Saint
Am./Can. CH. Cummings Golden Princess OD
Jungold's LC's Lady Ambassador OD (OFA GR-4820)
Jungold's Lc's Diplomatic Corps
Jungold LC Klondike Diplomat (OFA GR-3542)
Jungold's LC's Lady Emissary (OFA GR-7937-T)
Jungold's Lc's Foreign Dignitary
Jungold's L C's Lady Attache
Jungold's L C's Texas Trey (OFA GR-9257)
Am. CH. Golden Pine's Lord Clyde (OFA GR-2120)
Meadowlarks of Golden Pines (OFA GR-02293)
Am. CH. Golden Pine Glorybe OD
Am./Can. CH. Golden Pine's Gradene's JD CDX WC Can. CD OS (OFA GR-1916)
Am./Can. CH. Golden Pine's Courvoisier Am./Can. CDX WCX Can. WC OS (OFA GR-1913)
Am. CH. Golden Pine's Full House CD OS SDHF (OFA GR 1595)
Ch Golden Pine Heavenly Days UD
Golden Pine's Ray of Sunshine
AmCH Railroad Mills Tam's Finale (OFA GR-1393)
Am. CH. Moonlight Diana (OFA GR-813)
R R Mills' Tam's Pride And Joy

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