Golden Retriever

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Mirkwood's Status Symbol

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Mirkwood's Status Symbol
Gold-Rush's Tonka Truck
Am. CH Gold-Rush Dance With Me
Gold-Rush's Little Rascal
Can CH Gold-Rush Amber Delight Can CD/Can OD
Am CH Gold Rush of Honey Bunch
Am. CH. Westben's Dancing Bear CDX OS
Gold-Rush's Honey Bear
Am. CH Westbens Toasty Ruff'n Reggie
Am. CH Gold-Rush's Bearly An Angel
BISS Am Can CH Gold-Rush's Great Teddy Bear OS SDHF
Can CH Gold-Rush Meryl-T-Valentine CanCD OS SDHF
Am CH Russo's Gold-Rush Willow
Am./Can. CH. Southern's Gold-Rush Traveler OS SDHF
Am. Mex. Ch. Combo Gold Rush Of-Golden Pine CDX WCX
Gold Rush Palomino Pony UD WC
Gold-Rush Sunset Shadow
Binger's Gold-Rush Rock
Gold-Rush Charlie's Chance
Am CH Gold-Rush's Gold Dust Barney
Am CH Gold-Rush Chance For Mirkwood
Am CH Gold-Rush Prospector
Am CH Golden Pine Angel's Seraphim
Gold-Rush Buckskin Joe
Gold-Rush Buccaneer
Am CH Goldwing's Tiffany OD
Am. CH Goldwing Rhythm-N-Blue OD
Goldwing Just-A-Second
Am CH Goldwing Royal Elegance CDX
Am CH Goldwing Temerity CD
Am CH Goldwing's Cadillac Jack
Am Ch. Goldwing's Pink Panther
Am CH Golden Pine's Just In Time
Gold-Rush Honey Bear II
Am. CH. Gold-Rush Skyrocket OS
Am./Can. CH. Bonnie Island Gold-Rush Carla Am./Can. UDTX WC OD
Gold-Rush Bonnie Lass OD
Ophir Gold
Gold-Rush's Summertime Dream
Annie XII
Mirkwood's Bonnie Island Bess CD
Am./Can. CH. Scott's Barb-S-Deoro Aztex Jr CDX, Can.CD
Can CH Bonnie Island Gold-Rush Kirsty Can CD TD WC Am CD TD
Am. CH Scott's De Oro Aztex Rosemont CDX
Am. CH. Eastgate's Golden D A L CDX
Eastgate's Golden Lady
Eastgates Golden Sunshine
Michelas Golden Duke
Am. CH. Eastgate's Golden Charger OS SDHF
Am./Can. CH. Eastgate's Golden Mowgli **
Am. CH. Eastgate's Golden Simba
Eastgate's Golden Cindy
Am. CH. Eastgate's Golden Lancer UD
Am. CH. Eastgate's Golden Blazer SDHF
Am. CH. Eastgate's Golden Kleiner
Eastgate's Golden Cynthia
Eastgate's Golden Hi-Society UD
Eastgate's Golden Tollie
Eastgate's Golden Cinderella
Eastgates Golden Contessa
Eastgate's Golden Glow
Am./Can. CH. Bonnie Island Gold-Rush Carla Am./Can. UDTX WC OD
Am. CH. Gold-Rush Skyrocket OS
Gold-Rush Bonnie Lass OD
Ophir Gold
Gold-Rush's Summertime Dream
Am./Can./Bda. CH. Cummings' Gold-Rush Charlie OS, Am./Can. SDHF
Am.CH. Cummings Dame Pepperhill OD
Am. CH. Russo's Cummings Elsa
Cummings' Amber Autumn
Cummings Goldenrod
Am. CH. Cummings Golden Sunset
Am. CH. Cummings Golden Sunshine
Cummings Jimmy's Playmate
Cummings Golden Darby
Cummings Katy-Kay
Tulachard Julianna
Cummings Robin Hood
Am CH. Sunset's Happy Duke II
Cummings (SA889722)
Bevin's Brandywine
Am. CH Bevin's Ranaqua Meghery Gold
Bevins Summer Desire

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